Written by Paul

13 Mar 2008

One of my earliest, but most thrilling sexual experiences...

Well I\'d always had a soft spot for my Uncle\'s girlfriend, Lorraine. I was 24 - she was in her late thirties at the time. I used to be around there all the time trying to fix the latest problem with their nputer. I went around there one morning to try and fix the damn thing (yet again), as arranged. I knew it was a lost cause because he wouldn\'t spend the money required, but wanted the machine working for his latest Get Rich Quick Scheme.

Anyway I turned up but he had cleared off out. Lorraine had clearly only just got out of bed as she was wearing her dressing gown. We engaged in small talk and she offered to make me a coffee. Since I got into the kitchen first I proceeded to fill the kettle at the sink, and that\'s when she did it. I turned around to find her standing there, having dropped the dressing gown, wearing nothing but a pair of her highest heeled court shoes, at which point she asked \"Well what do you think?\"

Well she looked gorgeous, but I was dumbstruck at that point and didn\'t know what to do. She broke the stalemate by walking over, hugging me and laughing - at which point she must have realised I had a massive hard on.

She then asked me what I\'d like to do next? Erm, what do you think?? However, at that point all logic went out of the window and I decided I had nothing to lose and to try and fulfill a sexual fantasy I\'ve had for years.

So I said \"I want to cum between your tits Lorraine.\"

She said \"Ok\", at which point I said \"No, I want to cum between your tits whilst wearing your stockings.\"

Well there was no going back then. It could have gone wrong, with her just hitting me over the head with something. It didn\'t. I ended up straddling her chest, with her ample tits wrapped around my very hard cock, wearing one of her suspender belts and a pair of black stockings. I managed to squeeze into her high heels as well. God it felt good - fucking her tits with the feel of her stocking tops up my thighs and her taught suspenders across my backside. I let go of a bucketload into her gorgeous soft cleavage as a result - I was in ecstasy. She made things even better by taking me into her mouth (something which I\'m usually not that bothered with), and sucking the life out of what was left of me. Blimey older women are good!!