Written by luckycock

25 May 2009

A few months ago my hubbie posted an account of my first extra marital fuck ever, here’s my side of the story.

We were at a family wedding and sat at a table with some strangers one of which was a lad of 25ish who was definitely my cup of tea, I actually told my hubbie that if I was 10 years younger he would be my choice to make his fantasy of watching me be fucked by another man come true. A while later I noticed him and Ken talking then he asked me to dance, I had butterfly’s in my tummy just being with him on the dance floor. While dancing he started to chat and flirt a bit to which I responded he then told me I was his kind of woman and that he loved big boobs and he would love to put his cock between mine and come over my neck and face, I felt a little thrill in my pussy with his words but never said anything. He continued that he was getting a hard on thinking about it, I never admitted it but I was getting very wet between the legs myself. Next it was a slow dance and he pressed his hard cock against my tummy and asked if I could feel it and I answered yes he asked if I wanted to have a better feel and to meet him outside if I did, he felt my bottom a few times and I must admit I was so turned on my clit was throbbing and I could feel my juices running out of my hole. As we parted I quickly said ok outside now before I change my mind. I went over to hubbie and said I’m going out for a breath of fresh air, Jamie was sitting next to him and as I left I saw them speak. I went outside and over to the car park where there was a tree which provided some cover. A few minutes later he came over and kissed me straight away on the mouth his tongue snaking inside and I responded, this sent more shivers down my spine and my pussy creamed up again and my clitty started to throb, god I wanted him. He took hold of my breast on top of my blouse and it felt so good, he said wow I love big tits I need to suck this and proceeded to open my blouse, I mad a token gesture to stop him but I wanted him to do it, as he freed my boob and started to suck the nipple I nearly came but it felt wonderful. He led my hand to his cock which was really hard and quite big as he said you have made it like this I want to lick you, taste you, finger you and finally I want to fuck you and make you come, his words nearly achieved that my whole pussy was alive and throbbing I knew if he touched me there I would come. I opened his trousers and freed his cock it felt really hard, I crouched down and took it in my mouth and started to suck it. He was moaning and saying god that is good let me come in your mouth. It was at this point that I realised what I was doing and stood up and wanked him furiously till he shot spurt after spurt of hot come on the ground. I remembered my hubbie and only wanted to be back with him so quickly left. Back in the dance we talked and he said nothing about where Had I been, I was so randy I suggested going to our room as I needed to lie down he said up you go I will be along in a minute. When he cam to the room I was already naked on the bed playing with myself hoping that he would think that was why I was so wet. He quickly stripped off and lay beside me, he moved my hand and replaced it with his finger slid deep inside me, god I really needed fucking I couldn’t remember ever being so turned on, my whole body was throbbing. He asked about Jamie and did I fancy him, I replied yes I told you that, he then asked did he have a big cock, my tummy lurched I thought did he know, but I quickly said yes I felt it against me as we danced. He asked what he had been saying to me and I told him he said he would like to fuck me and he liked older bigger woman. He then speeded up the movements of his fingers in my soaking hole until I was on the brink and asked if I would like to fuck him, I moaned Oh yes. He stopped and I thought I had gone too far but he picked up his mobile and dialled a number and said room 215. I asked who that was and he replied get ready for the fucking of your life it was Jamie and he’s coming here now. I couldn’t believe it, he went on I know everything you have done tonight and it has turned me on so much now to finish it I need to see him fuck you. There was a knock on the door and Ken let Jamie in, Ken said she’s all yours do as you wish and to me he said enjoy. Jamie took off all his clothes and joined me on the bed Ken sat on a chair cock in hand wanking slowly. Jamie kissed me on the mouth and when he stopped he whispered in my ear you are my dream come true you are beautiful. I opened my legs he got between them I reached down and rubbed the tip of his cock along my slit, my juices were running out of my hole I placed the head at the entrance and said please fuck me now. He slid straight in and I came and I kept on coming for nearly 10 minutes until he filled me with his seed. I have never experienced anything like it I was totally “fucked” my whole body was tingling on fire the sheets were soaked with my juice my pussy was electric every thrust made it more intense I nearly passed out. Ken came over in the corner and Jamie lay back and I wend down on him and tasted our combined cum off his cock, I sucked him until he was hard again and asked hi to fuck me he said no suck me off and swallow, I had never even swallowed my hubbies cum before but I wanted his so I sucked like mad and felt a hand in my cunt flicking my clit I was in heaven, he came in my mouth and then I kissed him and passed some over I didn’t think it possible but I was now even more turned on and wanted a another good fucking. It went on like this all night and hubbie even joined in spit roasting me god it was good. Next time it will be hubbies turn if I can find a girl willing enough and I even fancy a bit of pussy licking myself. Fuck I am turned on just writing this I will need to play with myself now. More soon.