Written by over the bar

21 Nov 2015

I was married to Diane and we were very happy together, I was working and had a flat in town, met Diane and fell hopelessly in love with everything, beautiful face, great sense of humour and she loved being with my mates. As she had met me one day whilst on a trip to our city, she was a once in a lifetime meeting. We married within six months and were ecstatic. Sex every day and twice or even three times if we could. We discussed everything sexual that we knew about and had fantasised about threesomes, two men, one woman. Di was a bit shy of this as I had been married before and naturally thought 'here we go again' with my suggestion but I said I was only happy if she was too and we should drop the subject if it caused problems for us.

Roll on three to four months and the beginning of the football season. I played for a local team and Di used to come along for a drink in our pub on Sunday nights when the team for the next week was announced, usually self picking as there were only about fifteen players signed up and at least three were always working due to shifts so not much to be said really. Derek, one of my mates from a long time back, who had recently divorced when his wife ran off with another guy. I found Derek looking at Di's tits, which was no surprise as they were one of her prized assets and one of the prime things which my eyes fell on the day I met her. 38D, gorgeous, soft with small pink nipples which hardened at will and usually poked through the material of her bra, which was the cause of Derek's excitement that evening.

In the loo he said he was sorry but he could not take his eyes off her breasts and he did not want to cause any trouble. I smiled and said 'Not to worry mate you and I can both appreciate the view'. I think he was relieved that i wasn't going to bat him there and then. We turned out of the pub at closing time and set off down to my flat, Derek living a bit further down the riverside on a small estate. The three of us walked together and crossed the bridge and down a towpath to our flat. As we got to the door, Diane asked if Derek would like a coffee, which he eagerly accepted. Once upstairs and in the flat overlooking the river, he asked to use the loo and I said to Di while I was out of the room, 'Why not take your bra off and give him a treat' She looked at me and smiled softly then went to the bedroom, leaving me wondering what might be about to happen, I had absolutely no idea whatsoever but I had started the ball rolling so thought I had better make light of things.

Diane emerged from the bedroom and her breasts were absolutely obvious through the yellow see through blouse she was wearing that night. Her nipples stood out harder than I had seen for a while and she smiled sweetly as she served the coffee, bending forward while she passed Derek his cup. I saw his eyes rivetted to her nipples. Then she did the same to me and bent forward and her skirt lifted giving Derek a great look up her skirt. Di looked at me and pursed her lips in an imaginary kiss and smiled then moved to sit between us on a settee while we had separate comfy chairs. I then realised that Derek might have been gifted a view of her yellow suspender belt holding up her nearly nude stockings. I at that moment got a raging erection thinking far faster than I knew the pace of things needed to go. I imagined her laying naked with cum leaking from a well fucked slit, but we were still all sitting respectfully and making reasonably polite conversation and also still covered with the exception of Di's tits.

Music played our favourite Yes albums and the mood was hesitant. I was fit to burst, Derek was almost constantly darting his gaze between Di's chest and my face. I had to say something so I leaned over and Kissed Di then deliberatley ran my hands blatantly over her breasts. Di sighed and I sighed too, then quite unintentionally, I turned to her and said 'I think Derek would love to do this to you, would you mind?' The gauntlet was down. Di smiled and said she had no objections. He looked at me and I said 'Come on mate, have a nice feel'.

He was up out of his chair and had his hands gently cupping her braless boobs and grinning like a Cheshire cat. I then got a bit brave and said 'Undo her top if you like'. I glanced a look at Di and saw her smile. Derek got busy and soon she was topless. From there we all stood in a huddle as we sort of danced, but stripped Diane as she rubbed our jeans, felling our stiff cocks as she did. It was surreal but soon we were all naked, except Di standing in her yellow suspender belt and stockings. Derek was beside himself. Di encouraged him and played with his cock gently as he fingered her cunt and made her come, which she always did very quietly. She was an accomplished cock sucker and she took Derek's prick in her hand and then bent down to get him in her mouth. Right then I was so proud of my cock hungry wife and encouraged her to suck him off, which she did. joy of joys he maintained his erection, such were our powers of recovery in those days, I shot a string of cum across the room without any intervention other than me wanking in sheer joy of the sight of my gorgeous wife being such a dirty girl with my mate, I secretly knew this was going to run and run, which it did for about three years.

Back to this fabulous night. With the ice well and truly broken, we went to the bedroom and fucked the night away, leaving the light on as we explored all things we could think of and I loved watching her take his cock deep in her lovely young pussy. Next morning there were last fucks before leaving for work and Di was invited to his place the next night which I agreed to. After he had gone, Di said thank you to me for the fun she had enjoyed. I reminded her that she was welcome to fuck him as much as she wanted as I loved her having sex with other guys. Her face when she realised she had my permission to have as much cock as she liked was an absolute picture i will cherish for ever. There are many other stories I could relate but that first night when all these things were revealed for the first time and things did not go silly as they could easily have done.

There is no way of telling until the discussion is made, but when you release the sexual ties, life changes for the better, but there is no place for jealousy, just honesty and true love.