Written by Paul

21 Dec 2010

My wife, Angela, is 53, very well proportioned size 10, nice tits and a very well formed bum. She looks a lot younger than her age and I am very well aware indeed that many, many men have fancied her. But there is a problem with Angela. She has only ever been with one man in her life, me. I have several times suggested she might try a sex club, but it does not take much of a conversation before she tells me to shut up.

A few months ago I lost my job and we have had real money troubles since then. All our savings have gone and Angela's firm is in trouble so no bonus this Christmas and no salary increase. I was lying awake worrying about it a few weeks ago when I started to get horny at the thought of Angela being forced to sell her cunt. I thought "Why not put it to her that she has to help out somehow". Next evening I was very horny at the thought and so I started on her about it. The conversation went something like this. "Look Angela you've got to do something to get more money in" She replied "I can't do any more than I am now". I replied "Yes you can, you are very, very attractive and sexy and men would go for you with no problem about money at all". She was furious and shouted back "Shut up, that's absolutely digusting". The conversation went on like this for some time, but I figured if I kept it up long enough she might just start to take it for granted that it was what was needed. Sure enough after what seemed hours, she started with things like "What sort of thing would I need to do anyway" and "where would I need to go". Before she knew it she was talking in terms of when she would need to do it. I had nearly cum in my pants by now, so we talked at length about where she would meet a bloke who would pay her. We figured if she went to a dance on her own, she might well get fucked, but who was going to pay her for it. Likewise, if she got herself picked up in a bar, who would pay her. Eventually, we thought that a street walker always got paid and it was quick too. A quick shag in the back of a car down some dark ally would get her a few bob. In case she came across a nutter I said I would see to it that she was always in sight of me somewhere and she would be carrying an audio mic that I could pick up her conversation with him on a receiver, which meant for me I could hear her being fucked too. By the end of the evening it was all decided. She was very unhappy about it, but she agreed it had to be done and she would just get on with it and that was that.

We went out a couple of times in the late evenings to see if we could find some areas where prostitutes worked and also some dark places to take her "client". She wasn't very happy about it, but I managed to make her laugh a few times and that made it better for her. Eventually, we found a large area where prostitutes walked and also a dark side turning where she could stop. She agreed that the next evening she would "do it". I nearly came in my pants at the thought of another man's cock pounding that cunt of hers, playing with her bare tits, French kissing her for all he was worth. Fantastic turn on.

At about 10.00 o'clock in the evening we left home for the area. I made her wear a short skirt, a low cut blouse, no bra and no knickers or tights. That way he could fuck her quickly. We got to the place we figured she could be seen walking along the pavement and I parked my car with the lights off. She thought for some time before she got out of the car. I got worried she was going to chicken out. But Angela is very gutsy and she plucked up her courage and opened the car door, got out and slowly started to walk away from the car along the dark pavement. I followed a little way behind her, but not too close in case it stopped a car from picking her up. The first car came into the turning behind me and I nearly shot my load when I saw it, but it didn't slow down or anything and just drove past. She soon got to the end of the turning and so she carried on turning to her left. I was just about to pull out and follow her when another car came up behind me so I had to wait. I waited until he got to the end of the turning to see which way he was going to turn. He stopped for quite a while and then turned left. I figured he was looking and had seen Angela. My heart was pounding so I shot to the end of the turning and sure enough he had stopped beside her. On my reciver I heard him shout to her "On business?" She said "Yes" and immediately his passenger door flung open. She got into the car and they drove slowly off with me some way behind listening to their conversation. He said to her "How much love" She siad "£40" He said "For that money can I go all the way" She said "Yes if you want" and then he said "Without a condom too?" She said "Yes" I don't know how I didn't cum there and then. This bloke was going to shove his cock inside my Angela and shoot his spunk into her. Fuck me, what a turn on. It was much better than I thought it was going to be. And she wasn't going to stop him either. Eventually, she got him to turn into the turning we had agreed. He parked some way down so I parked some way away with my lights off so he didn't know I was there.

I got out of the car and got as close as I dare without him seeing me. I heard them talking for awhile. He asked her her name and he said what a pretty name it was and she said "Thank you". I walked a bit closer and I could see they were both still in the front seats of the car. Then I saw him move over to her and it went quiet. I got a bit closer and I could see they were kissing. I could hear her breath in the mic and it was getting faster so he must have been playing with her bare tits or even had his hand up her bare legs, I just did not know. All I know is they were necking and quite heavily now by the sound of it.

After a few minutes of this he said to her "Come on, lets get in the back, there's more room there". They didn't get out of the car, they just clammered over the front seats. She disappeared down out of site of the rear window, but I could see him half standing up and moving about quite a bit. Then I realised he was getting his trousers and pants off. Fuck me, I thought, he's going to shove that cock of his into Angela who is lying down waiting to receive it. After he had been moving about quite a bit, he then slowly went down out of site of the rear window too. I decided I could now get much closer to the car, but as I did I heared her say to him "No, let me help you" and then I heard him say "Oh my Godf, what a cunt you have. I'm going to fuck you as hard and as fast as I can." She cried out "Yes, fuck me, fuck me". At that point I just shot my spunk into my pants. I could'nt take any more knowing this bloke had entered Angela's little body and was going to pump her full of spunk any minute now and she wanted him to as well.

When I got right up to the car I was able to peak inside the back seat and there was Angela with practically nothing on with this bloke pounding her for all he was worth. She had both her hands around his bare arse pulling him into her and each time he slammed down on top of her she came up to him so he could ram his cock even deeper into her. She came at least three times before he started to go really wild on her. She let go of his arse and held his hair as he slammed his cock in and out of her cunt very fast and going even faster until suddenly he let out an almighty yell as he started to shoot his spunk inside her belly. He kept on shooting and shooting with her going up and down with him as he rammed his cock into her cunt as hard as he could and with all his might.

Eventually he just slumped down on top of her and they both lay there in silence. I quickly walked back to my car and soon I heard them talking small talk as they both got dressed. Then she just got out of his car and carried on walking. When he had driven off I drove up to her and picked her. up. "Well?" I said "How did it go" "Alright" she said. We talked a bit about it, but not as much as I thought we would. That was two nights ago and I have'nt had the guts to ask her if she would do it again. We'll have to see.