Written by oldercock

22 Jun 2018

I'm having an amazing time fucking a 21 year Aux nurse. I'm recently divorced and much older at 47.

It all started when, due to an illness of a close relative , I ended up staying the nights watching over him . The aux nurse assigned on the ward was very helpful, offering cups of coffee and support. The chats became more flirty, whereby we exchanged tel nos and the texts turned to semi sexting. Ended up sharing naked pictures.

The following night, when the lights were dimmed, she came over to change the bedding, as short staffed I offered to help. With the curtains drawn, and with Aisha close to me, with the flirting, I slipped my hand under her dress and my finger met a shaved pussy soaking wet . I managed to finger her a bit , she asked me to stop but felt my hard cock for a quick massage.

We arranged a meet at her flat after her shift 0700hrs.

Upon entering, i stripped her naked, snogged her deep. She is petite, and led me to her bedroom. Laying all naked, i opened her legs , exposing a beautiful small pussy . I immediately went down on her , tasting a soaking wet slit with juices overflowing. Just kept sucking her clit, kissing her pussy and then fingering her too .

She moaned and moaned and very soon screamed to her 1st cum.

I turned her around, played safe and entered my 7.5inches of throbbing cock in her . She was so wet , the juices were flowing down her legs. I began to fuck her deep , moving in an up and down motion. She matched my movements and began to rock on my cock.

Never fucked an Indian woman before, but she was one of the horniest I had. Deeper and deeper I fucked her until couldn't wait any longer and shot all my load in her. We snogged for ages after .I wasn't finished yet and after getting hard again by Aisha soaking me deeply. She went on top and entered me deeply, riding with her horny cute pussy. I held her small hips and helped her to fuck me hard and deep.

I began to lick her dark and erected nipples. We fucked and fucked until she screamed again and then I took the lead and continued to fuck her until my 2nd load filled her pussy.

This time I let her sleep and recover for her next shift.

It's been two weeks now and we are fucking every day. I've started to stay over at her place and gently wake her up, by entering her from behind(spoon position), and she gently enjoys my cock until cumming.

One of the best fucks I've had