Written by THE PERV

13 Nov 2010

As I said in part 1 , Jayne whilst seeing me is also seeing other men, recently her TOY BOY called one evening whilst I was away and spent the night pounding her shaved cunt, he can come 3-4 times in one session and she says hes a brilliant fuck,and makes her come loaqds and leaves her completely satisfied to the point she cant touch her clit its so sensitive,

A few weeks ago she arranged meet her other lover,whilst his partner was away, going to his place where he fucked her before she texted me to pick her up,we went back to her place,where I went down between her gorgeous legs and cleaned her up with my tongue before unloading a load my cum in her gaping silky cunt,Jayne cant understand how I can want to lick some other guys cum from her freshly fucked cunt,

Recently we had a dirty week end away, she dressed to tease and please me in high heels short skirt stockings and leaving her gorgeous shaved love box bare with no knickers we had great time round the pubs with her flashing her bare cunt at several men knowing how she was turning me on.We ended up in one bar and she was sitting on a stool by corner of the bar her short skirt sliding up exposing her cunt, I was so turned on I moved between her knees and pressed my body against her cunt, in minutes i found my self unzipping my jeans and she slid forward on the stool and i slid my rock hard cock straight up her hot soaking love tube, after a few minutes I was suddenly pulled forward, the horny bitch wrapped her ankles round my ass pulling me deeper in side her whilst wrapping her arms around me,,,,,,,,,,, I was about to spunk her when I realised that the rest of the pub must have realised what was going on with her high heels wrapped round my back , having concerns we would get arressted i discretly pulled out and we left that bar to find another, she was now mad for cock, and ended up getting my prick out by the bar and wanking me off before ducking down and giving a goos sucking right by the bar,

We left shortly after returning to our hotel for the horniest session you could imagine

The following morning we left without going for breakfast as everone in the hotel must heard us fucking allnight

Last weeks she went to her lovers flat,and she decided to give me a treat,

part 3 to follow