Written by Karl

15 Aug 2010

My name is Karl from Belfast and this story starts last Sunday when I was chatting to an online Girlfriend called Lana in Chicago. We were trading confessions and she asked me if i had ever done anything with another man. As we were being perfectly honest with eachother, I decided to tell her about an event which took place in 1973, almost 37 years ago. I used to hang around a garage in the evenings with some friends and at closing time, a late night customer called Dave used to give me a lift home a few nights every week. Dave was 22 and seemed interested about a girlfriend of mine called Karen who had recently dumped me. We would sit in his car in a laneway near my house and he would always bring her into our conversation. I thought that he was interested in making a hit on her, but I was wrong.

After accepting lifts home for a while and getting to know Dave pretty well, he suddenly made a move on me one Tuesday night. He asked me if talking about Karen made me hard and I said that sometimes it did. He reached across and rubbed my cock through my jeans and although it took me by surprise, I didn't stop him. Then he unzipped my jeans and felt inside for my cock. Again, I didn't object. I responded by popping the waist button to let him get a better grip of my cock. Dave unzipped his jeans too and pulled them down and placed my trembling hand on his cock. I'd never done anything like this before, but I waas very turned on and we both ended up bringing eachother to an orgasm..

This scenario continued for about 5 weeks and then one night as I was about to cum, Dave went down on me and took my load in his mouth. He asked me to do the same for him, so I started sucking his cock, but as I felt his cock stiffen and his cum rushing up his shaft, I pulled away. Dave didn't look too pleased, but I just couldnt go through with it. I got out of the car and went into my parents house. I gave the incident a lot of thought and decided that when Dave gave me my next lift home, i'd suck him off.

Two nights later, Dave offered me a lift home again and we sat in the car and started to jerk eachother as we norrmally did. Then Dave went down on me again and I shot in his mouth as I had done two nights before. Then I went down on Dave and did my best to excite his cock. I felt him cumming, but chickened out again and his cum ended up shooting onto his stomach and chest. Dave wasn't happy at all and got quite angry. He said that I should do the same for him as he'd done for me.

I got out of his car and slammed the door and decided that this kind of arrangment wasn't in my best intrests. I avoided Dave after that and found myself another girlfriend called Kim, who had lips of fire and an unfillable pussy.

Donna asked me if i'd regretted not going farther with Dave and I admitted that I would have liked to have had the courage to have taken his load in my mouth, just once. I told her that she had sparked an intrest in it again and that I would post an ad in an online magazine, to see if I could find someone who I could meet for an oral exchange. What happened due to this ad will be posted tomorrow.