Written by Layla

4 Mar 2011

Well, to continue from where I finished on the 28th of February. By the following day it had finally sunk in and Dan understood clearly what I had been doing and that I had been fucked by dozens of men without him realising (to much time spent in the pub coming home half pissed). Rather surprisingly he accepted the position he was in. Do as I say, beg and grovel and maybe he might get the odd shag. Having won the first victory so easily I decided to take things further, find out how far he was prepared to go. I had an inkling that he might be quite cooperative, a few days earlier, whilst searching for something in the attic I'd discovered his secret stash of DVDs and Mags, mostly BDSM but some other stuff too. I told him that if he wanted to watch me being fucked, there were sex acts I wanted to see him partake in. He wanted to know what I had in mind but I refused to tell him. I just warned him that if he refused he'd get nothing. He begged me to tell him, “You'll find out when I'm ready. Remember, refuse and you get zilch” He was keen to see me being fucked, after all it was him that had tried to get me to let a bloke shag me when we'd been on holiday. He pushed all the other things to the back of his mind or more probably was showing his usual lack of imagination and had no idea what was coming. I told him he could watch as long as he did as he was told and didn't attempt to participate. He agreed eagerly, each day telling me how excited he was, which overcame any reservations he had.

Steve was in the pub on the Thursday evening, just the three of us having a drink. I told him about Dan and how excited he was, talking about him as if he wasn't there, referring to him as the Wanker. I had an idea and whispered it to Steve who readily agreed. About fifteen minutes later Steve got up to leave, we drank up, Dan saying he had expected me to leave with Steve. I led him across the road to an alley, turning in to it. About 20 yards along it Steve was leaning against a lamp post, with his back to us. I could see his arm moving and knew what he was doing. Dan stopped and said “Are you going to let him fuck you here?” I took his arm and moved down the alley until we were next to Steve who was standing with his hand on his prick wanking. “No, I'm not going to fuck here. If you want to watch me on Saturday you're going to suck his cock” He stood perfectly still, not saying anything, not complying with my demand. “Come on, you'll like it. I know I do” I cajoled him. I got down in front of Steve and licked his prick, then took him between my lips sucking him as he wanked into my mouth. I sucked him for a minute or so, and would have liked to have taken his tasty spunk, but I wanted Dan to suck him off. “There you go, he's ready for you. Now suck his fucking cock” I ordered. “I don't think I can” he whined. “For fuck sake. I've seen your DVDs, I particularly liked the gay ones. Now suck Steves cock you wanker” “Oh. I only borrowed them for a look” was all he said as I put my hand on his head pushing him until he was on his knees, Steves hard prick inches from his mouth. I got down beside him, taking hold of Steves cock with one hand turning Dans head towards his cock with the other. “Suck it” I told him again. Nothing. I released his head “This is your last chance” I warned him. Then, before he realised what I was doing I reached between his legs and grabbed his balls, squeezing hard. He gave a strangled cry, his mouth opened and I pulled Steves cock to his mouth. Still squeezing his bollocks I whispered in his ear “Suck it. Like in those films you like” He nodded unable to speak and took Steves cock between his lips and started to suck. I released his balls, and told him to take more cock in his mouth and suck harder, giving him a bit of encouragement while I wanked Steves cock into his mouth. I could tell Steve was getting close so I put my hand on the back of Dans head, just as Steve started to cum. Dan had no choice but to take his spunk in his mouth, struggling a bit as his mouth filled with Steve's cream, trying not to swallow. “Swallow it like a good little cock slut” I ordered. Down his throat it went except for a drop which dribbled down his chin that I licked off when I allowed him to stand. He stood looking pleased with himself, but I wiped the smile off his face, telling him I'd decided to go home with Steve after all, that seeing him giving Steve head had made me randy and I wanted a fuck. He looked like a little boy, crestfallen having done as he was told and getting nothing in return. Serves him right I thought, but Steve took pity on him and said we should give him a reward and let him watch us fuck, give him a taster for the weekend. Steve took me to his bed, I sucked him hard, then mounted him, making sure that Dan could see Steves cock sliding in and out of my cunt. The wimp stood in the corner, happily wanking, watching us fuck, then licked my pussy clean before I told him to fuck off home.

I'd started keeping some clothes at Steve's so I could go straight to work in the morning and didn't see Dan until the following evening. He'd done better than I'd expected and been quite obedient. I had a quick shower and went into the lounge. Steve had suggested that I let Dan fuck me, sort of punishment and reward, train him like a dog, make him more pliable and eager to please if he thought he might someting in return. I sat back in a chair and spread my legs, playing with my pussy. He sat watching, not daring to move, he knew not to try and touch me, crushing his balls a few times had worked, aversion therapy in action. I had my suspicions that he secretly enjoyed it having looked at some of his BDSM mags, not only that it seemed that the worse I treated him the more he liked it. I lay back fingering my pussy, licking my juices off them before slipping them back in my hole. I told him to get his cock out and wank so I could see how hard he was. I turned over and knelt on the chair continuing to finger my pussy then told him that he could fuck me for being a good boy. His face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning, almost falling over in his rush to shove his cock in my cunt and fuck me for the first time in months. It kept him happy and had the advantage of keeping him off balance, never knowing what to expect. I sent him off to his room for the night, I wanted a good nights sleep, the weekend promised to be long and hard.

I could see how excited Dan was about the coming weekend and though I wanted him to see what a slut I'd become, I was prepared to wait if it taught him a lesson. I was looking for an excuse and he gave me one, coming up behind me and groping my tits. One fuck and he thought he was back in favour, I soon put him right on that score. I told him he'd blown his chance for that weekend and until he learnt to behave he would not get to see me being gang fucked. I think he went down the pub and I got well fucked again. He was better behaved from then on doing as he was told, watching and wanking while Steve fucked me then cleaning my cunt. It amused me to watch Dan sucking Steves cock, getting him erect and ready to shag me, then sending him out of the room while we fucked, another step in his training. I'd questioned him about the BDSM Mags and Gay DVDs and eventually he admitted buying them because he was curious and confessed that he liked what he saw, particularly the bondage and wanked over them. Steve and I decided to give him a treat. We took him out to some woods and tied him over a tree trunk and caned his arse before I fucked him with a well lubricated strap on. As I fucked him Steve told me that Dan's cock was getting hard he was so aroused. Seeing as Dan couldn't reach his prick to masturbate, Steve did it for him, wanking him until he shot a good load of spunk. We left him tied up and Steve fucked me where he could see. Afterwards I felt that Dan had enjoyed it to much, I lay on my back in front of him and moved until my cunt was almost within licking distance. Spunk was dribbling out and he stuck his tongue out trying to lick it off, straining to reach, begging to be allowed to clean the spunk from my hole. He was only inches from my pussy, I reached down holding my pussy lips pulling my cunt open. He opened his mouth, looking expectantly, wanting to please me then I pissed in his face, while Steve stood over him pissing on his body. We released him after he'd thanked us both. I felt that he was now well enough trained to be allowed a second chance. He'd waited four weeks and another party had been arranged.

Steve let me and Dan in, Dan followed us rather sheepishly as we went through to the Lounge. There were about a fifteen men there and in the Conservatory and I could hear more talking in the kitchen. I knew most of them, at least by sight, though come to think of it I was more likely to recognise their pricks. Two or three of them were unfamiliar, although it was quite possible they'd fucked me in the past and I didn't recall them, there have been so many. It looked like Steve had done as he'd promised, assuring me there'd be both straight and bi men and had invited more than enough to gang bang me. Dan was just behind me and quietly asked “Are some of them here to watch too?” I gave him a withering look, “What do you think. Of course they're not here to watch, they're here to fuck me or each other. You really are a wanker” I told him to go and sit on the chair in the corner out of the way, reminding him again that if he didn't do as he was told instantly he'd be out. I went to find Steve, chatting to some of the others until I found Steve and told him what I wanted to do. I shouted over to Dan, “Stand up and strip. Show us all your little prick” He stood undressing then stood naked his hands covering his prick. “Hey everyone this is Dan, my wimp of a husband. He's here to watch you fucking me” then to him “Come on Dan show everyone what a tosser you are. Have a wank” He didn't hesitate. What's more much to my surprise he got a hard on and stood with a stupid grin on his face slowly wanking his cock.

Several of the guys were taking an interest in Dan, watching him wank. This was my chance, I had some bondage tape in my bag, “Tie the wanker to the chair” he half heartedly resisted but was quickly secured. “He's being punished for calling me fat. I've slimmed now with my own special diet. The high protein low fat spunk diet” I joked as I undressed. As soon as I was naked I turned and faced Dan, running my hands over my body, caressing my tits, tweaking my nipples erect before reaching between my legs, fingering myself, then pulling my pussy lips open showing him how wet my cunt was. I stood next to Dan, still masturbating. I said “Lots of you have fucked me before. Those that haven't, I'm Layla and I'm the town cumslut” telling them that I was there to be fucked, that I was willing to do most things, straight sex, anal, oral, I had a strap on if any one fancied it, pissing if that was their thing. I pointed at Dan “Dan's new to this. He likes a bit of pain. Don't you” I said grabbing his balls and squeezing until he gave a strangled cry, gasping “Yes” I continued “If any one wants to they can fuck him, he'll like a hard cock up his arse. Won't you?” “Yes” he replied. “He's an anal virgin but there's lube in my bag, you'd better use plenty first time”

One of Steves friends was next to me and I got down unzipping him and pulled his knob out and started sucking him. I recognised his prick, thick and veiny with a large bulbous knob end which I recalled had stretched my cunt nicely when he'd fucked me previously. While I sucked his cock he took his shirt off and I removed his trousers and shoes. I soon had him naked and sitting on a chair, getting on top of him, guiding his hard cock into my cunt, enjoying my first fuck of the night. A couple of the men came over to watch, getting their cocks out wanking either side of me, close enough for me to lean over and suck on them in turn. A third guy came over and stood undressing in front of me, revealing an impressive prick, before bending over and licking my clit and the prick in my pussy. One of the lads next to me moved away getting behind the bloke working on my clit and started licking his arse hole. Another tasty cock was pushed in my face for me to play with. Down between my legs the guy sucking my clit, spread his legs wider as he felt the lads tongue on his arse hole and I strained to see what was happening while still trying to suck in two cocks. Dan was watching with interest, and had attracted three admirers of his own. Two were stroking their cocks next to him, the third was sucking his prick. I couldn't be sure what Dan was enjoying most, seeing me being fucked, having his cock sucked or watching the bloke sticking his tongue in the others arse. He certainly seemed to be enjoying having a bloke suck him off.

Just so he didn't forget who was in charge I called over to him to suck the two men, before resuming sucking my two. I felt the pressure of the mouth on my clit increase, pressing against it harder. The tonguing had stopped and he was now sucking my clit, tugging on on it with is teeth as a cock was pushed up his arse. Each thrust into his arse, resulted in more pleasure for me as I he started sucking and tugging my clit harder and my climax neared. With my cunt being slammed by a fat cock, a mouth ministering to my erect clit, a couple of cocks taking turns to fuck my mouth I was in heaven. I felt the cock fucking me throbbing as he came, shooting his thick spunk in my pussy. I sucked harder on the cock in my mouth, taking his load and swallowing, feeling the other guy's spunk, splattering my tits just as I came. I lifted myself off the cock in my pussy and felt the spunk being sucked from my cunt by the bloke having his arse fucked. Another bloke got on the floor between my legs but he wasn’t interested in me. I moved out of the way watching the guy being fucked in the arse and having his cock sucked at the same time. Each time the cock was thrust up his arse he thrust his cock into the other blokes mouth. Poetry in motion, particularly when he groaned he was cumming as he took spunk in his arse and came in the other guys mouth, an awesome spectacle.

I'd just been taken from behind when I caught a glimpse of Dan. He was happily gobbling some guys cock, enjoying himself, beyond the curious stage, enacting things he'd seen in his DVDs. I was having to much fun myself to worry about him, another bloke pulling me on top and sliding his long fat cock in to my now rather loose and soggy cunt, stretching my cock hole even more. Someone else, pulled me back until my head was hanging down and shoved his cock in my mouth, slowly pushing more in as I sucked and swallowed until I'd taken his prick down my throat and laid back as they fucked, pussy and mouth. My cunt felt wonderfully full, I used my pussy muscles, tightening on his rampant cock, as he rammed me hard, sending shudders through my body as I climaxed and they continued fucking me until they'd both cum. I moved on from one bloke or group to another, sucking some, others fucking my arse or my cunt, pairs of them fucking both DPing me. Spunk was running down my legs, dangling from my holes crouching over a bloke who asked if he could lick and suck the spunk from my cunt, which gave me a really good orgasm. I noticed that another couple of sluts had arrived and were being spit roasted and sat watching them for a few minutes until I decided to go for a shower and freshen up. A lot of air had been forced up my arse so I douched my bum, flushing out most of the cum, holding my arse hole open until I stopped farting.

Feeling refreshed and ready for more I was passing one of the bedrooms, glancing in I could see Dan on the bed. He seemed to be having the time of his life. Kneeling being arse fucked, whilst sucking on another cock. At right angles, underneath him was a woman, on her back, sucking his knob while a young guy fucked her. I decided to leave him to it, he'd really got in to it and it was probably going to be much easier having a cooperative husband. I felt a hand on my bum, worming it's way between my legs, fingering my cunt. It was Steve who'd been looking for me and wanted to see how many men could fuck me at the same time. I do love a challenge.

We went into one of the other bedrooms, laid on the kingsize bed was Harry. I remember his name because he was one of the first to fuck me when I became a slut, he has a thick eight inch cock and always makes me cum. He was stroking his erect prick whilst also in the room, were two others, also wanking. Steve told me what he wanted me to try and I was willing to attempt it. I knelt on the bed licking Harry's cock while Steve lubricated my arse hole before handing the lube to me to do Harry's cock. Once we were both lubed Harry held the base of his prick and I crouched above it, supported by the other two as I spread my buttocks lowering myself until his cock was touching my arse hole. He pushed against my hole as I used my fingers to pull it open, sinking lower as his thick cock slowly stretched my tightest hole. Once his knob end had forced it's way passed the initial resistance he penetrated my arse inch by inch, sliding his thick cock up me until, with a final shove I was impaled, his whole eight inches up my arse. With his cock comfortably inside me he pumped my arse a few times. I laid back on top of him, he put his arms around me fondling my tits and teasing my nipples. Laid back with my legs spread wide my cunt was exposed ready to take cock. One of the guys got between my legs facing me and slipped his cock in to my pussy. They fucked me for three or four minutes, then he laid back flat over some pillows which raised him. With him and Harry laid down, me on top of Harry, with a cock up my arse and one in my pussy, the third lad got on top. With some difficulty, using one hand for support and with Steves help he crouched with his cock pressing against my cunt, got the end in then in one thrust rammed his prick straight in and started fucking me. I could feel Harry's cock jerking up my arse, feel his cock rubbing the two in my pussy through the cunt wall though only one of the cocks in my cunt were moving. Steve was busy moving around us videoing getting some close ups of us fucking, trying to get shots of all three cocks in me at the same time. There was as much laughing as fucking as it proved difficult to keep two in my pussy and I didn't cum until they'd both spunked in my cunt and Harry had the room to fuck my arse properly. With Harry shafting my arse I frigged my clit with Steve down there licking and probing my my cunt, sucking out the spunk until I came and Harry ejaculated up my arse. After that I went back downstairs, spent a while watching the other two sluts being shagged, sucking cock and putting on a bit of a show by getting in a sixty nine, sucking and licking the spunk from each others cunts. I was fucked three or four more times before deciding to call it a night and find Dan and tell him it was time to leave.

Since then Dan has become very close friends with Steve and a couple of the other guys he met that night. We've had a couple of nights like that since, to many would spoil the fun. Dan and I have just returned from a week in the sun just the two of us. Although it was strange, only having one cock to play with, we'd agreed before hand that we would have a complete break and we both enjoyed ourselves. Dan learnt his lesson and said he enjoyed being dominated and had done and still does things which he had only fantasised about. I still tie him up and punish him, give him a good hard caning, sometimes piss on him but now it's part of our sex play for both of our pleasures. He's learnt what I like so there's been no need to punish him and he's even made some suggestions I've liked. One in particular was genius, he got me to lay on top of Harry so he could fuck my cunt, then Dan pushed his cock up my arse, fucking me too. Steve got on top of Dan and fucked his arse at the same time, a sensational fuck. I'm getting plenty of cock, and so is Dan who is now also getting a regular share of my pussy again so both of us are kept happy and satisfied.