Written by Paul . G

27 Oct 2013

I have always been a fond reader of some of the letters printed here, and whilst I have smiled at some of them, I have often thought them to be a little on the fictional side, until I guess I had first hand experience.

When you discover your own wife with a bulge in the front of her Lycra hotpants, that can only have been caused by someone elses hand down the front, and judging by the movement he was obviously searching for the right spot.

This view gave me mixed feelings, I had never imagined that something like that would happen, I was confused, angry, hurt, but what it did do was giving me a massive hard on.

To the beginning then, we had decided to go to an 70s night at our local, it was in their function room, I had dressed in suitable lycra flares outrageous collared top and applied make up, a bit like the group “sweet” Wifey had chosen a white lycra hot pants, knee length white boots, and what I would have described as a boob tube type thing, guess she thought she was an ABBA?

Well we arrived, and met up with a few people we knew, some well others not so well and some not at all, it was a good natured event and everyone laughed at everyone elses costumes, their ability to dance, sing etc,

Neitehr one of us were working next day so we …. Well I guess overindulged on the alcohol, Wifey was dancing a lot, or wobbling about by now should I say, looking back on it now, there was one guy in particular who had several dances, he seemed vaguely familiar, someone I had seen in the pub I guess, but late into the evening she had disappeared, thinking nothing of it, I went to the bar for another drink, still no Wifey, and it was time to be getting off home,

She will be in the toilet I thought so headed that way, couldn’t just walk into the ladies, so I carried on down the corridor, at the bottom was a junction that led to a private entrance, and there she was!!!! Eyes closed, boob tube, tits out, with this guy stood behind her head down nibbling her shoulders and his hand down the front of my wifes hot pants, and judging by her soft moans he had found what he was looking for.

Like I said my emotions were all over the place, so I quietly retreated, not sure why I didn’t want to confront them, I mean he was a big bloke, but surely I had the right to challenge him? But no! I went and got another drink instead, and sat there thinking

After a spell, I noticed the guy had come back in, and was chatting and laughing with his mates, shortly after Wifey came back in, looking extremely unsteady, and a bit flushed, she suggested we went home, where she went straight to bed and fell asleep,

I have sort of managed to convince myself that nothing more than a good groping took place, however I am not stupid either.

I haven’t spoke to her about it, and neither has she mentioned it, but I guess I have to assume what happened that night.