Written by Tim

25 Feb 2009

I feel a bit guilty as I write this but it is a true account of my recent experiences and I feel the need to share it with someone. I am in my early 40’s, happily married with kids etc. My wife is a good woman and we have good sex once or twice a week. I am a Director of an Engineering firm (in the Midlands) and from September 2008 I was assigned a ‘graduate engineer’ to work with me on placement from a local University. I assumed it would be a male but when the graduate arrived I was pleasantly surprised that it was an attractive but very young looking girl called Sarah.

Sarah was very pleasant and fun we got on well from the outset. She handled all the sexist crap she got on the shop floor really well and despite being initially reticent I was pleased to have her around. As time went by I found myself looking at her more and more, admiring her small tight bum, looking at her pert breasts, the lovely skin on her neck, her pretty face and lips… but I was never going to do anything about it and I was careful (I thought) never to let her see me looking.

Just before Christmas we went away for a few days to visit a couple of sights around the UK. I had a couple of people to see and Sarah really just came along to see how projects ‘off site’ were managed.

We stayed in a hotel in Edinburgh on our first night and it was pretty quiet in the hotel so we decided to eat out – we found a restaurant, sat down and ate and drank a couple of bottles of wine – for the first time we opened up and talked openly about ourselves and as the drink got to us – we were on shorts by now – we started to get a bit personal. Sarah asked me about my marriage – she asked torrents of personal questions ‘are you really happy’? , ‘does your wife really fuck you or does she go through the motions’, ‘does she fake them’, ‘when did you last really enjoy yourself’. She asked the questions so quickly I hardly answered some of them before she blurted out the next one. Sarah’s questions unnerved me and I decided to fire questions back partly because I wanted to and partly to stop her asking me even more personal questions. I asked her who she was fucking (she said she’d split from her boyfriend but she’d been having regular sex since she was 14!), how often she fucked (she said as often as she could), I asked what the dirtiest thing was she’d done (she said two men after a party!).

We traded questions like insults a 22 year old girl and a man old enough to be her dad – she claimed to have slept with over 50 men and fucked in more places than I could ever have imagined – she was making the point that she was a lot more sexually experienced than me. And if half of what she said was true she was!

I decided it was time to get the bill and leave so I got the bill, paid and we got our coats and set off up the hill to our hotel, as we walked she held my arm and hung on to me – telling me she had had too much to drink. It was dark and I wanted to get back to the hotel out of the cold wind but Sarah seemed in no hurry. We stopped and looked up at Edinburgh castle – which glowed orange and Sarah whispered to my ear – ‘I see you looking, I know you want me’. Before I could respond her lips touched mine and we kissed, very gently and then she withdrew took my arm and we walked on. A few yards up the road we stopped again and this time we kissed properly - after a few minutes we walked on again and we were within yards of our hotel. We walked into the lobby – Sarah suggested a drink – we’d both had too much but after the kissing I needed a drink! We entered the bar, found a quiet corner and I got us a scotch, I sat down and looked at Sarah – she was beautiful but so young. She asked if I was okay and I said I was fine but my heart was in my mouth. Sarah downed her drink slammed the glass down and took me by the arm and said come on?

I followed her to the lift, then along the corridor and to her room – she fumbled for her card to open the door and eventually we entered her room - it was dark and she put a lamp on so that it remained relatively dark in the room. Sarah walked up to me took both my hands in hers and kissed me, we kissed long and hard until she withdrew – and she said come on take me to bed you know you want to and you won’t regret it. Within minutes I was undressing Sarah – pulling those small pert breasts out of her bra, sucking on her nipples, biting them, she lay on the bed and I pulled her small white g-string down to reveal a trimmed but hairy pubic area – I immediately started to lick her and tasted her – she was wet and her small hips and beautiful soft skin turned me on. I licked her and licked her and explored between her legs for what seemed an eternity, after awhile she started to rub her clitoris as I licked her and eventually this combination of attention made her come and when the ecstasy of her orgasm subsided she smiled and said ‘thank you’.

It was now my turn to get my clothes off and she helped me out of them – I felt self conscious that my body was not on a par with hers. Sarah took my cock in her hand and wanked it slowly she then asked me to wank it for her and I obliged for a few seconds until she asked ‘do you want me to suck it’. Without saying a word I indicated that this was a very good idea and Sarah took me in her mouth looking in to my eyes as her head moved back and forth – god she looked a dirty little thing and her hand was rubbing between her legs again.

My cock was now really hard and my reservations were diminished – I really wanted to fuck Sarah – I pulled my cock out of her mouth and she asked – are you gonna fuck me then? I said I was. She asked in a teasing way – tell me what you are going to do to me? I replied ‘I am gonna fuck you. Sarah then said ‘you can only fuck me if you promise to fuck me again and again whenever I ask’ a request to which I readily agreed to. Sarah then pushed me onto my back and asserted her control, she spat on my cock before positioning herself above my cock and she carefully impaled herself on me before moving forward and kissing me – we then held each other and kissed intermittently as she rode me softly and gently, as we made love she asked me ‘are you fucking me’ ‘is it good’ until I could take no more and came inside her - it was good it was so good and she was without doubt the most attentive lover I have ever had. At times Sarah is a filthy little whore but at the same time she is tender, loving and caring.

Since that night Sarah and I are lovers and we go to her flat after work (and regularly at lunch times too). I doubt our relationship will last beyond her placement but I am a very lucky man and I am making the best of it while I can.