Written by foxylady

24 Dec 2017

What an amazing Friday evening .

Been divorced, 45 and in between cocks, decided to go out with two my work colleagues, both work in the City and I in HR. They are young, late 20's , very well built , and typical city champs lifestyle. Ended up in a wine bar, plenty of bubbly flowing. I was on the dance floor with Simon , all touchy, leading to snog . Lewis was also very touchy and in between had a kiss with him too .

Ended up in Lewis's flat , they both stripped me naked, had me on the bed. With my head buzzing , I felt one tongue in my pussy the other licking my erect nipples. I was soaking wet with my 1st cum . My body was been licked , stroked and pussy fingered.

I took one cock in my mouth, other in my hand . Sucking and wanking at the same time. My mouth soon full of hot spunk , which i was swallowed. My hands were full of Simon's spunk, which i licked clean .

Been bent over I took Lewis's cock deep while Simon was snogging me. Been fucked hard and deep bought my 2nd cum.

Simon took over and entered his hard cock , slightly bigger. He continued until he shot his load.

I was on the bed with both pouring champs on my nipples and then sucked them dry . I was totalled dominated until my 3rd cum came with fingering .

Merry Xmas