Written by New Master

26 Nov 2012

Good day to you all.

My name is Barry and my wife is Mary. We're both 41, been married 11 years and have no children.

I'm not that good looking and i'm over weight. Mary is quite a looker and has a petite size 10 body, shoulder length brown hair and beautiful eyes.

We enjoy visiting naturist spa's. Although we don't fully swing, we, or at least i, do enjoy watching her being touched and having her boobs sucked.

Over the past summer Mary read a trilogy from the shades of grey books.

I know many of you will yawn at hearing this, but each to their own, and she did seem to enjoy them.

The up shot of reading the books was we played at her being my slave and we quite enjoyed it.

After searching a few of the fetish sites we settled on one that seemed to be the largest.

Joining was easy and we soon selected a few rooms to join.

We soon upset a few people because of saying the wrong thing, but we soon learnt the rules.

Following one particular post, with followers from all over the world, we private messaged one of the members who made a lot of sense and who happen to be quite local to us here in suffolk.

We exchanged a few messages and wanting to know more, i asked if i could phone him as it would be easier?

He said ok, and we had a great chat about all sorts, but mostly slave training and punishment, how ever it was during the conversation, he mentioned that although he only lived half a mile from the suffolk border, he actually lived in essex.

On hearing this, Mary waved her hand indicating to terminate the conversation, which i did, pretending we had to go out.

Mary said "If he lied about where he lived, what else would he lie about"? So she wanted nothing else to do with him.

We followed his posts and comments for a while and to be honest, it was obvious we were too judgemental in dumping him, as he commented with authority and understanding.

So, with my tail between my legs i phoned him again. I was going to pretend we'd been away, but Mary said No and felt it was best to be honest.

He took this in his stride and said we all take precautions in our lives and the change of location was his.

By the end of the phone call we'd arranged to visit him yesterday(sunday).

On arrival, in stead of the welcoming cup of tea and chat, he told Mary to go into the kitchen and indicated for me to follow him into the lounge.

He didn't seem to give Mary a second thought as we discussed floggers, canes and cuffs ect.

Looking at his watch, he then rang the bell beside his chair.

Almost immediately the door opened and in walked Mary carrying a tray of cups and plates, she was followed by another lady who was carrying a tray supporting a teapot and a plate of cakes. But what drew my attention was that both women were naked. Mary has very small boobs and slightly inverted nipples, but his slave had full but not heavy breasts and quite large sticky out nipples and whereas mary's clitoris is alway very prominent, his slave's vagina was sealed by smooth lips that neatly met along their whole length.

His slave then served us with grace and mary knelt beside her watching.

His slave wore a steel collar fitted with a small silver pad lock and seemed oblivious to her nakedness.

After tea, he offered to show me how to flog a slave.

It was so unreal, he just led his slave into a temple type shed and secured her spread eagled to four eye bolts.

Selecting a flogger he gave her ten whacks, making her count them out.

He then told me to feel how wet she was.

It took me a second or two for his command to sink in, but after a quick glance towards Mary i stepped forward and reached out with one finger hovering an inch from his slaves fanny.

STOP, was his next command.

Then looking at me like i was a small boy about to be told off, he said, Take command, be firm and never hesitate,now with you left hand caress and hold her breasts, play with her tits and with your right hand explore her wetness, stimulate her clit, she's yours to do with as you wish. Her wetness is a sign of her feelings, her loss of control is a sign of trust and her obedience is demonstrated by the fact that she will do anything to make her Master happy.

After a good few minutes of touching his slave, which i have to admit was great,i had two fingers inside her and was amazed by how wet she was. He then told me to withdraw my fingers and tell my slave to lick my fingers clean.

Without hesitation, Mary stepped forward and opened her mouth in readiness.

After some other forms of play, we made our way back to the lounge.

As we spoke the girls knelt before us, mary copying the same posed position as his slave, knee's apart, breasts out, shoulders back, and hands resting palms up upon their knee's.

We discussed and agreed that we'd meet once a fortnight for practical tuition.

Total trust and total obedience were his only demand from mary, to which she, without prompting, replied Yes Master.

On the way home we were so excited about what lays ahead and twice mary reached over and rubbed my dick, and at work today, i've thought of nothing else.

So roll on next week when our training starts.

I will keep you informed how it goes if any of you are interested?