Written by Luckyman

23 Feb 2013

I've written before about Ann - three true stories (my teasing wife) about the way she loves to accidentally show off her breasts or pussy, particularly to older men. She is short, curvy and sexy - looking very good at 50 years old. Her last tease that I wrote about went a lot further, as she let her elderly yoga teacher give her a massage that turned into a good shagging.

Things actually calmed down a bit after that, but a recent incident is worth sharing. There's a bloke in the village called Ron, probably in his late 70s, who has always been friendly with Ann, and I've seen him sneaking a look down her blouse or at her arse in tight jeans. She had obviously noticed it as well and the other day she commented that he was a typical dirty old man. She then added that she fancied teasing him a bit. Well I was all for it, immediately getting hard thinking about it.

A few days later she told me that Ron was coming round the house so that she could show him how to save photos on a computer. She told me to keep an eye out as it may get interesting. Ron was in for a treat - she was wearing a short, thin, loose fitting dress, with obviously no bra and, as I spotted when she bent over, no knickers. She looked gorgeous - the curves of her breasts were visible as were the outline of her nipples which she had obviously been playing with as they were jutting out. I wanted to shag her right then, but she just pushed my hand away when I tried to stroke her pussy from behind. I was too late anyway - the doorbell rang and lucky old Ron was there for his lesson.

His face was a picture as she opened the door - he didn't know where to look, but his eyes definitely locked onto her nipples for a moment. Ann acted as if everything was normal as he walked behind her into the kitchen, where I was now sitting drinking a coffee. She offered him a drink and then fussed about bending down to reach into the fridge and up to the cupboard for cups. She was careful to never actually show any pussy, but he couldn't take his eyes off her legs in case he got a glimpse. There was one moment though, when she put the milk back in the fridge, that she bent over quite quickly and Ron and I both got a good flash of her pussy from behind, with a glimpse of her puffy lips between her legs. Beautiful.

They then went up to the office, Ron following her swaying arse and lovely legs up the stairs. I made my way up and positioned myself so I could see what was going on without Ron noticing me - easily done with the office door open behind him. He sat down on the chair at the computer and Ann stood next to him, her body next to his right arm. She was bending slightly to control the mouse and as she leaned forward her breasts were at his eye level. Two buttons were undone and he had a perfect view of her nipples - I could see them from where I was, and they looked ready for sucking. She leaned forwards even more and her breasts were almost out of the front of the dress, literally in his face. Ann was carrying on explaining the use of iPhoto, but I don't think he was paying much attention. He was good though - he resisted touching or making any comments.

She then pulled another chair up to sit alongside him. As she sat down, the bottom of her dress rucked up behind her but she carried on as if she hadn't noticed. It meant that her almost bare arse was on the leather chair with the side of her left cheek visible to Ron, but the front of her dress still covered her pussy. She had turned slightly towards him and his eyes moved from breast to leg as she carried on talking, oblivious of the view he had.

There was then a glorious moment as she moved her bum forwards on the chair and spread her legs slightly and Ron had a perfect view of Ann's slightly moist pussy lips just showing from under the front of her dress. I think I heard him gasp - I was certainly excited and was playing with my hard cock over the top of my jeans.

His head was looking down now and Ann followed his gaze and then slowly moved her finger down to run along her pussy while he watched. She asked him if he liked the view and he could hardly speak. She spun her chair round a little further so that she was facing his chair and put her feet on the arms of his chair. Her legs were spread wide either side of him and her fingers were now rubbing her pussy up and down, with one finger just spreading her lips and opening them to show that beautiful pink interior. Ron watched for a few moments, then he leaned forward and buried his head in her pussy. He was obviously good at this - Ann was moaning loudly, with her eyes closed. After a short while she pushed him away, stood up against the desk and said that she wanted a good fucking. He wasted no time undoing his belt and pulling his trousers down - I could only see from behind so couldn't see how he was hung, but Ann was looking greedily at his cock so it must have been good enough!

Ron turned Ann around so she was bent over the desk and he had one hand roughly squeezing her breasts, with the other between her legs, running two fingers up and down and then in to her pussy. She arched her back and pushed her bum up into the air and then he entered her wet pussy, ramming her with slow, hard, physical movements. His arse was tensed and he was grunting as he pushed - it was a fantastic sight to see my petite wife being fucked by a large older man, and I had my cock in my hand as I watched.

He tensed and came noisily after only a minute or two, and Ann collapsed on to the desk in a sweaty climax. I thought about joining in, but actually liked the idea that he didn't know I was there, so I quietly went back downstairs and finished myself off in the bathroom.

Once Ron left we immediately re-lived the experience up in the bedroom. I loved feeling the semen seeping out of Ann's pussy as I fucked her, while she told me all the things that were going through her head as she teased him. I'm sure Ron will be back soon for further lessons.