Written by Bill

18 Dec 2010

After coming home and surprising my wife and myself, we talked and thought about our situation, I had caught her before she had sex with a young lad, we decided we where both happy to let it happen,it seemed as if we both wanted it,I had a few doubts in my mind but it had really got me aroused as well, and we had the best sex in years afterwards

I had suggested she call him, but when Lyn phoned he was not having any of it, frightened of me,she did have a drink with him in a pub, he still didn't want to know

I think she was a bit hurt,and thought it was her age and looks as well, that had put him off, I when back to work the next week, we where on the phone all the time, not our odd call which had been normal, by mid week Lyn, was really trusting me,I think to start with she was a little suspect of me, and why I was agreeing to let her have a lover,our problem was finding her lover, I suggested she look on the net, some how she found some contacted sites, I got home the next weekend, and we where both looking at them, we thought the best way was to put an advert on one of them, by the next week we or she had one on the site

In a few days she had loads of replies,now she was worried about how to go about this, and would any one fined out,obvious that is a worry, but I didn't say that to her,but came out with approach it was quite safe,it was quite new to us, it was time for a real hart to hart talk, if we where to let this happen,if we did we be entering a episode of our life, for me it was could I handle it, some thing inside me said yes, if a funny way I wanted it happen, Lyn assured me it would only be a physical thing for her

So had made our mind up, that left picking a some one, looking thew the men, I had to leave it to Lyn, she got a short list,She in the end choose Brian, he was twenty seven

A single guy, he seemed quite experienced at this, there was emailing for a week then talking on the phone,between them,it was set for the next weekend, on my way home I had mixed feelings, a few twinges of jealousy, as well as excitement with a touch of arousal

I was home early, not quite knowing how I would fined Lyn, or if she had sectioned thoughts,but no, she seemed cool and cram,with hint of excitement, she spent a long time getting ready, and looked gorgeous, she had a reveling blouse on, button's open given a plunging neck line, it was plain she had no bra,a skirt that was a few inches above the knee, with two split in both sides, all new,stockings and heels, I was also to find out no pants on

Not long later a tap at the door, he was here, Lyn made me go to the door and let him in He was very polite,it was awkward to start with,we talked for a long time,there was a quite a bit of flirtation between them, I was left out some what,the conversation got quite one sided between them,I was starting to wonder if this was the right thing, as I watched,things transpired from there quite quickly,on my part it was unexpected,it seemed one minuet they where talking then they where kissing, as if I was not there,then it hit me Lyn was going to be unfaithful in front as it I was not there

It was a long and passionate kiss,I was a bit shocked his hands roomed over her body,she never tried to stop him,the thing I should of expected that,that is whats why he was there for in my lounge with my wife, in no time it was very heave petting, by Brian,she let his hand wonder up her leg, as it reached her thigh they parted, she gave him access to the most interim part of her body some thing that had been mine, he must of been fingering her there was wet sound in the room,they where kissing again, Lyn's hand was on his crotch, she was holding on to some thing in his toruses, I watch her fingers squeeze it, there was glint from her wedding ring,his fly's came open her hand went inside, as I watched he lifted his bum and she pushed down his toruses they past his knee, he kicked they came off,Lyn had his member in her hand,it looked big to me, it was bigger than mine, I would say maybe eight inches long,but it was its girth, her fingers would not quite und it,it was rigid, with large vanes bulging, her hand was down towards the base but there seemed a lot sticking out above her hand, the foreskin was rolled back leaving a large mushroom head,the sight was a shock for me,I hadn't bargained for that, the size of it

My attenuation went back to Lyn,her blouse was fully open both breasts where free,her nipples looking very stiff and hard,she was aroused,Brian still had his fingers embedded in her, there was a lot of movement from his arm, as they played with each other,her hand was now stroking his cock,his legs had parted and there hung a pare of huge balls, this guy has a sack full,how much baby milk he had in there god knows, the scene unrolled pretty quick after that,they moved round with Lyn on her knees, sucking on his dick, slurping noises coming from her, and grunts from him,Brian pushed her off it in the end she didn't want to let go,they walked past me out the door with out even looking,I followed them up stairs, as I got to the bedroom door it slammed in my face,I was left out side, I stood there, it was quiet for some time, then a loud gasp which must of come from Lyn, I listed as slowly our bed stated to creak,it was awful,the noise got louder and faster, then I heard my wife cry out YES YES MY GOD YES, by now the bed banged on the wall, I sat on the floor on the landing for four hours listing, he took her twice more in that time one I could hear the slap of there bodies and my wife really cried out that time I went back to our lounge and waited, there was no more movement from our bedroom, some time later Brian appeared at the door thanked me and got dressed and left