Written by jim

30 Oct 2012

I've been with my wife for almost 6 years now. In that time we've always been pretty open with our sexual desires, we've experimented with different things including a threesome with another girl and (my wife is bi-curious) and shared a lot of fantasies.

Before she met me she had a regular fuck buddy. This was a guy she would meet once a month, like clockwork, to let fuck her any way he so pleased. I get mixed emotions when she tells me about their past s'exploits, part insecurity but a bigger part is it really turns me on thinking of the things they used to get up to.

She has told me how much she used to enjoy him fucking her. The fact that there was no pretence of a relationship beyond carnal fucking, making her feel really slutty and really turning her on. I think the fact that he had a big thick cock certainly helped as well. She used to get wet just thinking about him fucking her. One of her favourites was the time he turned up and made her strip naked in front of him. She was on the sofa and he told her to spread her legs as wide as she could whilst he just sat there staring up her pussy. She was so filled with desire that she had to beg him to play with her and when he did she said she came like she had never come before. He then took her upstairs and proceeded to fuck her frantically with his big cock for a long, long time. She claims that the next day she would be so sore that it would hurt when she walked - but she didn't mind because it reminded her of how much she had enjoyed being fucked by him.

She sometimes recounts these experiences whilst we are fucking. She tells me she would like to go and be a total slut for him again just for a few hours, and how, if he called her, she would drop everything she had planned, just so he could use her as he wanted. This drives me wild and I usually end up coming straight away when I hear her talk like this.

We have toyed with the idea of letting him fuck her again, we almost got as far as arranging a threesome, but i pulled the plug at the time as I felt a little insecure. I wonder now if we should have gone through with it. It certainly turns me on the thought of watching her being fucked by him, the thought of her being a slut for another man...