Written by James

31 Dec 2010

This story happened just yesterday and I still cant believe it finally happened for me and my wife, who is fairly conservative and would only ever wear something flirtatious at a party or fancy dress night, let alone take things as far as they did yesterday.

We were holding an after Christmas BBQ lunch and it was a typical hot Australian summer afternoon with just a small group of local friends and a few of my wife’s old guy friends from her earlier days also came along as well, they were from another part of the state and were in the area for the holidays as a sort of reunion. The BBQ went off great with much wine and beer being drunk and people enjoying a swim in our tropical landscaped pool. As the late afternoon wore on most of our guests began to leave until there was only one of my wife’s old friends still enjoying a drink with us and my wife was flirting with the guy until dusk. It is decided that we have a dip in the pool because it was so hot. The friend and I hoped in the water wearing only our briefs and my wife casually watched us as she had another drink and complained about also being hot, so we joking said get your clothes off and jump in but she decline and said she was going inside to change into something cooler. While she was upstairs our conversation down in the pool was about Fi, my wife and what a pity she didn’t take up our idea to hop in the water, we both agreed she still has a great youthful body, our friend seamed a little pleasantly surprised I talked about Fi in a sensual manner, I simply replied that it has been a great afternoon and Fi was in a happy mood. Little did I know that she had a similar idea about being flirty because when Fi returned she was wearing a great looking sheer top and a flowing skirt, as I looked a little closer I could see that she weren’t wearing a bra as a silhouette of her breasts was clearly visible as she moved around in the fading light. The conversation became more and more flirtatious until we convinced her to hope into the pool as she was, but she then said she didn’t want to get your skirt wet, our friend and I simultaneously said “then take it off” all three of us began laughing and she went off to get a round of drinks and we waited in the warm water of the pool. Fi returned and handed us a drink each and we sat back in the spa corner, then we couldn’t believe our eyes when my wife casually undid her skirt and stepped out of it reviling a little g-string. She then walked down the steps of the pool and began swimming about for a minute or two, She then realised she had left her drink out of reach and proceeded to walk out of the pool to fetch it. We couldn’t take our eyes off her as her wet top was now completely see thru and clinging to her wet body and her ass was perfectly framed in that little g-string. I sort of suspected she left her drink behind on purpose as a reason to let us see her walk out of the pool looking so incredible. Fi rejoined us in the water and she swam over to us and sat between the two us guys in the spa corner and we both made comment about how great she looked, Fi just laughed and rubbed us both on the leg and we reciprocated by rubbing her legs. My wife just laid her head back and we all relaxed in the bubbles as I rubbed her thighs. She had a cheeky smile on her face and I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh thinking I was going to give her pussy a little rub, but to my shock our friend had the same idea as his hand was already there. We both quickly removed our hands as we laughed, Fi simply replied “ you don’t have to stop” The next few minutes saw hands moving everywhere under the water, Fi was giving me a nice rub over my briefs and I was sure she was doing the same to our friend with her other hand. The atmosphere was very erotic and we all moved away from the spa corner and began to swim around, Fi moved about between the two of us and we were both giving her little squeezes on the ass and an occasional hand was seen to gently move over her chest with a momentary pause to cup her breast. I said I was going inside for a few minutes and I would also get some more drinks for us. I was inside for a while, my heart still thumping with excitement when I went over to the window and peaked out thru the drapes thinking I would only see them talking, My heart almost skipped a beat at what I saw, our friend was siting and leaning back on the edge of the pool in the spa corner and Fi was resting herself on the edge of the spa and half kneeling over in the water, she had his erect penis out of his briefs and I watched as my wife ran her tongue up and down his shaft several times until she lifted yourself up a little and slid her lips over him and began going down on him. I watched memorised for a few moments then she lifted her lips away and he slid back down into the water. I stammered back outside with the drinks and said something like “I hope I didn’t interrupt you guys from what you were doing” We all had a little laugh as she suspected I may had seen what went on. I hoped back into the water and I kissed my wife and whispered in her ear that I caught a glimpse of what you were up to and it looked great. She then said you guys are getting all the fun and with that I slipped off my wife’s g-string and said, well you can hop up onto the edge of the pool if you like and we will give you a bit of fun. Our friend smiled in agreance and we lifted her onto the edge of the pool; she lay back as we motioned her to part her legs and we both then took turns at going down on her, lapping away at her pussy until she cried out in orgasm while I watch on. Fi caught her breath then swam over to where I was and we kissed passionately. She looked at me and said you two must think I’m a prick teaser, I laughed and said well, you don’t have to be. She bit her lip and said do you want me to keep going, I simply said do you want to? She reached down and grabbed my rock hard cock and began to wrap her legs around my waist in preparation for me to slip into her pussy, I pulled away and whispered something like I’d rather watch you first. Fi then swam over to our friend and I watched her put her arms around his neck and wrap her legs around his waist. She looked back at me as if to get reassurance before she continued on. We simply smiled at each other and I watched in amazement as she moved her hand down under the water and I knew that she was now guiding his cock into her pussy. I lent against the edge of the pool and watched the two of them build up that familiar rhythm that I had only ever thought was reserved for me. I couldn’t believe that I was leaning back in the warm water of the pool watching my beautiful wife being fucked in the weightlessness caused by the water, she had her head tilted back and legs wide apart while the our friend supported her by her hips as they rocked back and forward in the water. The only noise was from the lapping of the water caused by their movements. They both began to moan out load and with a few powerful thrusts I watched on as our friend filled my wife’s pussy with cum. She composed herself as best she could before swimming over to me and I finally found out how nice her pussy can feel when she is relaxed and so wet with cum, I slipped in so easily and came almost immediately.

We all dried ourselves got dressed and our friend called a cab to take him back to his hotel, he said it was a great BBQ and Fi was the perfect host…. And of course, she was!

We are going for a swim again tonight and we will fantasise about what happened yesterday, I’m sure It will be a great night..