Written by Martin

20 Nov 2008

My wife Fran looked wonderful and very sexy in her figure hugging black dress, short so when she sat at the table it revealed the lace tops of her black stockings. I sat to her right and on her left was Jim, a very handsome young American, marketing director of one of the sponsors of the charity dinner we were all at. I had asked Fran to wear her lbd (just above knee length when she was standing), the stockings and high heels since I wanted my wife to look attractive and exude some sex appeal. As a lady in her 40's she really didn't need much encouragement since she also wanted to look attractive and sexy.

I guessed Jim was mid 30's, not just handsome but very smart in his dinner suit, white shirt, purple bow tie, mop of black hair, large mouth and perfect teeth. Fran's auburn hair was layered, eyes bright with sparkling blue shadow, plum coloured lipstick matched by the same colour on her finger and toe nails. When we sat down at 7.30 I had absolutely no idea that four hours later I'd be in in our room, slow wanking as I watched Fran riding Jim's impressive long and thick cock. Jim's wife, Lena, sat to his left but after the first course said she was feeling unwell and left for their room. We all expected Lena back but she never showed again.

As we progressed through the meal Jim monopolised Fran with his lively personality and humour while I gamely engaged in conversation with the very dull lady to my right who kept staring at Fran's lace stocking tops, doubtless shocked at such a display, Fran making no attempt to cover up the show. What I didn't know was that from this lady's position she could see that Fran's dress had ridden up to the point where her black lace panties could also be seen (good job Fran regularly trimmed her pubes to a sexy little landing strip). Over coffee we had the speeches, the cheque presentation, the raffle prize draw, I won a bottle of Johnny Walker.

Then the floor was cleared, the lights dimmed and the disco got going. Fran and I danced to half a dozen Motown 60's hits before sitting down, Jim waiting a record or two before taking Fran back onto the dance floor. I did some networking with some work colleagues as well as catching up on the news from people I hadn't seen in a year. It was a good hour before I got back to the table. I looked, Fran and Jim were still dancing, although the lights over the dance floor were almost out as the slow numbers were played. I could make out Fran, her arms on Jim's shoulders, hands clasped around his neck, talking but looking like they were kissing, in the dark I couldn't tell. But I slowly felt my loins come to life, an image of Fran being fucked by Jim beginning to germinate in my head.

I had long fantasised about Fran and another man, regularly suggesting we arrange a threesome with another guy, or meet up with a like minded couple for a full swap, every time Fran dismissing it as my kinky fantasy but as I watched Fran dancing slwoly with Jim, arms tight around his shoulders, their lips just an inch apart, his arms around her waist, hands clasped over her trim little bottom, my cock stirred into life...then I saw them walk off the dance floor, hand in hand, out into the hotel lobby...I got up and followed at a discreet distance...they walked through the big double glass doors, out onto the balcony, closing the doors behind them...I went up to the heavy drapes, the balcony was in darkness but then I saw them against the evening sky, they were kissing, then I saw Fran drop her head, Jim was leaning against the wall, I couldn't see for sure but with her head down there she must be sucking him, then she moved and I could clearly see the outline of her head bobbing up and down as Jim's cock slid in and out of her mouth...trying not to look too obvious I pulled away, went for a walk around the lobby, bumping into an old friend and his wife who kept me chatting for five minutes...then I saw Fran and Jim walk back from the balcony, hand in hand, Fran breaking off for the ladies.

I walked back to the dinner catching Jim up, 'hi, there! Haven't seen my wife have you?' 'Aw, guess she's around somewhere'! We walked to the table. I lifted the bottle of whiskey,'You don't fancy coming back to ours and launching this bottle of scotch?!' Jim gave me that look, the one that says 'you know I've just been sucked off by your wife and now you want us to go the whole hog...' 'Sure thing! Long as Fran is cool, let's go for it!' Fran walked in, hair repaired, plum lipstick and shiny gloss back on her lips, eye shadow re-sparkled, fully scented with fresh Opium, 'What are you two conspiring at?' 'Your hubby has suggested we repair to yours and get this bottle of scotch running...' Fran gave me that look, the one that says 'you know I've just sucked Jim off, don't you, and you're loving every second...' 'Well, if my hubby is relaxed so am I!'

I gathered some glasses from the table and we got to our room a few minutes later. I switched on the bedside table lamp and turned off the main lighting, 'Take off your jacket Jim, make yourself at home...ice?' I dug the ice from the minibar and stuffed most of it into the tumblers, pouring a waterfall of whiskey into each. 'Cheers!' We drank and we chatted. Fran and Jim in the two armchairs, alongside each other, next to the big double bed. I'm on the small hard chair in front of the dressing table, both Jim and I taking in the long expanse of tanned leg above Fran's stocking tops, fully on show as she crosses her legs at regular intervals, 'Will you boys excuse me?' She disappears into the bathroom, re-emerging in her bathrobe, hanging up her dress, turning to face us, her cleavage on show, a hint of black bra, she sits back on the chair, the robe falls open, as well as her nylons, her little black lace panties are also on show, 'Darling, why don't you get into your robe? And Jim, you don't look at all relaxed in all that stuffy bow tie and shirt...'

I change in the bathroom, just a few minutes, back in the room Jim is all but undressed, sitting in his arm chair, in his boxers, Fran is on her knees, Jim's cock in her mouth, she is wanking him with her mouth, sucking him in very slow erotic sweeps, his handsome erection goes all the way into her mouth, then all the way out. 'That's much better!' I say commenting on Fran's blow job technique, releasing my now growing cock from my boxers, stroking it in time with Fran wanking Jim's cock with her mouth. Where did she learn to suck like that? The next ten minutes pass with Fran moving Jim from her mouth and wanking him increasingly quickly, asking me to join them. She takes my cock in her mouth. I fail to control myself and after a few minutes explode inside her mouth, Fran sucking every drop from my cock, then she lets me go, and puts Jim's long thick cock back in her mouth. He's also on a short fuse, I see him go rigid as he shoots, Fran swallowing every drop of his spunk. Fran gets up and goes to the bathroom.

I look at Jim, 'Good?' He smiles, 'She sures gives good head, tell you that for nothing!' 'I'll put on a porn movie, keep us in the mood..' Five minutes and Fran is back, fresh make up and Opium but no robe, just bra, panties and stockings. She pulls Jim's hand and walks him to the bed, pulls off his boxers. I take a seat as they fall onto the bed, kissing very passionately, take myself in hand, slow wanking, Jim squeezing Fran's thighs, waist, then a finger runs along the front of her panties, he eases them away, and Fran takes them down to her ankles, kicks them away. She starts to moan as Jim slides two fingers into her pussy, her hand around his cock, pulling the foreskin back, massaging it quickly then slowly. It's only a few minutes and she gets up on her knees, sucks Jim's cock for a few seconds, then brings her body over his, the fully erect cock just an inch or two from Fran's pussy lips. She eases herself down, Jim's big purple cock head disappearing into her pussy, she gives out a little 'wow, that feels nice...' and stops. She then goes down another few inches, 'mmmm, that feels so good!!!' Then she goes all the way down, 'jeez, that is so fucking good!' and begins to rise and fall very slowly. She leans forward and unclips her bra, her breasts fall free and Jim licks both nipples, kisses them, sucks them. She then leans right down to kiss him, a long passionate kiss, his hands roaming all over her stockings, hips and waist. She pulls up, and begins to ride him again. She begins to speed up until she is crashing up and down at high speed, her head back, eyes closed, moaning long and deep in ecstasy, Jim letting out 'oh jeeze, this is so good!' and the occasional 'fuck me baby, fuck me...way to go!'.

It must have been a good 15 minutes but Jim gave it away when he shouted 'yes, baby, yes!' and went rigid. I saw his hips shake four or five times as he sent his hot creamy spunk deep inside Fran, 'wow Fran, that was the mother of all mindblowing fucks!!!' She smiled and lent forward for a long passionate kiss. She sat on his cock for a good five minutes, Jim's tongue deep inside her mouth, before climbing away, dropping her head to suck him for a few seconds.

Then she turned to me, Jim's thick, milky white cum running down to her stockings, arms out, she gave me a long deep French kiss, stroking my cock. She lifted herself across me and eased her pussy slowly but determindedly down on my cock, Jim's cum still running out, lubricating my entry. I kissed her nipples, sucked them, bit them. She moved up and down on me, increasingly faster, I played with her stocking tops, she began to moan, 'darling, you feel so big, did you like that, another man fucking your wife?....good, wasn't it, good to watch? Another man's seed inside your wife, just what you've wanted all these years...we should do it again, darling, find another good looking guy to fuck your wife...' With that I shot. I lost count of the jets of cum that went from my balls into Fran's pussy, my mind was so out of it... We kissed, long and passionate, Jim was suddenly behind Fran, he was now fully dressed. He squeezed Fran's breasts and nipples, kissed her neck 'I'm going...it's been fun, but I gotta get back to my wife...' He quietly closed the door, Fran climbed off me, 'I'm going for a shower. Join me?' I did. In that hot water I got a new erection, Fran went down on me and a few minutes later I shot another three or four jets of creamy spunk into her mouth...our first blow job in a shower in a long time!