Written by Ian Thompson

13 Apr 2018

My wife Julie is slim with magnificent 36dd breasts and long fair hair. She is proud of her body and often wears low cut tops and short skirts. Lots of guys fancy her but to my knowledge she had never been with anyone but me. Last week we had a gas leak and a very good looking black guy came along to fix it. He had to turn off the supply and finally located a damaged pipe in the cellar. I could tell that Julie fancied him as she could not take her eyes off the bulge in his jeans. I had to go to work and Julie made the gas fitter a cup of tea. At the bus stop I remembered that I had forgotten my pass and returned home. When I got to the front door I could clearly her Julie crying out. I thought he had attacked her but after running up the stairs I could see that Julie was clearly enjoying his body and was caressing his monster cock. I watched through a crack in the door as she laid back in the path and he mounted her. Her pussy is very tight and I did not think she could take such a big cock. However she was loving every minute and it took a while for her to cum. I left them to it and went to the pub. When I returned Julie was in bed, I got in kissed her ad was intending to fuck her however her normally tight pussy was so stretched she could n't feel me at all. Since then she doesn't want my cock any more any suggestions Ian.