Written by Geordie Boy

30 Dec 2015

my wife jo & I are in our 50`s have been married 32 years and have had an adventurous sex life in the past, jo is 5,5 tall blone hair a size 16 these days but always fun to be around and very flirty, one night about 10 years ago we were at a wedding and staying over at the hotel after drinking all day at the wedding she was that pissed I had to put her to bed around 11pm she lay there oblivious to what I was going to do next, she was sprawled legs apart her fanny half showing as it slipped out the side of her thong, I thought to myself what a great opportunity to live out a fantasy I`ve had for years about another guy fucking her we have had fun guys touching her up etc but she never let it go any further than that. my mate ken was with his missus down stairs at the wedding party they were worse for wear as well, I went back down saying she`s out cold so we just sat drinking and dancing as you do about 30 mins passed I went back up to see if she was ok she was still in the same position so I took her dress off and her bra and was about to pull the bed clothes over her instead I started to finger her cunt she didn`t move, nervously leaving her again with a hard on in went back down to the party kens wife was ready for bed so she went up they were on the next floor up from us ken was about to go with her when I said come back down I`ve something to tell you anyway 5 mins later he came back we had another drink when I said do you want to have some fun with jo he looked puzzled but did not hesitate to say yes,

we crept away from the others that drinking in the lift I said just follow me in quietly the bathroom light was on as I`d left it ken stood behind me his eyes nearly popped out when I pulled the sheet back jo was lying there with just her thong on I walked over to her saying are you ok with no response started to finger her again I beckoned ken over he dropped to his knees and crawled over to the bed I gestured him to play with her pussy which he did gently and nervously fingering her then he started to lick her cunt I was as horny as hell watching someone licking my wife, anyway shortly afterwards he crawled back we went into the passageway and he said fuck me I`ve dreamt about that for years but he was too nervous to go any further, off he went to bed I went to bed and fucked her for about 2 mins and shot my load as I was to excited thinking about what just happened.

moving on a few months later as I di not tell you ken & jo have known each other long before I met her he has always said he had fancied her and what a great arse and tits she had, anyway jo and I were going to my mates place in spain but I was flying out the day before her with my mate and she was following with his wife the next day because of her work commitments so jo decided to fly out with her we were flying from Manchester so instead of jo travelling there the next day we went together and stayed over at a hotel me for one night jo for two she said she`d go shopping the day I left.

anyway sitting at the airport my phone rang it was ken he didn`t know we were going away we chatted for 5 mins or so then off he went, thinking back to that night I rang him and said why don't you drive down to Manchester, ring jo saying you cant get intouch with me and meet her for a drink, ken works for himself and travels quite a bit so his wife wouldn`t be suspicious, which he did she told him I was away in spain and she was out of town in Manchester ken said I`m working on the outskirts I`ll meet you for a drink unknowing I was setting it up she said ok.

ken met her about 7pm had drinks and more drinks when she said how are you getting back to your digs I`ll geta taxi it will cost about £40 jo said that's a lot of money so ken said let me stay at your room I`ll sleep on the floor anyway she said ok after some persuading we were txting each other all night trying to find out how he was getting on as he is quite shy anyway jo`s flight was at 10am so around 11pm they went back to the hotel .

I txt ken if you persevere you might get to fuck her go for it I don't mind about 3am / 2am british time a txt came through saying jo lay in bed I was on the floor with a mighty hard on saying please let me in we were laughing about it at first with jo saying no your on the floor after a while she relented saying you`d better stay on that side he lay there for about 10 mins and said he was as nervous as fuck jo said I don't think we had better say anything to sue or andy about you staying over ken said don't mention we met up ok said jo as she turned over ken then moved in closer give me a cuddle then he said jo jumped a bit get that thing out of my back and they laughed ken started for grope her tits she pushed him away saying stop it you dirty sod by the ken was as horny as ever jo could feel him moving around she said what are you doing ken said taking my boxers off I cant sleep in them she didn`t say a word then ken moved closer again cupping her tit and his hard cock against her arse she did not move so he slipped his hand into het nighty and played with her tits that's enough she said please jo I`ve dreamt about this for years but your andy`s mate and you sue`s so if we don't say anything who will know as he finished talking his hand moved down to her thighs and into her knickers he said he nearly cum there and then she was so wet he started to finger her again she started saying we shouldn`t be doing this no no but he persisted fingering her wet cunt and opened her legs without any hesitation started to finger her harder and harder kissing her neck and she cum he stood up and turned on the bed side lamp which jo wasn`t to happy about but ken said I need to see you naked so took off her nighty and knickers she was freshly shaven for the beach in spain he said he fanny glistened with her cum she said you have a big dick andy told me you had ( as we play squash and I`ve seen him in the showers, I am straight lol )

he went straight to her tits and started to suck them jo loves her nipples bitten it turns her on he then went down on her licking all her juices and her arse before asking her to suck him off ken said he`d never been sucked off by his wife before she didn`t like it ??? anyway jo sucked him off he then fucked her senseless all night cumming up her on her all over her.

when she arrived in spain oblivious to me knowing what had been going on I fucked her every night of the holidays thinking of ken shagging her senseless to this day she`s never mentioned it, I`m trying to arrange it again but with ken video`ing it,