Written by LuckyMan

4 Jul 2011

I have written before about my wife Ann - the way she flirts and teases men by showing a little more of her body than expected, often seemingly unaware of doing this or of the effect this has. She is still a head-turner and certainly looks a lot younger than her years. She is also very good at spicing up our sex life with fantasies which are often about teasing and screwing older men. I've seen her show off her body so know that some of the exhibitionist fantasies are real, but I'm never sure how far she goes when I'm not around.

A recent fantasy of Ann's which has got me really horny involves her yoga teacher, Bill. He is in his 60s, balding, short and thick-set, and a good yoga teacher. She mentioned that he gets the ladies into all sorts of positions and must have a great view, and then she explained how she teases him a little. She wears a black t-shirt and sports bra, but wears no panties under her tight black leggings. She always shaves her pubes to a small pretty triangle and has quite prominent pussy lips, and I certainly notice their outline as she's sitting putting her trainers on. She also has a very peachy bum - just large enough to notice!

She told me that in recent weeks Bill had been paying her a little more attention than usual, helping her hold positions and moving her legs and arms apart and together to feel the movement. This particular week when she thrust her hips slowly forward she saw Bill looking directly at her pussy, which must have been a beautiful sight. She held the position and he came over to hold her knees, pushing them slightly apart as he explained how she was doing well this evening. All the ladies have their eyes shut apparently, so were missing this blatant teasing. Later when Ann was on all fours with her bum in the air he came over to her again and just held her hips lightly, guiding them outwards towards him to the correct position.

She was getting really turned on by this, and so was I hearing the story, with a really stiff cock as I played with her pussy up in bed. She then carried on with the story - and this is when I'm not sure if this is true or a fantasy. The way she told it, I think it really happened. At the end of the session Ann always stays to help Bill clear round and lock up the village hall. On this evening Ann told Bill that her lower back had been causing her a bit of a problem with some of the moves. He explained that he had been a masseur in the past and could give her a quick rub to ease the stiffness. She thought it was a good idea and lay on her front on one of the yoga mats. Bill knelt down on one side, pulled her t-shirt up and rolled the top of her leggings down slightly. He then massaged one side of her lower back, going slowly down so that his fingers went below the top of her leggings onto the cheeks of her bum. He repeated this on the other side and then positioned himself behind her, opening her legs so he could reach her back. He asked politely if he could pull the leggings down a little more to get to the glutes, which was fine by Ann - she told me at this stage she was getting more and more horny. As he pulled them down Ann raised her pelvis and they slipped down so they were level with her pussy. He then massaged her bum, and Ann said she could feel his thumbs rhythmically pulling apart her cheeks so the rosebud of her arse was opening and closing. She said she couldn't help moaning quietly and raising her pelvis slightly which lifted her moist pussy up so it must have been visible to Bill. His fingers were getting closer to her pussy, going around and under her cheeks on the inside of her legs, but he never actually touched her - what a gentleman! He finished and told her that next week he could have another session and bring some oils to help with the stiffness. As he stood, Ann noticed the thick swollen outline of his cock down the leg of his jogging bottoms, which she thought looked a very decent size.

Ann told me this while I was pumping away inside her doggy-style, propped up by a pillow with her arse in the air. This last part of her story was too much for us and we both came together which is fantastic when it happens.

I later thought about the story - was it true? Ann was particularly horny after the yoga session, and, with a sexy smile, she said it had really happened. I'll let you know if things develop at the next yoga session.