Written by Dawn

20 Feb 2008

We\'ve only just discovered this site and when I read some of the stories I felt that I just had to add mine. My name\'s Dawn and I\'ve been married to Don for ten years. We\'re on the same plane sexually and have always had a good sex life. We\'re both experienced, I had plenty of lovers before meeting Don and had a five year old daughter. I\'m thirty five and Don\'s a bit older at thirty eight.

Just recently we\'d been feeling that our sex life was getting a bit samey, then one evening Don asked me if I had ever seen a porn video. I hadn\'t and he said he\'d get one for the weekend. On the Friday night after we\'d had dinner we showered and sat down in dressing gowns, after Tina my duaghter had gone to bed, to watch the video. As it happened it was a sort of compilation of married couples having sex, they did everything and I loved most of it, it made me feel really sexy and we started feeling each other and ended up having the best sex we\'d had for some time. I didn\'t like the bits where women got it in their bums, but then Don wasn\'t interested in that either.

We watched the video several times over the weekend and had a really good time. We discussed what we\'d seen of course and Don said, \'They were all amateurs, there\'s no reason why we shouldn\'t do what they did.\' I said, \'What do you mean?\' \'Well we\'ve got a cam-corder,\' he replied, \'we could video ourselves doing things, couldn\'t we?\'. I laughed, \'That\'s a good idea, there\'s parts of me I only ever see if I use a mirror and I\'ve never seen your prick pushing in and out of my fanny!\'. It was Don\'s turn to laugh, \'That shouldn\'t be too difficult.\'. \'Let\'s do it!\' I said.

The following weekend we bought a new pack of tapes and that evening, again after Tina had gone to bed, we set ourselves up in the bedroom. Don had a tripod for use with the cam-corder and he mounted it to one side of the bed. I took my dressing gown off and lay on the bed and he aimed the cam-corder at my fanny. \'We\'ll have to be careful not to move too much otherwise we shan\'t be in shot,\' Don said as he joined me on the bed. We discussed how we should do it and decided that if we wanted to show his prick sliding in and out it was no good him, or me, getting on top so we agreed that scissors was the best position. We started off as normal with kissing and caressing knowing that we could position ourselves so that we could show him caressing my fanny and me wanking his prick.

Once we got worked up, and believe me the idea that we were being watched by the camera certainly turned me on, Don slid his legs under my right one and took my left between his. We\'d fucked many times in this position, it was lazy but it meant I could play with myself at the same time, which he liked, and he could do that as well as caressing my breasts etc. He started the cam-corder with the remote, his prick touched the open lips of my fanny and he pushed gently in, then he started fucking me.

I was really turned on and soon realised that I was moving against his cock as he fucked me. After a while things started getting urgent and I knew that he was going to come, \'Oh yes, darling,\' I cried, \'fuck me harder!\' He did, and came almost at once, he comes very fiercely, which I love and has loads of spunk. Well of course a woman always reacts when a man is coming inside her and this time was no exception, then he flopped, his cock rapidly softening and slipping out.

Once we recovered we couldn\'t wait to rewind the tape and see what we\'d got. It was fantastic, Don had positioned the camera just right and we watched the whole thing. For the first time I saw my beloved husband giving me what I loved the most, a good long, hard fucking! It even showed how wet I got before he put his cock in me, my swollen clit, and how his spunk was oozing our of me when he\'d finished! I was so turned on that, regardless of the camera, I sucked his cock until he was hard and mounted him to give him what he\'d given me, it was some night I\'ll tell you!

Well, that was our first foray into the world of porno videos, it wasn\'t our last, nor did it indicate what it led to, but I can tell you that it revolutionised our sex life. Maybe I\'ll write again sometime and tell you.