Written by Gaz_15a

3 Jun 2010

This is a true story which happened to me and my ex-wife back in 2001.

In late 2001 Mandy and I had been married for about 8 months. She had two kids (8 and 10) from her first marriage and we were trying to produce one of our own. She didn't get out much so I wasn't bothered when she asked me if I'd mind staying home alone with the kids one Saturday night because a friend of hers was having a hen night.

Mandy looked pretty sexy when the car arrived to pick her up and I gave her a kiss, told her to be a good girl and said I'd be waiting up for her when she got back. Anyway, I had a pretty boring evening with her two kids, watching a video and the usual Saturday night crap TV. The kids went to bed at about 11.00pm, leaving me to twiddle my cock till Mandy got home.

By midnight I was really horny and couldn't wait for her to come home so I could take her to bed and fuck her. By 1.00am I was getting pretty pissed off that she still hadn't returned, but I was also a bit turned on by by thinking what she might be getting up to. Back in 2001 neither of us had mobiles so I couldn't text or ring her and I really had no idea where she was.

I used to enjoy Mandy telling me stories of her sluttish exploits before we met, including a couple of times when she'd cheated on her first husband. Hearing her stories always gave me a big hard-on and ended with us having fantastic sex and me telling her that I wished she would go back to her nympho past. Mandy would play the game too during sex but in the cold light of day she would say that fantasies were great but would be dangerous if put into practice and that she enjoyed being a happily married woman.

Anyway, about 1.30 I was seriously perplexed at where she was. I decided to turn off all the lights and wait in the dark for her to come back. Eventually, after what seemed like ages and after all sorts of thoughts had gone through my head, a taxi pulled up outside our house. I watched through a gap in the curtains as Mandy paid the driver and walked a little unsteadily up the drive.

She waited for a minute for the cab to pull off and disappear round the corner, and then I heard the key in the door. Seeing all the lights off Mandy must have assumed that I'd gone to bed so she crept quietly into the front room and sat down on the sofa, not realising that I was sitting in the dark at the other end of the room.

She was more than a little surprised when I turned on a lamp and asked her if she'd had a good night out. Her speech was a bit slurred when she said that she'd had a good night but had had a bit too much to drink and that she was sorry she was so late.

I got up and sat beside her on the sofa. I told her that it was OK and that there was nothing wrong with going out with friends and having a good time. But I was a bit taken aback when I put my hand up her skirt and found that she wasn't wearing any knickers. I asked her if anything had happened while she was out. I was feeling really horny and frustrated by then and had already decided that no matter what she told me, I was going to fuck before we went to sleep.

Mandy seemed quite close to tears at this point and said that she would only tell me if I promised not to get angry, that she didn't want any secrets and that what had happened had only happened because she'd had too much to drink.

I gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her that I loved her, but that I wanted her to tell me what had happened. I promised her that no matter what it was, I wouldn't get angry.