Written by freelance

8 May 2018

I was stress out at worked and my GP told me to take a week off, and I did. So how to fill the week?

Then my wife suggested, -go and stay with our friend Debbie in England. You like her, and you'll be away from everything. No way, I replied. You know I fancy her, and would want to come on to her. -Maybe, my wife replied, but come on, she's 75, 15 years older than you, and besides would never be interested! So I called her, she was delighted, and off I went.

Well installed in her beautiful house we got on from the first minute, even her little dog wagged its tail. After a delicious supper it was bed-time, and Deb said, with a teasing smile -I've made up the bed for you in the guest room. -Oh, I replied, giving her a very disappointed look, -I hoped you would like to chat and cuddle before going to sleep...

-I would, but don't think that Bettie (the dog) will allow you into my bed, that's her domaine! -Ok, I understand, but why not give it a try? If she barks at me then I'm out, if not... She nodded, a little hesitant at first, then smiled and said, -I go to the bathroom to get ready, then you get in bed, and then we'll see what Bettie does.

After a while, me lying there with all expectation, touching myself in anticipation, the door opens and Deb comes out in her see-through negligee. Wow, at 75 she looks gorgeous! A little shy smile, covering her 44DD breasts with her arms, she slips under the duvet, looking a little uncertain. Then Bettie sorts out the situation, jumping up on the bed on my side, looks at me, wags her tail and starts licking my hand. Cuddling her with my left hand, I reach out with my right to Debs hair, let it slide gently down, over her shoulder, then close to her breast and let it rest there. It is, as had the clock stopped, no one says anything, but our breathing tells it all. After a while she takes hold of my hand, leads it to her breast and let my fingers find her errect nipple. I was in heaven. Started to squeeze her nipple softly, slowly turning around, find her lips and we kiss. Carefully at first, then toungs meet and we let go of everything. Hands explore, I'm hard as a rock and she's soaking wet. In one move she leads me to her entrance, and I slide carefully into her, so warm and moist.

There's no rush, no words spoken. Slow, tender love. She's not very tight, and at one stages I wondered if I could cum - but all of a sudden all change, as I can feel her body tense hard, almost as a spasm - she's about to cum! Her breathing is so heavy, still no sound, but her hands grip me hard, and from the deep of her throat comes roaring sounds. She grabs my head, looks straight into my eyes, and the first sound erupts, g--o--d!! And I feel my own body shaking, and my load spurts up inside her. We lie there, exhausted, smiling, holding hands, being in another world, when Bettie brings us back to reality, scratching my arm.

It was a wonderful, fabulous week, and we made plans for our next encounter before I left. Well back to my wife, full of energy and desire, she asked how it was? Great, was all I could say, and she replied - I can see that! I'm happy for you, and whatever is the reason for your new energy, I don't want to know! Will you see her again? My smile and face was answer good enough, and she smiled back...

More to come if you want