Written by Anita

5 Nov 2017

I am from Oregon in the US and live with my boyfriend. I am 29 and my boyfriend is 32. He knows I have a lover and he is 26. My boyfriend is cool with it. I was away last weekend with my lover. It was a great weekend. We went site seeing but most of all we spent most of the weekend locked up in his friend’s cabin in the woods far away from people with no cell service.

We left Friday around 3:00 pm after finishing early from work. I grabbed a quick shower as I wanted to be nice and clean for the trip and the night ahead. It took us close to 4 hours to make it to the cabin with stopping off to get food and drinks for the weekend. Upon arriving at the cabin we did not take long to heat that place up.

The first time we fucked was on the sofa couch. It was a challenge to fuck on this couch but we made do. It all started with my lover slowly undressing me. He said he wanted to take in the view of my body. He quickly undressed himself. He has a nice cock, not quite as big as my boyfriends but nearly. He warmed me up by fingering me and getting me off a few times before fucking me. He started out with slow strokes then moved to faster and harder thrusts. He flipped me over and had me ride him for a while before he took over again fucking me doggie style till he came.

We put a movie on and laid on the blanket to watch it. He was ready to go again within half hour of finishing the last round. This time he decided that I was the one who was going to do most of the work by riding him as hard as I could till he was about to cum then he flipped me over and fucked me nice and hard again till he came. I am beginning to wonder if this kid is a machine. He always seems to be ready to go within half an hour and I needed time to recover.

The final time on Friday was in the bed that we would be sharing for the weekend. This one was a quickie at 1am. We were both tired and in need of sleep. We slept till 9 and I needed a wakeup call. The wakeup call was an hour long fuck which I am not complaining about. He did all of the work, slow and gentle at first and then fast and rough at the end. He tends to like to give me as much pleasure as he can before he will get off. There have been times I have had to tell him to cum because I need a break.

After the fuck session was done we got out of bed got dressed and ate something before heading out to see the sites of the national park nearby and a few other places. We didn’t realize we had been out for close to eight hours before getting back to start the fire.

As soon as the fire was blazing we were back at fucking again. This one was quick because as we found out my back cannot take a rough fucking on the floor. We had another movie on and tried to watch it but again within 45 minutes he was back hard again and kissing and sucking my nipples and pussy. I am not complaining because I love fucking. This time I was the one riding him while he paid attention to my face making sure that I was getting enough pleasure before flipping me and fucking me gently this time till he got off.

We cuddled up after this time and tried watching the movie again but ended up falling asleep. Around midnight he woke up and got me into the bed. I don’t remember him asking if I wanted to fuck again but he did and I apparently told him that I was too tired to do so.

Sunday morning I was the first one to wake up to use the restroom. He was half asleep when I left out of the room and wide away and ready to go as soon as I got back into the room. He was lying on his back and stroking his cock. So I had another wakeup call that lasted for a while. The both of us going back and forth doing work till the both of us got off. When we were ready to get up he asked if my weekend was what I thought it was going to be. I told him it was more then what I was expecting it to be in a good way.

The weekend away from my future husband was great but I missed him like crazy. Sometimes we just need to be apart to see how much in love we really are. It is tough for us to do this but in the end the both of us get something out of it. I get to get fucked all weekend and come home horny as hell and he gets to fuck me over and over when I get home because he is horny and ready to fuck me hard.

Maybe there will be another weekend away but it won’t be for a while. We will just make do with me seeing my lover when I feel I need to. Or when he can get away and wants to meet bad. I never had a lover on the side before. I was a one man girl before my present boyfriend. I just happened to meet my lover and knew he would be good and not a problem for our relationship. My boyfriend was all for it. I never bring him home and never will.