13 Mar 2017

It was the middle of the summer and I was staying in London for a few days. I usually like to meet up with Sophie at least once when I am in London, but I had dinners on every evening so it wasn't looking good. At the last minute, a meeting for the following afternoon was cancelled, which left me free for the whole afternoon. I quickly texted Sophie asking if she could skive off the next day. "Your naughty" she responded, which I knew would eventually mean yes.

We met up the next day for a casual lunch with the expectation that we would go back to my hotel room for the naughty part. It was a hot day and she was wearing a summer dress, with bare legs and bare shoulders. She looked lovely, as we sat on the terrace sipping a chilled glass of wine. Her bra strap was not completely aligned with the strap on her dress, so I could tell she had on a cute Agent Provocateur number on that I had purchased for her. I was willing to bet she was also wearing the matching knickers.

I was in a very naughty mood asked her if I should try and arrange for someone to join us in the hotel and make a little party out of it. We had discussed this on previous occasions and she knew that I meant and escort, to make it a threesome. There is an agency I use from time to time so I pulled up the site up on my phone and we discreetly searched through the pictures to find someone who appealed to both of us. Once we found a couple of options I called Vicki at the agency and explained what we had in mind. She suggested a young English girl, Daisy, who she said was fun, open minded, enjoyed seeing couples and liked a bit of a party. She said Daisy could be at the hotel in a couple of hours.

Sophie and I finished up lunch, trying to talk about her business, but we found it hard to focus given the upcoming afternoon. We arrived back at the hotel about a half hour before Daisy was due. I ordered some Champagne and strawberries from room service, looking to set the mood just right. Sophie and I contemplated a quickie before she arrived but thought it better to let the tension build up. We sat on the sofa and tried to have a glass of Champagne, but we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, and we were soon snogging and engaging in a little petting. As I slid my hand up her leg and dress, the silky smoothness of her leg was a real turn on, as was the moistness of her knickers.

There was a knock on the door, which was Daisy, a little earlier than expected. As soon as I let her in I knew what Vicki meant by a bundle of energy and very naughty. She walked in, kissed me, kissed Sophie, and took a little walk around the room (it was a big suite) glancing at the Champagne, the bed and the fact we were dishevelled for obvious reasons. As she walked around she let out a squeal and said “so we are going to have a party” at the same time she lifted her skirt, and did a little twirl flashing us her knickers.

I poured some Champagne and she sat next to Sophie on the sofa, and within a few minutes they were exchanging kisses. Daisy then asked if I would like her take off her dress, I looked at Sophie who was a little taken back by the initiative but smiled yes. Both girls stood up took off their dresses and came for me. My trousers were un buttoned and pulled to my knees wherein the girls starting rubbing my half erect cock, through my Calvins. It wasn’t before those were off and I had two beautiful half naked girls, on their knees in front of me sucking my cock. I needed a little breather so I suggested the girls go over on the bed and play with each other, which they did. When I felt I was once again in control, I joined them. At one point I had them lie on their backs, leg spread, so I could go from one pussy to another. I was going down on Daisy Sophie suggested she get a condom because she wanted to watch me fuck Daisy. We bent Daisy over the side of the bed and I started fucking her from behind. I switched to Sophie for a little while but wanted to finish in Daisy, so I pulled out and changed the condom one last time, started slow but built up to a frenzied pace wherein I blew my load.

After regaining my breath, I realised we still had a couple of hours left. Stay tuned for stories about the rest of the afternoon.