Written by Joanne

22 Mar 2017

A few years back I had an amazing sexual experience which I have kept to myself until tonight. I'm Jo, a 40yo curvy 5ft 2 and size 12 brunette wife. However I was 24 at the time. I had married my hubby shortly after turning 22 and we had been trying for a baby for almost a year. We had a mature 28yo university student lodging with us and I'm sure he must have heard me and hubby having sex - even though we restricted our moaning, our bed was a bit noisy and creaky!! I'm convinced he was awake and listening to our sexploits - after one particularly active night I found a huge cum stain (still slightly damp) when I went to change his bed sheets next morning. On another occasion after early morning sex with hubby, I had gone downstairs for a drink. It was around 7am and I was completely naked. But I heard movement in our hall and then when I was returning upstairs I heard footsteps on the landing. Hubby had fallen asleep so I'm convinced our lodger had been watching me, no doubt enjoying views of my ample breasts, firm ass and trimmed hairy pussy. I checked his sheets after he and hubby left the house around 8am and found several large cum stains. Indeed the sheet was soaked where he had ejaculated and I suspected he had done it just before getting dressed. I must admit to feeling a little horny that morning, sniffing and tasting the cum stains before pulling the sheet over so that one particularly sopping wet patch was draped over the edge of his mattress. I was in my dressing gown and had pulled on a pair of knickers after quickie sex with hubby before he left for work and was still damp and sticky between my legs with hubby's semen inside me. I quickly removed the gown and my knickers and stood with one leg on the floor and the other folded on the bed. A few minutes of breast squeezing and vigorous pelvic thrusting with my pussy pressed firmly against the edge of the mattress on top of my lodger's damp cum brought me to a shattering climax, causing me to leak my own vaginal fluid over the patch. With shaking legs and a saturated pussy, I fixed the sheet back in place - no I didn't change it but rather hoped he might sniff it himself and get aroused by my sweet sex juices.

A week or so later I had been making dinner one evening when the student came in. I had been crying earlier as hubby had some bad test results which he told me about at lunchtime - essentially he had a low sperm count and below average motility so getting pregnant would be difficult if not impossible. The student could see my bloodshot eyes and asked what was the matter. I blurted out my news and told him I'd be better jumping into bed with him than with hubby. He hugged me and told me to be positive. I could see my comment had had an effect on him - a big bulge in his trousers was developing.

The next morning, hubby left for work and indicated he could be back late, possibly after midnight. As his client was over 100 miles away he said he might stay at a hotel if he didn't get finished up but hoped he would get back. That night I sat up to midnight then decided to go to bed.

At that point in time I mostly slept in the nude as did hubby - we were having regular sex, hoping to make a baby. At some point during the night I began to feel aroused. I was still sleeping but gradually waking as I became more aroused. Lying on my side and still groggy I became aware that a man was behind me with his arms around me. His hands were moving over my body, touching my breasts and nipples and exploring my brown short and curlys before fingering my clitoris. I began to squirm and moan softly and remember whispering my hubby's name, softly urging him to make me cum. I felt a couple of fingers slide inside my wet opening and he began to explore my vagina, moving his fingers up and down ever faster. Within minutes I climaxed, a violent orgasm which had me reeling in ecstasy. I turned my face into the pillow to muffle my squeals of pleasure. He quickly moved over me, pushing my legs further apart as he climbed on top of my bum. That was the first shock - I could feel his cock on my bottom and it felt very hard and much bigger than I expected. Then the second shock as he attempted to penetrate me but instead was banging his cock against my bum hole. I realised this was not my husband who was trying to have sex with me. I screamed for him to stop but almost as soon as I had said it, his cock found my vagina and he rammed it hard against my opening. It was such a shock feeling his cock move deeper inside me when he gave several more hard thrusts. I succumbed to another violent orgasm and now knew this was not my hubby. He groaned as loudly as I squealed during my orgasm and I quickly realised it was our student lodger who was attempting to copulate with me. I reached round a placed a hand on his buttocks - they were muscular and felt great as he continued to screw me. I don't like the use of the 'F' word but in this case its use is very apt. He basically fucked me completely - 20 minutes of vigorous sex and many orgasms (on my part). He was on top the whole time, banging me so hard his groin would slap my ass - it was like getting fucked and spanked at the same time! He began to breathe heavy and I could feel his hard shaft begin to throb deep inside me. Then another shock as he blurted out that he was a virgin!! WOW! Just at that moment I really wanted him. He groaned that he needed to cum and asked if he could spunk inside me. Without hesitation I said yes and that I wanted to feel his hot spunk filling me then ordered him to shoot it deep inside me, screaming for him to breed me with his sperm. I thought my creaking bed was going to break - he was screwing me so hard that the headboard was banging against the wall. The whole bed was rocking but I didn't care - he was bedding me like my hubby never managed and all I wanted was to get laid and seeded by him. It was intense, physical sex and it deserved a good ending and he was eager to give it to me. A minute later he didn't disappoint as his cock deposited a huge load deep inside my vagina. It kept spunking inside me for what seemed an age, saturating my unprotected vagina with his hot thick semen. It was quite a shock, hubby could never fill me the way that student did. Indeed his powerful ejaculations made me cum also, adding to the excitement of having his sperm swim up my young cervix - a few days earlier I had rubbed my pussy on his damp cum stain on his bed sheet; now I had his spunk inside me.

We moved to his room as I was worried that my bed couldn't take much more. He was so excited and invigorated after losing his virginity at 28yo. I let him fuck me until he was spent - having said that, I was spent after 2 further hours of quite passionate sex. I had let him have in various positions but after 2 hours I just lay on my back and let him do me.

Hubby returned at 9am while I slept. He wakened me as he climbed into bed but thankfully he was tired and fell asleep. My pussy was sore and red and I wore both knickers and PJs to mop up the excess spunk. My lodger fucked me for the last time an hour before hubby returned - in the shower! In total he had put 8 loads of spunk up my willing pussy and one in my mouth at his request...mmmm!! Lots of spunk stains on his sheet and pubes from both our genitals!! Copulation at it's very best!