Written by willieJ

4 Mar 2015

Anyone who has read my previous story off what happened with my sons GF will know I have been trying to avoid them in case it came out. Well this is what has happened in my life over the last 6 days.

On Thursday my son appeared at my flat looking very upset, my heart sank she had told him. To my relief it was to tell me she had broken up with him (big quiet sigh of relief from me) saying the age difference was showing things he wanted to do were juvenile. Of course I did all the Dad things not to worry he would get over it, these things happen in life etc etc.

Friday my night at the pub playing darts against another pub team. The players that came included a very bubbly, busty blonde, her hubby was one of the other players. She was a good sport taking some of the quips from the guy in good humour. She took a bit of a shine to me flirty, chatting those great tits brushing against me as we passed each other, hand on arm a bit to long. One of my mates whispered I think you are in there Will, but I said hubby is watching. A few times I glanced over to see his reaction but he just grinned at us as his wife again pressed herself against me. The match over i went to the gents and hubby followed he said would I like a lift, me no only just round the corner. He handed me a card with his telephone no saying give us a call and we can meet up. I got the message and when he said sure we can`t give you a ride home, okay I said. She, Shirley was already by their car I got in the back, Shirley joined me. AS soon as hubby started to drive she was all over me big wet open mouth kisses and hands giving my cock a good rub. We were into each other when the car stopped I looked up hubby had pulled into a dark lane, pulled the front seats forward and then got in the back witrh us. We soon had her stripped legs pulled apart sucking her tits and giving her a good fingering while she wanked at both our cocks. She took it in turns to give our cocks a suck the I heard hubby say go on Shirley ride his cock. She straddled me lowering herself down, hubby moved a bit closer so as she rode my cock she could wank him. We soon a had a rythem going my head buried in her full tits. It was pitch black in the car all you could hear was her moans and our heavy breathing. He was very close I felt his hot brteath on my shoulder and then I felt a hand sqeeze my balls I knew it was not her because both her arms were round my neck. He stopped and when I did not object squeezed them again that was it I shot my load and she hada quivering orgasm, a few more wanks and he spunked over her and me and his hand was still on my balls. We got dressed and I said I would phone and went to bed a happy man.

Saturday I did what most divorced men do slobbed out watching a bit of sport on telly wondering when to give Shirley and hubby a phone, not to appear to eager. My doorbell rang and there on my doorstep was my sons ex GF. I just stared at her why was she here, now her and my son were over there was no need. She just looked at me and said I know you want another bite of this cherry pushed me in the chest that I went back a step and she walked past me into my living room. She stood looking at me, come on Will you know you want to fuck me. I blustered saying no what happened was a mistake she should go. She had on a coat with a side zip and a pair of knee length boots, she pulled the zip down shrugged of the coat, she was naked. Well yes my cock did an upright movement she looked so horny naked with knee length boots. She walked towards me undid my belt buckle, pulling it of and ran her hand over my cock, she grinned oh yes Mr Cock say yes.

She sat down put her foot up i pulled of one boot then the other and she stretched open her legs cunt on full open display. I took of my clothes and then she snapped my belt at me hiting my leg it was not a hard slap but stung. Bitch I said grabbing her arms pulling the belt of her, and pushed her to the floor. She rolled on to her stomach coming up on her knees. I slapped her arse hard she groaned again, I slapped again positioning my cock to slide into her cunt. I grabbed her hair pulled her back and slid into her cunt hard. Between her moans of pleasure were the words harder, harder. I have never fucked a woman as hard as i did her and just as I was about to come I jerked out pulling her onto her back and finished myself of by spunking over her face and hair. She lay there stretched out on the carpet purring and stretching like a cat, told you you wanted to fuck me. This woman brought out the animal in me, no nice lover with easy shagging, just a man who wanted to ride this woman still she was sore. I brought my softening, sticky cock to her mouth she gobbled me and soon she had got me hard again. I would not let her get up i made her deep throat me till I spunked down her throat. I thought she would go but that woman got me hard for a third time, with a chuckle she said well you have had 2 holes want to go for the third. This time I pulled her up and pushed her against the wall, fingered her arse hole, I was not gentle, and I fucked her again till again she took me spunk up the arse. I did not know about her but I was shattered and I sank down onto the floor. I heard her laugh, well that was fun, my spunk was running down the back of her thighs, there was dried spunk on her body and hair. She camly pulled on her boots and coat and left my flat I hope for the last time.

It has been a rollercoast few days but have made a date to meet up with Shirley and her hubby next week who knows what is in store for me never thought my sex life would be better in my forties than it was in my twenties.