30 Jul 2016

When I met my wife Michelle, she was sweet and very proper professional woman, always looked after herself, very keen on fitness. she has such a perfect body, firm, beautiful small pert breasts with lovely big brown nipples, when we made love, she got so very wet, the juice just ran out of her. Over time, she became more adventurous as I brought my western sexuality to her. Then, as maybe all or most marriages go, she became less sexual. Michelle loves her body treatments, massage, head massage, she even regularly has breast massage and as I always went with her, I found it arousing to see someone else run their hands over her naked breasts. She also often mentioned the tall young guys who had tried to bed her over the years, as although she is 44 now, she looks 20 years younger.

One night when we were staying in a hotel in China where we have a home, and I was fucking her, I lost my concentration and she questioned me as to what I was thinking of, my mind was actually blank, but in an instant, the thought of a young male masseur running his hands over her body, so I told her, half expecting her to get angry, but she didn’t, she just said that I would have to watch, she then went into a spasm thrusting her hips, as she does when she cums hard, her tongue was in my mouth and she begged me to cum, almost like she was talking to someone else. Needless to say, I shot my load inside her very quickly and very hard indeed.

We didn’t mention this again for a while, but I couldn’t help but think about it especially when we went for massage, I told her that I got an erection watching someone else rubbing her breasts, I just kept hinting at her to do something more daring.

There was a young Chinese masseur there who I knew she liked, he was fit, tall and very confident, he had massaged her previously, entirely professionally, but he had commented that she had a perfect body, I suggested that he should massage her and do the breast massage, which is usually done by a female, Michelle asked me if I was joking, to which I replied no, I suggested that she liked him and that it would be exciting, especially if she removed her knickers, as she usually keeps them on. I kept pushing it, especially when we fucked, I kept saying to her about Max (the masseur) handling her naked body.

After a while, I couldn’t help myself and went to see Max, who spoke reasonable English and told him that Michelle liked him and would it be possible for him to give her a full body massage fully naked, he smiled and said no problem.

The day came and we got ready , Michelle as usual, prepared her body for massage, thorough shower and sheer undies. I was so excited that it was unbelievable. We went through reception, into our room and got undressed, I put the usual loose shorts and t shirt on, Michelle left her knickers on and lay on her front, I went over to her and pulled her knickers down, she asked me what I was doing and seemed a little shocked. I said that Max was going to work on her and not to worry, I was there, I then covered her bottom with a white towel and lay back down on my own treatment table after kissing her and telling her that I loved her.

Max walked in with a female masseur, he walked over to Michelle and they exchanged some words in Chinese and he started to oil up her back and rubbing her shoulders. My own masseur asked me to remove my t shirt and started my own treatment. I could not see what was going on as I was face down too, I could just hear them talking and joking to each other. After about 15 minutes, my masseur left, I wasn’t sure what was happening so I turned around onto my side facing Michelle and could see Max working on her upper legs, it was surreal and utterly beautiful. Max tapped Michelle on the shoulder and without making any attempt to cover her breasts, she turned over for him, her towel falling to the floor, her bush visible. She gently smiled at him and he continued to oil her breasts and tummy, then proceeded to run his hands over her, I could see her nipples harder and her lips parted as she started to breath more heavily, I could see her moving her hand as she started to touch the front of his trousers and as she did this, she leaned up towards him and started to kiss him. It was so utterly erotic as his hand moved down to her mound as she lifted her hips, she unzipped his trousers and undid them, they fell to the floor as she started to handle his ample and hardening young cock.

I felt my own cock harden, and touched myself as my wife and her young masseur started to pleasure each other in this incredible scene.

Michelle moved up again and guided his big hard cock into her hungry mouth, she slurped and sucked it so hard, I was concerned that she was going to make him cum too soon but Max knew what he was doing, he broke away and moved to the bottom of her table, parted her legs and moved in to taste my gorgeous horny wife's pussy. She was pushing her hips up to his mouth as she started to spasm, I knew she was cumming for him, I moved over and kissed her, I could taste his young fertile cock on her pretty lips and also her intense passion for him, I told her that I loved her and she said it back as she came.

I sat back down, openly wanking by now, I was so damn hard. Michelle pulled Max’s head up and just said to him “I want”. Max moved up and as he did, I stepped over and held his cock in my left hand and held Michelle’s swollen wet pussy lips with my right, I couldn’t help but to lick her pussy before guiding Max’s rock hard cock into my beautiful wanton wife. I stepped back again and watched as their naked bodies came together and fucked, tongues in mouths, her breasts squashed against his young firm body and hips pushing upwards which they did for about five minutes until Michelle started to spasm again, which made Max speed up, I could see, and she could feel, that the youngster was about to cum his hot fertile seed into my wifes hungry unprotected cunt. I felt myself cumming as Michelle begged max to cum inside her body, which he did as she wimpered, pulled on his buttocks to ensure that she took all he had inside her.

They lay for a while and kissed and touched each other, still naked and arms around each other. I heard Michelle tell him that she wanted him again and him reply “of course”. His big cock flopped out of my wifes cunt as he got up from the treatment table, all dripping with their combined juice, Michelle took hold of it and sucked it clean, Max dressed, kissed her again, and left.

I went over to Michelle and embraced her used body, I kissed her once more, tasting her juice and his spunk in her mouth, we told each other that we loved each other once more and she thanked me, she said that she didn’t know that sex could be like that and she wanted more, I said “its ok baby, you know that I just want you to be fulfilled and satisfied”. We got dressed, paid and then left.

My wife has realised her sexuality, she has discovered that her body is meant to be enjoyed and for her to share, and in turn, she can have the most incredible orgasms and truly feel her femininity, and how hard she can make young alpha males as they lust for her body and desire to mate with her.