Written by Steve

14 Jan 2018

Please read “my total humiliation” and “my total humiliation (part 2)” first.

My hand slipped up Claire’s smooth thigh and I just stared to stroke her silky panties covering her pussy. They were so soft and I could feel her beautiful puffy pussy lips underneath. I pressed between her lips through her panties and they parted and I felt her lovely wetness.

Then she suddenly stopped me moving my hand away. She also stopped kissing me and told me that Jane didn’t want them to go that far!

I knew the night had been a compete set up but didn’t realise just how far Claire and Jane had planned this. Claire told me all about the set up. Claire assured me that Jane loves me and that she wouldn’t have done anything with Rob unless I had approved. The plan was that if Jane ended up with Rob then Jane would allow Claire and I to have a kiss and a cuddle to keep me entertained.

Claire said that my admission about me wanting to watch and be a cuck was a total surprise. She also told me that when her and Jane went upstairs a bit earlier that Jane told her that she was happy for me to watch her being fucked by Rob and actually liked the idea, but that she wanted time to get to know Rob first. Knowing Jane she probably said this as she would be really put off with me being there at the start but when she was aroused she wouldn’t care any more!

Claire partly reassured me saying that this was just sex and Jane is totally happy with me (other than the sex) and wouldn’t ever leave me if I continued to allow her to be fucked by other men. Hearing this somehow made me feel a bit better, but I knew from what she said that Rob would only be the start. What had I agreed to!!!

Claire told me that when they went upstairs she had waxed Jane’s strip of hair for Rob and Jane’s pussy was like her’s and now completely bald. This was something she had never done for me. I couldn’t wait to see Jane’s bald pussy, but pissed off she would never do it for me and had done it for a stranger. Also me knowing Claire’s was bald was also a big turn on and I wondered if I would ever see it.

I asked Claire how far Jane had agreed for me to go with her, as she had already played a bit with my cock and balls. She replied saying that originally it was agreed it would be a kiss and a cuddle only and possibly some tit play. However when Claire was waxing Jane’s pussy she told her that after my disclosure that she could humiliate me as much as she wanted and go as far as she wanted with me! I’m guessing Jane no longer cared what I did as she knew by this time that she was to have Rob’s throbbing cock to fuck her senseless.

From the way Claire kissed me I thought she may like me. I was wrong. I stupidly asked Claire if she would like to go further with me and she said no. She said she didn’t fancy me at all but was looking after me only to help her friend Jane out. She said she was horny as hell after seeing Robs cock earlier but I did nothing for her. I was humiliated yet again.

She did say she loved humiliating me and asked if I want to be humiliated further. I said yes and she told me it was “yes miss”.

Claire told me to stand up (I was still naked). As I did I could hear Jane upstairs starting to moan. Claire teased me asking if I could hear my wife being pleasured by a real man. Feeling sick but very horny I nodded. My cock went rock hard and Claire laughed.

Claire ordered me to wank in front of her, and I slowly wanked my hard but small cock in front of her. My fist wanking my small cock covered it meaning she couldn’t see so ordered me to just use my thumb and forefinger.

Claire is beautiful and about 10 yeas younger than Jane, in her 30’s. She is slim, about a size 10, medium size tits, and about 5’4 with long wavy red hair.

Here I was wanking in front of my wife’s fully clothed friend, calling her “Miss” whilst my wife was doing god knows what with a hung guy upstairs. But I was loving the humiliation and nearly cum when she called my cock pathetic, tiny and worthless. She then took photos of me wanking and close ups telling me she would be showing all Jane’s friends so they can sympathise with her and ridicule me when they see me.

The moans from upstairs became louder and as it was just at the top of the stairs I could hear Jane begging for Rob’s cock.

I wanked harder, but doing it in a way I knew wouldn’t make me cum prematurely.

Then Claire told me she was horny and pulled her skirt up revealing her silky red panties and stroked her pussy trough her panties as I had started to do earlier. It was an amazing sight as I could see her panties becoming sopping wet as she played. She told me it wasn’t my pathetic cock making her horny but it was listening to Jane being pleasured by Rob. She closed her eyes and started telling me how Rob’s massive cock had stretched her pussy to the limit as he often fucked her. She said he was really too big for her but somehow knew Jane’s pussy was looser and could take it. At this she shocked me and casually took her panties off and laid back spreading her legs on the sofa. She is very flexible and was almost doing the spilts.

I was in heaven. Her pussy was completely bald on full glorious display in the well lit room. She then sued both hands and pulled her big pussy lips apart telling me how she had to hold them for Rob to get his monster cock in. I could see her small gaping hole was wet and glistening in the light. She then thrust several fingers in her sopping pussy and put them in my mouth. I told her she tasted amazing, a stronger taste than Jane’s pussy juice and wished she was sat on my face.

I couldn’t control myself and still wanking I shot my load. It went down her leg. She called me a dirty premature small cocked idiot and ordered me to lick it all off her and swallow my own cum, which I did apologising constantly. Some was on the carpet and she made me lick it up on my hands and knees. As I did she smacked my arse as hard as she could twice saying I deserved it for being a pathetic wanker.

She ordered me to follow her to her bedroom, still on my hands and knees with her wet panties rammed in my mouth. As we passed the room where Jane and Rob were, I heard giggling and Jane telling him that she was his and he could do what ever he wanted with her. He said “what about up your bum”. She replied that it was his to do what he wanted with it but laughed saying she doubted his clock would fit.

This was very hard to hear, especially as her bum has always been totally out of bounds to me. Claire just ordered me to carry on on all fours into her room. In her room Claire ordered me to strip her naked, which I gladly did. Her tits were amazing. Smaller than Jane’s but firmer and perky with upturned dark nipples. I wasn’t allowed to touch her body as I undressed her.

She laid spreadeagled on the bed and I was rock hard again. I was desperate to fuck, lick or even finger her but knew I wasn’t going to. She ordered me to get her vibrator from a drawer under her bed. There was a whole drawer full of sex toys, including a double ended dildo, which got me wondering if Jane and her had ever had sex (especially when she told me earlier that she knew Jane’s pussy could take Rob’s cock. I started to speak to ask questions and was told to be silent as she instructed which vibrator to pass to her.

It was medium size, so still a fair bit bigger than my cock but smaller than Rob’s and she ordered me to fuck her pussy with it, saying it wouldn’t be the same as Rob fucking her but far better than my tiny cock. She grabbed the vibrator off me, putting it on the required setting and handed it back. She parted her pussy lips and told me to do exactly as she instructs. She told me to ease it in gently and then to thrust it in and out quickly. As I slid it in she moved her hands from her lips and used a finger to rub her clit. It was a snug fit so I could tell she had a lovely wet but tight pussy. She must have really struggled to take Rob in her.

As we started her phone beeped from the chest of drawers across the room, from when she brought it up with her. She ordered me to get it, and carried on pleasuring herself.

As I did I looked back and saw the amazing sight of her rubbing her clit and fucking herself with the vibrator, thrusting it in and out and her face a picture as she was clearly loving it. She had started to moan and pant. She looked so horny I just wanted to wank and cum over her again.

I picked up her phone but didn’t dare look at it. She moved the hand from her clit to take the phone, but held the vibrator right inside her shaven pussy with her other hand.

She looked at the phone and then showed it to me. It was from Jane. It just said, “send him in”

To be continued