Written by 7inchuk

10 Apr 2009

My sexy wife

The dare game

My next story happened a short while ago, my wife and I decided to hold a party, not for any particular reason, Just to have a load of people round and have a laugh. The night went well with people coming and going throughout the evening until about midnight when it started to thin out, to the point that there was only 8 of us left. My wife and I, and 6 of my male friends all of them in relationships with wives’ of there own or girlfriends at home. My wife was tipsy with wine fooling around and flirting with the guys that were left.

Anyway the drinks kept flowing for another good hour with music playing away; we were all having a good laugh. My wife suggested we play a stupid game Spin the bottle and the six lads were all right up for it. It all started out as a good bit of fun they were all telling each other to do stupid things as I was running around the room plying them with booze and trying but failing to tidy up a bit. Every time the bottle pointed at someone the last looser would give them a dare. My wife was the last looser having to down a glass full of neat vodka whilst they all egged her on. She span the bottle and it stopped at Barry. My wife started giggling “take off your shirt” she said to Barry and they all laughed. He looked at her and said “so that’s how you want to play it is it” as he chuckled. He lifted his shirt up over his head and plonked it next to him. They all laughed whilst my wife looked at his chest. He was a slight/medium build and had a good muscle tone, smooth chest and a flat belly. My wife looked at me and gave me that sexy little look I had become so used to and I smiled at her saying “what are you like, you realise what you’ve done your the only girl here”. All the guys laughed as Barry span the bottle and it landed at Ady. His task was simple as Barry told him to drink a pint of larger straight down whilst they again egged him on.

Ady span the bottle and it landed back at my wife, it was only a matter of time. My wife disliked Ady along with Greg who was also there I wouldn’t say she hated them but she had told me often that she didn’t get on with them. She put up with them for the night as they were my mates and besides which she was having a laugh tonight. She bowed her head laughing as the six of them cheered and laughed. She looked up at Ady as he looked at her and turned to me “how far can we go mate” he said and they all laughed as my wife put her hand to her face laughing. I looked at her face and she had a big smile. “Well you started it” I said and she giggled. Sitting down I turned and looked at the guys “addressing them all I said look just promise me one thing all of you, what happens tonight stays with us you don’t tell anybody else. I’m serious this is my wife”. They all responded with various comments agreeing to my request one of them saying absolutely mate you have our word we are all married or have girlfriends remember. yes I replied but your wives and girlfriends aren’t here are they. I turned back to my wife who had placed her finger tip in her mouth waiting in anticipation for my answer to Ady. I could see on there faces the answer they all wanted to hear. I new they all found my wife sexy, they had all made remarks before of how lucky I was and what a stunner she is. ” You all promise” as I looked at them again, again they all nodded and agreed “then if she’s in agreement with what you ask, I don’t mind, you can do what you like”. They all cheered and laughed as they looked at my wife “take off your t-shirt” Ady requested as the other guys jeered her on. They all new she wasn’t wearing a bra as she had nothing more than a skimpy little pink t-shirt on high cut exposing her tight belly, 2 thin straps over her shoulders. She laughed as they all egged her on as she looked over to me giggling as we made eye contact. “I`m not wearing any underwear” she said laughing which was met with more cheers and laughter. Turning to the guys giggling and laughing she said “alright, alright” and with that she took hold of the bottom of her t-shirt and lifted it over her head giving them full view of her tiny pert breasts as she sat there half naked giggling, The six guys cheered as they stared at her half naked tiny body focusing there eyes on her breasts. I wasn’t sure she would do it, fair enough it was a laugh and she was showing her little pert naked breasts to some of my mates but in front of 2 guys she doesn’t particularly like Ady and Greg at the request of one of them. She laughed as they gazed at her with stupid smiles on there faces “come on then” she said “are we going to carry on with this game”. The game continued although they were finding her more interesting for the majority of it. The guys kept loosing between them and they kept giving each other stupid drinking cocktails to knock down as the bottle span from Dan and landed at my wife. A massive cheer went up again as they laughed looking at her. She held her head in her hands and laughed back saying “oh no, oh god”. “You know what’s coming now don’t you” Dave said as they continued to laugh. My wife looked at them and said “I know I know, give me a minuet”. She sat there for a while whilst the guys started to bang the table “off, off, off”. Laughing and joking around. My wife looked at me and I said simply “you made the rules sweetheart now you have to live with them” and they laughed louder. She laughed with them and stood up from the floor “alright, alright” as they continued to egg her on. She stood in front of them topless in nothing but her pink trousers, very tight fitting they leave very little to the imagination. Short cut they come to her knees showing her fit legs from the knees down, with no buttons or zip’s to the front but two poppers either side of her hips. I new she wasn’t wearing any panties under them, she never does when she wears them even G strings leave a mark she would always say such was there tightness over her little bottom. This time I knew she would do it I could tell by the look in her eyes, even though Ady and Greg were in the room. Giggling whilst the guys cheered her on she looked directly at me smiling away with her sexy big eyes as the guys all placed there eyes on her. She popped open the left hand side revealing to Ady, Greg and Dan her soft naked hip. She continued with the other side this time revealing herself to Dave, Barry and Peter. They all noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties and the banter and egging grew louder. The front folded down to reveal her perfectly soft bold pubic bone followed by the back which fell to about ½ way down her tight little bottom. She stood there for a minuet just giggling away looking at the guys faces as they watched her strip out of her cloths and with one sentence she said “oh what the hell”. With that she bent down and slid her trousers from her hips down her legs and removed them from her feet and she was completely naked. She quickly sat down to the floor on her knees with her feet tucked underneath her bottom hiding her pussy from view but they could still see her soft smooth bold pubic bone as she continued to laugh and giggle. The guys all looked at her eyeing over her sitting in front of them naked as the day she was born, chuckling to them selves, smiling away making comments to each other on her naked petit little body. “That’s it you won” she said. No really I thought to myself taking into account the odds were slightly stacked in there favour. “Oh come on” they all said “you can’t stop know”. “But I’ve got nothing left to take off” she said. Again they all laughed including my wife”

“At least give us a look then” said Peter and the jeering started again. My wife looked over to me giggling as the lads continued to jeer her on. She grabbed her discarded clothes stood up stretched her arms above her head and gave them a twirl as they all gazed at her naked body, eyeing her tiny pert breasts, tiny perfect bottom and her bold smooth pussy. “There you go” she said giggling “No a proper look” Ady said “What do you mean” she replied. “Lets see your pussy” Greg answered. They all began jeering her on again as she looked at me as if for approval. I new she wanted me to give her approval so I nodded my head. She put her hands on her face and laughed as they all looked at her naked in front of them jeering her on. She sat on the floor right opposite them still giggling whilst holding her face knees up to her chest and feet tucked under her bottom hiding all from there view. Go on they all begged and jeered as they smiled at her. Placing her hands on the floor she went back and lay flat out on her back, feet still covering her modesty. She stretched her arms out above her head. The guys were all excited as they watched and continued to ask for more. She laughed with them as she turned to look at them. Still egging her on, she spread her legs open revealing her pussy to them. The room filled with cheers and approving comments such as Fuck me. Oh man look at that as all of there eyes stared at her tiny bold pussy. My wife giggled as she stood up grabbed her discarded cloths and laughing she ran out of the living room with a passing comment “there you go that’s all you’re getting”. The lads cheered as she left. I was dumbstruck but strangely turned on that my wife had just gone naked in front of 6 guys, just gone naked in front of Ady and Greg who she doesn’t like. Exposing all of her beauty, her tight little bold pussy, her perfect tight bottom.

The guys sat there for a while still laughing away and complimenting my wife’s beauty. As I stood up to start tidying up the mess. Now ½ one in the morning most departed for home thanking me for a great night again all telling me we wont say a word mate. As they left they shouted up the stairs “thanks for the hard on” and my wife replied “my pleasure” as she and they laughed. That left Ady, Peter and Greg. I re entered the room and sat with them as they again started to talk about her figure and what she had to offer. “Your one lucky guy” said Peter as I smiled at him and agreed. “How far would you have let her go” Ady said. I replied with “what do you mean” he continued “well what if the game had of carried on, she had nothing left to take off” and they laughed. “Well I did say what ever you want as long as it stays in these four walls” was my answer. “Yeah but you know we could have said let me fuck you” said Greg as they laughed again. I stood up to leave the room and without looking at them I said “and” “a deals a deal”.

I stood in the kitchen for a while as I heard them chatting away at the thought of fucking my wife and I could tell by there comments and tones they were extremely up for it at some time now or in the future they would try it with my wife. I rejoined them and we began to continue our conversation. I informed them after further questions, that had she wanted to do something with any of them tonight I would have agreed explaining it had been a great night a good laugh and saying that I trusted all 6 of them to keep to there promise and just enjoy the night, have a laugh, but its to late now, you had your chances, maybe next time. With that my wife entered the room and plonked herself on the sofa next to Peter. She had showered for the night and re clothed herself in the items she had discarded only a short while ago only this time they were her little white ones. Giggling and laughing as she looked at them they joked away at what had happened and the compliments started to fly about her body from the three guys. “God your tidy, such a nice arse” said Peter followed by “Your body is out of this world, you’d look great on my cock” from Greg. They laughed at his comment and I wondered what my wife’s reply would be as she had already discussed the possibility of having Greg. She new his girlfriend and one evening his girlfriend had confided in my wife about how big he was and how rough he could be, he hurt her and she didn’t know what to do about it, just the type of guy my wife enjoys. The only thing stopping her was the fact that she just doesn’t like him. My wife replied “yeah maybe”. A little more time passed and comments made as my wife went into the kitchen for a glass of water followed by Greg who said he was going to the toilet. I sat there talking to Ady and Peter not knowing that Greg had in fact followed my wife into the kitchen.

My wife later told me as she stood at the sink Greg came up behind her placed his hands around her and ran his hands up her flat belly under her top and began to play with her pert little breasts and erect nipples. She doesn’t know why but she allowed this guy she doesn’t like to continue as he bent down and started to kiss her neck. “You’re so fucking horny” he whispered into her ear as he removed his hands and slid them inside her trousers over her bold little pussy. The poppers popped open and he began to rub his hand over her soft pubic bone and between her pussy lips stroking her hole. He continued to kiss her neck as she began to pant and wriggle at his touch as she felt his hard cock push against her back. She turned to face him and took his hand leading him into the cloakroom where she put the light on and locked the door. As soon as they entered the room Greg started to pour at my wife with his hands as he lifted her t-shirt up and over her head. He ran his hands over her little breasts as my wife undid his jeans and flies. He yanked at her trousers and pulled them down her hips as she moved her hands to them and pulled them off. As soon as she was naked he turned her around and pushed her against the wall. Stretching her hands up the wall as she faced it Greg came behind her and opened her legs. My wife arched her back and allowed him to open them.

Feeling her bottom he slid his massive hand between her legs to her tiny pussy where without entering her he bean to rub her tight little pussy hole, reaching round her front he squeezed what there was of her little breasts, squeezing her nipples hurting her as he did. He turned her around and slammed his face to hers pushing his tongue in her she could hardly breath he was so forceful. Still ramming her with his tongue he reached down and fumbled with his jeans, pulling them down to his knees he released his mouth from hers and lifted her to sit half on half off the wash hand basin. Standing between her open legs she looked down and saw his huge cock as he began to rub it up her pussy. “Wait, wait, please” my wife said but he continued to rub over excitedly “WAIT” she said and he looked at her. My wife moved her hand to the cupboard on the wall opened it and knocking half the stuff on the floor grabbed a tube of moisturiser. She squeezed a load on her hands and rubbed it on his cock. Her first words of describing it to me was “he’s massive” filling me in she said he was easily 9 inches but as thick as anything, one of the thickest she had ever seen. Barely having time to remove her hands from his cock he again began to rub against her pussy. My wife put her arms around his neck as he found her hole. With three almighty forceful pushes he buried it inside her right to the hilt and my wife screamed out “AHHHH FUCKKKKK”. We herd nothing chatting away with the stereo playing. Greg put his hand over her mouth and began to pound her with all his weight behind him. He would say in her ear god you’re a tight little bitch and words to that effect over and over throughout the time they were in there. He rammed into her tiny little body something rotten to the point that my wife was gasping for air as he held his hand over her mouth. He banged and banged into my wife as she orgasmed screaming into his hand as she did so. She couldn’t breath properly such was her screaming at his ramming that breathing through her nose wasn’t giving her enough oxygen. Finally he stopped and withdrew laying her on the floor still between her legs. Pushed in the corner of the room neck bent to her chest as it rested against the wall he pushed his cock to her bottom and again in three massive forceful pushes he buried it in her. She let out another massive scream and we looked at each other in the living room just catching the end of it, we put it down to a cat outside and continued with our conversation. Gripping her neck he pounded in and out of her bottom constantly banging in her as far as he could. My wife just abandoned her petit little body to this man mountain letting him ram her as he watched his cock sliding in and out of my wife, tight around his cock, stretching her tight little school girl like pussy, entering her little school girl like body. After less than 2 minuets he tensed up. Not wanting him to cum inside her and wanting to watch him cum she pushed on his chest and withdrew his cock. He held it over her body as he wanked himself with such speed my wife couldn’t focus on his cock until he held the base of his cock and began to shoot his load all over her moaning as he did, my wife also gave a little giggle smiling at him as he started to giggle whilst rubbing his cock again. It went everywhere my wife told me he covered her breasts, chest and belly with his hot sticky spunk. Coming to an end he grabbed her t-shirt and cleaned his cock. Standing up he pulled his boxers and jeans back up and fastened them. He bent down to my wife and planted his lips to hers. Turning to open the door he turned to my wife who was cleaning herself off and said “not a word I promise” and smiled at her, my wife “looked at him and said “thank you” smiling back as he opened the door and left joining us back in the living room. Standing just inside the doorway of the living room he turned to the lads and said “right I think its time we made a move guys”. I looked at him catching a glimpse of my wife running past behind him I saw her naked back she had just her trousers on and I new something had taken place. She sped past and ran up the stairs. Ady and peter stood up and thanked me for an enjoyable evening I showed them to the door. Closing it behind them I smiled as Greg didn’t look at me once as he departed.

My wife sat up stairs and couldn’t believe what had happened as she thought more and more she giggled to herself. She actually let Greg take her. Her mates husband, his forcefulness, his huge cock. Rough and hard.

My wife came back down the stairs having showered again and was in her pink little nightgown. She came over to me grabbing a bottle of wine from the table as she sat on my lap taking a swig from the bottle. She laughed as I said “what”. “Greg’s just had me” she said as she told me the whole story. “I loved it, I actually loved it” she said explaining to me the strange thrill of letting this guy she didn’t like use her. She continued to tell me what had happened whilst sliding her hand to my jeans undoing them and rubbing my cock. I came all over her hand during her explanation and we went up stairs to our room. Having washed I climbed into bed with my wife and she reached the lube from her bedside cabinet. Taking the time to raise my cock to attention again she gave me an oiled wank telling me in great detail how she had loved the night loved what Greg had done to her and how she loved me. This guy had certainly aroused her inner demons. In the morning still as horny as hell my wife aroused me again waking me with a hard on and we made love.