24 Sep 2016

Bobs Story

So, there I was sitting in the kitchen waiting for Jean to get home from work. She was about an hour late when she finally arrived. In she walked and stood in front of me, the usual short black work skirt and white blouse, her legs just looked great as usual! However, she appeared a bit nervous, strangely, and certainly a little dishevelled! I asked if she was ok and she simply said “well I have a confession “. She continued to say she had given her boss a BJ in the office (see her story of a few days ago), well I felt my cock getting very very stiff and said “well you had better come to bed and tell me all the juicy details”.

In the bedroom she took off her blouse and eased her skirt down her thighs and kicked it across the floor, by this time I was already naked and waiting on the bed for her. She came to lie next to me in her lacy undies and hold ups. She started telling me about her afternoon while she stroked my very stiff cock. My hand slid down her body to her thong, it was very wet, and I slipped my fingers inside it and found a very well fondled pussy which was absolutely soaking! I played with her clit while she spoke and wanked me until I just had to lick her. I took off her bra and thong and dived between her legs, burying my face in her pussy, it was gorgeous. She was still stroking my cock, and telling me the climax of her time sucking her boss to completion when she started to suck me too. I couldn’t hold back for long, with my tongue licking her clit she wanked and sucked me till she swallowed her second load of spunk in as many hours!

We laid there for a while and I suggested she wear her very short skirt suit the following day (it only just covers her stocking tops but not when she’s going up stairs!) and maybe she will have another story to tell me afterwards…….. back to Jean for the sequel!