Written by Brenda

27 Jun 2013

I don't often get a text late in the evening, when I'm in bed. I had no idea who might text, my friends wouldn't normally so late. Anyway I was to busy to look. I’d just had a long hot bath, relaxing with my hand between my legs playing with myself and was laid on the bed, watching a porn movie, involving a couple of guys with huge cocks, fucking an older woman like me. I was masturbating using one of my larger dildo's, finishing what I'd started in the bath. The phone could wait. I had more important things to do I decided, sliding the dildo in and out of my cunt vigorously, close to cumming and annoyed at being disturbed at such a crucial moment. Rubbing my clitoris with my fingers, fucking myself with the dildo, I'd just brought myself off when the mobile chimed again.

I'd cum, but the interruption had spoiled it a bit. I pulled the dildo from my pussy, placed it on the bedside table picked up my phone to see who had called. The text was from my Son in Law, Darren. I was immediately worried, why text me so late. I opened the newest one, all it said was to delete the first text without opening it. No chance. I scrolled to it, opened it “This is what’s waiting for you” and a picture of his cock, erect his, hand holding it. It looked huge, judging from what I could see, the size of his hand, his cock had to be at least 8 inches long, tipped by a large purple knob. My daughter I knew was working away for the week. What to do? Delete? Reply? Wait? Or do none of those and turn up on his door step?

I'm divorced, fifty years old, I'd split up with my most recent partner, and for the previous two months hadn't been fucked. Masturbation whilst watching porn was the only sexual release I'd had. I do love cock, especially a big cock. Darren's had to be the biggest I'd seen in a long time. I guessed he'd been drinking, realised his mistake and hoped I'd get rid of it without looking. Or had he? It could have been deliberate. I had a strong feeling he'd actually be up for it. Having seen it I wanted it and after all he'd invited me.

I'm 5'5”, I think still attractive, auburn shoulder length hair, curvy in all the right places. I like to wear, tight figure hugging jeans which cling to my bum or shortish skirts, 4 or 5 inches above the knee, which show off my legs. I'd often caught him looking at my legs and bum, when he wasn't trying to get a look at my 40dd tits and had suspicions that when he was in my bathroom he went through my dirty washing. I pictured him sniffing my used knickers or wrapping them around his cock and wanking.

I'd already had a bath, I'd shaved my pussy only that morning so I was smooth down there. I could be dressed and at his front door in less than 30 minutes, see his reaction, play it by ear, perhaps tell him I'd come to claim my “prize” At worst he'd be embarrassed, apologise and I wouldn't get a fuck. The more I looked at the picture of his cock the more I wanted it. I was still trying to make a decision when the phone chimed again, “Have you deleted those texts” I sent a one word reply “No” a few moments later “Have you looked” he wanted to know. I thought about my reply and sent “Yes. I'm considering what to do about it” which I thought suitably ambiguous.

Before I had a chance to change my mind I fastened a suspender belt around my waist, rolled on a pair of seamed stockings, a matching thong and balcony bra which struggled to contain my tits. I quickly applied a little make up, Lipstick, a spray of perfume, my highest heels, a coat over the top, my dildo in the pocket and I was ready in 20 minutes. A ten minute drive and I pulled up outside the house less than 45 minutes after he'd sent the picture.

The lights were on downstairs. I got out of my car, loosened my coat, displaying plenty of cleavage, a gap opening, enough to show my stockings as I walked to the door. I rang the bell, stood with one foot on the step, letting the gap open further, stocking tops and the pale flesh above now visible. He opened the door, wearing a dressing gown, certainly not drunk. “I've come about your filthy text” I told him, trying to keep a straight face. He invited me in, closing the door behind me “Sorry about that. It was an accident. But I did warn you not look” he sort of apologised, neither sounding sorry or looking convincing. “I don't think I believe you could accidentally send me a picture of your big cock” I told him, looking pointedly at his crotch. “Have you come to give me a bollocking?” he asked, failing to hide a smile.

I decided to go for it, if he wasn't interested he could tell me to leave. “A bollocking? More a complaint. I've come to tell you, you interrupted me. Do you know what I was doing?” he shook his head. I pulled the dildo, at least as big as his cock, from my pocket, held it up. “I was using this and you spoiled it so I've come to take up your offer as compensation. I like a big cock and I want yours” I pulled the coat open, shrugging it off, letting it fall to the floor, standing with my legs apart. He looked at my tits, down at my pussy barely covered by the flimsy little thong, licking his lips. I moved the dildo between my legs, used the tip to pull my thong to one side, my pussy uncovered, I began to rub the dildo between my pussy lips.

His expression changed, lust and desire, as I sat on the sofa, using my cunt muscles to hold the dildo inside while I unfastened my bra, released my heavy tits, then slipped off the thong. His cock was straining to be released from under his gown. “Get your cock out” I told him spreading my legs, resting one over the arm of the sofa, taking hold of the dildo again, fucking myself with it.

“Are you going to fuck me then?” I coaxed, pulling the dildo from my hole “If I ruined what you were doing I suppose I should try and make it up to you” he replied, stepping closer undoing his dressing gown. I got my first proper look at his cock. Any lingering doubts, and there had been few in the first place, about having sex with my son in law were instantly forgotten. I leant forward and was sucking his cock in seconds. He held my head, fucking my mouth, pushing me back onto the sofa until my head was hanging over the arm. He moved to the side, pushed his cock back in my mouth. You don't get to be a 50 year old tart, without learning to deepthroat. I let my head drop further, aligning my throat with my mouth and swallowed his cock until his balls touched my nose. He fucked my face, his large cock a challenge, until I turned my head letting his cock slide out of my throat and slip from between my lips. “That's enough of that, go down on me, then fuck me and I'll suck your cock again later”

I moved until my bum was on the edge of the sofa, spread my legs, rubbing my cunt while he got between my thighs, lowered his face to my pussy and gave my cunt and my clit a good tongueing, until I was begging him to put his cock in and fuck me. I've had more than my fair share of large cocks in my time, but his had to be up there as one of the best fucks. My cunt which has taken all sizes of cocks not to mention all sorts of large objects, from dildos, bottles and baseball bats to various fruit and vegetables, stretched and took him easily. Thick enough for me to grip with my cunt muscles as he fucked me, long enough for me to feel it deep inside me. He fucked me until, unusually, I climaxed before the guy fucking me. He rolled me over and holding my hair took me from behind. fucking me until I came again. “Don't you ever cum?” I asked. He grinned down at me, “I've been saving it. Grab your cheeks and spread'em. I'm going to fuck your arse and cum up your shitter”

I like it up the arse, better if theirs a cock in my cunt too, but I had my fingers and dildo in reach so they'd do. I stood up, bent over the arm of the chair, spreading my buttocks, revealing my tight anus to him. He crouched next to me, stroking his cock with one hand. He touched my bum hole with his fingers, then moved them between my legs, he pushed all four fingers in my cunt, followed by his thumb, bunching them into a fist. He shoved his fist inside, rotating his wrist, fisting me, coating his hand with my juices. “Fuck you've got a big cunt. You must have had some cock. Let's see what your arse can take" he grunted as he withdrew his arm from my cunt.

I felt his slippery fingers pressing against my anus, two sliding in working my cunt juices in. A third and fourth finger followed, twisting and turning, stretching my arse hole open. With his fingers still in me he stood, dipped his cock into my gaping cunt, coating it in my juices before aiming it at my bum. He was using fingers from both his hands to stretch me open. I helped, spreading my buttocks as I felt his knob, between his fingers sliding up my bum. The knob was inside me, he pushed his cock in, pulling his fingers out at the same time. He didn't stop until he'd completely penetrated me and I'd taken all 8 plus inches up my arse. I grabbed the dildo off the seat beside me and eased it into my cunt as he began to fuck my arse. That felt much better, both holes nicely filled, his cock rubbing against the dildo through my cunt walls, my fingers dancing on my clit as he began to fuck my arse.

He did it again, made me cum twice more, fucking my arse for close to 15 minutes before I felt him speed up, groan and his cock jerking in my bum as he finally came, pumping his spunk into my arse. The dirty sod wanted me to suck it straight from my arse, but I made him wash it before I'd suck it. He fucked me three more times over the next four hours. Before I left I asked him again about the text and photo. He insisted it wasn't intended for me, nor my daughter who he said was being fucked by the guy she was working with. He maintained that it was an accident and he'd meant to send it to another woman he's been fucking, but I'm not so sure. Anyway he's fucked me several times since and no doubt will fuck me again in the future.