Written by Sheilat

26 Apr 2010

This is a short story about how my small collection of toys came about. I am a late 40s married woman who is really quite shy but enjoys chatting online and knows that deep down, one day I will take a lover.

After all the talk on Desperate Housewife’s several years ago I bought myself my first ever sex toy. It was the Rampant Rabbit and it has been my faithful friend that I could never do without. Until recently ‘he’ would only come out once a week or so, but I would so much look forward to my day off, shepherding the kids off to school before taking a nice hot bath followed by 20 or 30 minutes (and 2 or 3 orgasms) of play on my bed. Very occasionally while browsing online or chatting ‘he’ would come out but normally I made do with other means.

I had been reading a trashy novel where one of the characters had talked about her liking for love eggs and, the following week ,I was in town with a friend and passed the Ann Summers shop. This got me thinking about the book and after saying goodbye to my friend I doubled back onto Princess Street and wandered casually inside. I spent some time looking at the lingerie and, after checking that there was no one I knew in the shop, found my way to the rear where the toys are displayed. I bought a pair of pink love eggs and made sure that they were well hidden in my handbag before leaving the shop.

The book had talked about how the use of the eggs could keep the wearer aroused for several hours without bringing her to orgasm so that when her lover returned her passion would be so high and that she could come with him. I was entreated by this as my self sessions, although satisfying, were always relatively quick.

When I got home I had an hour before school was out. I unpacked the eggs, washed them and enjoyed the feel of the internal weights as they moved in my hand. I was quite aroused and the wet eggs slipped inside after only a gentle push. I squeezed and relaxed as they moved inside and felt so excited about this new sensation that I had to give my clitoris a little rub. I attempted to do some housework but the movement and the stimulation become too much and I had to bring myself off after only a few minutes of inserting them. They were washed and put away (in the same box as my wedding dress and my rabbit) long before my husband came home.

I quickly became addicted to wearing the eggs at home and would often insert them before doing housework. Believe me, they are one of the few things to make me smile while I iron! One day I even ventured out to the garden where I chatted with a neighbour over the fence while squeezing away. I became more adventurous the next week and wore them while I drove to ASDA and, by the time I returned home, my knickers and tights were completely soaked and within 2 minutes of touching had the most wonderful orgasm stronger than any that I had experienced for some time. The eggs are worn several times a week now and just occasionally my husband has agreed to come to bed early and found me wet and in need of his service!

My next addition to the box came after a visit to an Ann Summer’s party through a friend of someone from work. I had heard how these parties work but was a little uncertain of just how things would go with colleagues present. Four of us met in town for drinks then took a taxi to the address given. There were 12 or 13 others there including the host Aileen. Aileen was late 40s and single. She was slim and had curled blonde hair and a small tattoo of a flower on the edge of her left boob. Her deep cleavage was on show for all to see and the flower seemed to catch my attention each time.

We drank more wine and were introduced to the others. Aileen then started with her well rehearsed presentation starting off with some lingerie and fantasy wear. There were lots of giggles and double ententres and more wine. Finally Aileen got onto the toys and most of us too the opportunity to touch and hold each one in turn. I smiled to myself when the two women to my right seemed shocked that you might wear love eggs for hours at a time!. At the end there were price lists and order cards and an opportunity to look anything of interest. Some people were ordering 3 or 4 items and I must admit I did feel a little pressurised into ordering something. I decided on a Real Deal Ebony vibrator. It felt good in my hand, it looked quite real and was certainly bigger than anything that I had taken before. It was jet black and shiny.

The next week I had a call from Aileen to say that my order had arrived and that she would be happy to deliver it. The next day was my day off and we arranged for her to come over. The door bell rang exactly at the time arranged and Aileen stood there with the plain bag for me. I offered her a coffee but she dint have time and we chatted for a few minutes. She told me that the Ebony was one of her favourite toys and that it was not really one of her better sellers due to its size. She gave me her card and asked if I would like to come to another party some time or, if it was Ok with me, she could keep me informed of anything new. I accepted not really thinking anything more, said goodbye and hurried upstairs. I unpack my new toy, as excited as a child at Christmas, and took my time to wash it, savouring girth in my hand. I lay back on my bed and removed the love eggs and rubbed the large black head against my labia. Pushing gently, then more firmly he began to slip inside. There was a little discomfort but the feeling of being stretched and penetrated soon had me seeing stars. A the phallus’s vinyl veins rubbed my inner walls and my toned pelvic muscles gripped hard, my orgasm came on so quickly and heavily that I almost passed out through hyper ventilating.

I managed 2 more before I headed for the shower to clean up and sooth my sore labia. The next day was Saturday and I was sore but had the deeply satisfied feeling that I remember from good sex.

Over the next weeks I used Ebony more than anything else, often preceded by the love eggs and often with the fantasy of the well endowed lover.

Last week, Aileen called to tell me that she had some new stock, not Ann Summers but another supplier and that if I was interested she would call round. No harm in looking I thought so last Friday she came to see me. I had coffee ready and she sat next to me on the sofa, her overnight type bag by her side. I was excited and I am sure she could tell. She told me that she had something similar to what I had bought the last time and told me that she had enjoyed it and thought that I may too. She unzipped he bag and lifted out the largest dildo that I have ever seen. It was more flexible that the Ebony but even more lifelike. She told me it was called the Bam and was actually modelled on a famous porn actor. My heart rate increased and I help it and unconsciously rubbed my fingers over the large head. I could imagine how it would feel inside me and the pleasure that it would bring. Aileen told me that it was normally quite expensive but she was given two at discount prices. She had decided to keep the other one herself. All I had to do was write a small paragraph on what I thought about Bam.

Aileen came back today and I let her have the few sentences that I wrote anonymously. She showed me some holiday brochures for Jamaica and a resort called Hedonism. The final few pages had pictures of sever young, fantastically endowed black men in various stages of arousement. “Why don’t you come with me” she asked with a smile.