Written by Codurcouple

21 Aug 2010

When I met my partner she was married to B and I never suspected anything was wrong with their relationship, they seemed happy plodding on with life like an average couple in their late 40s. I used to take them out for the odd meal and as they were struggling financially with starting a business, they allowed me to pay. I thought at the time they had a good marriage although I knew B was unwell and suffered from a few health issues which didn’t help in the down stairs department.

Anyway 3 years ago they split up through his drinking habits and I got quite close to S as she left the matrimonial home and I was concerned as to where she would live. After a few months the odd kiss on the cheek started to happen moving on to full snogging sessions and was begging me to take things further with her but I thought that she really wanted to get back with B. She moved in with me on a temporary basis till she found somewhere more permanent but never left. Although I had known S & B for 12 years I didn’t know until later asking S about her past that I found she had been a naughty girl on many occasions to satisfying her sexual needs.

This got me quite aroused and one day while in bed I said if she needed any extra pleasure she could have it as long as I knew about it but added I would love to watch her and join in as a threesome. At first she was horrified as she thought our relationship was great. I said it was, but then admitted the thought of her being naughty turned me on and confessed to having a few threesomes in the past and knew some women sometimes needed an extra man to satisfy them. At first she was wondering if I was testing her and was refusing to talk about it, then a few weeks later while making love in a very sensual way, building us up to a joint orgasm that we love, she looked up to me and said what are you thinking about, I just replied I am imagining you have been naughty and a man has left his spunk inside your pussy and I’m feeling how swollen and wet it was. She suddenly came with an almighty scream and we fucked like rabbits for hours.

In the morning she was quite and asked if she was ok, she said she was embarrassed about coming like she did, I held her in the kitchen and pushed my cock against her bum and said you were turned on at the thought of it weren’t you, I know when she means yes but says maybe. She then said she felt guilty about her past and I told her you weren’t hearting anyone and you were exploring the delights of what others like to do to please her

She then said are you sure about what I said last night? I told her I had dreamt many times about her having fun and got really turned on thinking about her fucking others. It was then she told me about a client who was always suggesting he would like to take her out for a meal but thought he wanted more than that. I said and? She then told me who it was and said she got quite wet at the thought of what he would be like. As she still had her short shirt on I rapped my arm around her body and bought my fingers round to her pussy, she was wet and tried to take my hand away with her embarrassment but I had toughed the wet liquid between her lips. I then inserted a finger then two and nibbled her ear saying would you like to see what he’s like, she was pushing her arse against my cock and I asked her again did she want to, of course it was a no but then a maybe with her reply. I then got my cock of my shorts and placed it at her pussy telling her how hard she made me. I slipped my cock straight up her while bending her over the kitchen bench, she said O god your big and I started to slowly fuck her with deep thrusts talking about what I would like to see her do with another man, she was coming like a train as I asked her what she wanted she said she would like to tease him the first time give him a blow job to see how big he was, I then said and if it’s ok what would you do on the second time? She was coming heavily and so I teased her by stopping my fucking and waiting for her to calm down, she begged me not to stop but I said she had finished her sentence about what she would do with him. She then thought she would have to have him back here and see if the video could be set up so that the action could be recorded so we could watch. I drove my cock right up her and lifted her feet of the ground with the force of me fucking her and came. As we calmed down S got on her knees and started to suck my cock clean looking up at me with those eyes of hers and she said do you really want me to fuck him? She knew the answer.

The next morning it was a work day and in the afternoon S sent a text could I talk, I rang her back, she was in the ladies toilets saying this guy was in the office asking her out and what should she do? I returned the question by saying what do you want to do, she blurted out she was soaking wet that it would turn me on, so I said go for it, why don’t you arrange that he picks you up after work and takes you home and leave the car at work, I stopped the call. At 4 o’clock a got a text saying he was picking her up at 5. God my head started to spin as to what might happen and wondered if I could get back home and hide the video camera, get out of the house before they got back, I decided to do just that and rang S to tell her what I was going to do and she laughed and said your turned on, I can tell by your breathing and the call went dead. (She got me back) I was worried at having so little time to set things up and when I got to the house there was a removal van for next door so I had to park further down the road into a side street. I ran back sorted the camera in the lounge and was just about to leave by the front door when I saw S getting out of the car and V locking the car, it was too late to leave so I pushed the camera to record and just got to the top of the stairs before the door opened. My heart was pounding so hard I thought they would be able to hear it beating. I stood at the entrance of the third bedroom and tried to listen, creeping to the top of the stairs.

I heard S say make yourself at home and I’ll put the kettle and pop to the loo. I hid and didn’t let on I was there, She went into the bedroom and heard her say I hope you love me D I thought she knew I was there but she was talking to herself. She went down stairs and I heard them talking, I don’t know where I got the nerves from, but I crept down the stairs to see if I could look in and could just see through the crack near the hinges. I heard Vick turn round and say I know you’ve got a man in your life but could I be bold enough to ask for a kiss. S turned round and said first of all I have to say something and it’s kept confidential within these four walls, he said what is it? She then said D and I have an open relationship and he knows you are here as I wouldn’t go behind his back, V jumped up but S calmed him down and said relax its ok, he’s not here and won’t be back for hours, but if I give you a kiss, it’s kept here not told to anyone outside do you agree? Vick said his lips were sealed and S said I hope your right but not in this house as she moved in for a kiss. The room went silent, after about 15 seconds they broke for breath, S looked at him and said was that ok? Vick said, I never dreamed of all the things I’ve thought that I would even get a kiss from you, and she said and what else have you thought of. He turned round and said he would love to see her in holdups and high heels, would love to have her play with his cock and would love to fuck her but knows that won’t happen. S looked at his cock and said well let’s see what you have in there as she started to unzip him. He looked shocked as she knelt on the floor and grabbed his cock and started wanking him slowly saying my this is growing, want some attention, before he could answered she had put the tip of his cock in her mouth, He was laid back, looking up to the ceiling thinking he was in heaven as her arse was facing the door I saw her fingering herself, putting two fingers inside her and I knew what he was going through as she is fantastic at giving head. He started to say careful or Ill cum, she turned round and said well you’re not going to fuck me tonight so where? He asked her to bend over, lift your skirt and to pull her knickers down, she did as he asked and after a few pulls on his cock came over her arse, she was fingering herself when this happened and came at the same time. I thought that was the end but he rubbed his cum all over her arse inserting a finger in her cunt saying god your wet, can I fuck you? She said no let’s keep that for another time, give me your cock to clean, as she started to swirl it round her mouth he started to get hard again, I think S was amazed and asked are you going to cum again? If you want I can where do you want it, S was really turned on but said you can’t fuck me where else would you like to give it, he said in your mouth and then keep it there and give me a kiss, as she opened her mouth he came with a few more squirts grabbed hold of her and gave her a long kiss and fingered her pussy where S came on his fingers. They calmed down then and S went into the kitchen to make the tea, V followed, thanked her for a wonderful time and said he would keep the secret, S said well there will be one other person in on it and that was me when she told me what had happened, Vick said but he will go mad and she assured him I wouldn’t be. As she showed him to the door she shouted back at him and said are you going pass the office? As he was she said she wanted to go back and pick the car up.

Due to this I was able to leave the house and come back as if I had returned from work. Will I tell her I know or not?

2nd Part to follow