Written by Paul

26 Jan 2009

I recently posted a story about how I had asked a guy to fuck my wife.

Thank you for your comments about the story, and just to say our sex life is electric now.

This is the outcome of that night.

It started with a very giggly and slightly tipsy Cathy standing beside the bed dressed in a really sexy short black dress and heels, neither of which I had seen before.

Cathy was laughing and saying what a fantastic night it had turned out to be.

Dean was walking towards her, “the night hasn’t finished yet darling”.

They stood by the side of the bed kissing while Dean ran his hands all over her body.

"Dean, we really shouldn't be doing this, it's not fair on Paul." Dean was now pulling her dress over her head exposing her pert tits encased in a really sexy silky black bra, again I hadn’t seen this before.

"Don't worry, what he doesn't know won’t hurt him, beside, I need you so bad, I've wanted this for months, every time I see you in that swim suit I have trouble controlling myself."

Cathy looked pleased at the compliment.

His hands were now all over her tits, feeling them through the bra while he kissed her mouth, face and neck.

"I don't know, it just doesn't seem right, I...ohhhhh."

She stopped in mid sentence as his hand went up under her small sheer panties and yes again they were new.

I could see the movement under the thin material as he massaged her pussy mound, while still kissing her.

Dean's hand continued caressing her pussy through and under the thin material, I could see him occasionally sliding a finger inside the gusset between her pussy lips.

Cathy was now kissing him back and making no effort to stop him touching her.

Sensing her submission, Dean got even braver and scooped both tits from the confines of her bra, squeezing them gently and weighing them in his hands before sucking on the nipples.

"Oh Cathy, these are fantastic."

He played with her tits for a full ten minutes before dropping his hands to her panties and lowering them to the ground.

Cathy simply stepped out of them with her arms still around his neck and her lips locked to his.

I may have spent the day with Cathy fucking my brains out but I found myself with a hard-on to beat them all and I started to slowly stroke my cock.

Here was my wife, standing next to our bed dressed in just high heels, with her tits hanging over the top of her bra.

She looked like a complete fucking slut and was acting like one.

Dean continued to feel every part of her body, tits, arse, thighs, eventually settling for one hand on her pussy and the other on her tit.

I had to admire his technique.

He moved her round slightly giving the camera a better view and he slid two fingers into her very wet hole.

"Like it?" he asked fingering her sloppy pussy.

"Oh yes I do, please don't stop,"

"I just love it when another guy's wife acts like a whore, do you like being a whore Cathy?

“Tell me." She was still engrossed in kissing him and her panting between the kisses suggested that Cathy was very close to coming.

"Do you make a habit of seducing other men’s wife’s and yes, I am just loving being a whore."

These were new words for Cathy, she hated anything sordid even during sex.

He slowed his finger movements.

"What are you doing," she purred, "I was near to coming, don't stop, please."

"Tell me what you want then."

"I want you to make me cum."

"How Cathy, I want you to tell me how."

I could see that Cathy was a little taken aback but was so close to the edge.

"I want you to finger my pussy and make me cum.

That seemed to satisfy Dean and he speeded up a little, but skilfully stopped each time Cathy got close to coming.

"And what do I get in return?" he asked.

"Anything you want, you can do what you like with me."

"You'll suck my cock in that pretty mouth of yours?"

"Yes, Yes."

"And you'll let me cum in your mouth and drink all my spunk?"

This was something she would never do but as Dean increased the pressure on her clit I was amazed to hear her answer.

"Yes. Yes."

"Then, I'm going to spend the night fucking your lovely tight smooth pussy, and who knows, if your really a good girl I might even invite my friend round to help me out, would you like that, two nice juicy black cocks fucking you at the same time.

Another shock for the night.

"Yessssss. Oh yessssssss, it is my favourite fantasy."

At that her knees buckled as she came and Dean lowered her onto the bed.

I was pleased, the camera angle was just right and caught her lying there, spread out, legs wide open with her pussy lips glistening with her juices.

Dean stood beside her and slowly undressed, when he turned sideways, I got my first sight of his fully erect cock.

It really was big, so much bigger erect, it was good 9 inches and not only longer but much fatter then mine.

Cathy was transfixed. "Oh my god, I never realised they could be so big."

She reached out and touched it, both hands struggling to encompass it.

Dean moved towards her head and getting the message she took as much as possible into her mouth.

She always maintained she liked sucking cock but would never let me cum in her mouth.

Dean held her head in place and slowly started to force more and more of his cock into Cathy’s mouth until eventually he hit her gag reflex.

I thought he would simply stop at this point and just fuck her mouth, but no, he was now holding her head with both hands and he shoved his hips forward, forcing his cock into her throat.

She wasn't expecting that and in sheer panic had both hands on his thighs trying to push him away but he was simply two strong.

Cathy was obviously fighting for breath but still Dean pushed forward until his whole cock was embedded in her throat, her nose was now nestling in his pubes.

Only then did he let up, withdrawing slightly and waiting for her to catch her breath.

I don't know if a woman ever gets used to it or simply has no choice but to surrender, but after a few minutes she seemed to relax and work out that if she took a breath on the out stroke this would suffice.

Sensing her surrender, Dean released her head a little and continued to plough his cock into her throat, she didn't pull away.

"Oh yes, now you've got it, don't stop Cathy I'm nearly there."

A few more thrusts and his arse cheeks clenched as he emptied his over sized balls into my wife's mouth.

I saw her swallow repeatedly but still some dribbled down the side of her mouth onto her chin.

Dean continued to fill her mouth for what seemed like ages before finally pulling his limp cock free.

He wiped his cock across her face smearing his cum round her mouth and chin.

The tape went off, for a couple of agonising seconds I thought Cathy had seen that it was on, but thankfully it came back on again.

Cathy was now lying on the bed, again spread eagled but this time playing with her pussy.

"That's right, get it nice and wet while I get hard again."

I guess Dean didn't want to waste tape and had turned the camera off while he recovered.

Cathy was wide eyed watching him wank his massive cock back to a full erection and the harder he wanked the harder she rubbed her clit.

"You ready for this Cathy?" he said climbing between her legs.

"Yes I am but please be gentle Dean."

To my horror there was no mention of any condoms, I shit I thought in my eagerness to get him to try and fuck Cathy I had forgot to mention it.

He moved her round slightly and lifting her leg, which gave the camera a clear view of his large black cock entering Cathy’s pussy.

Pausing at the entrance he said, "Tell me what you want."

I could see she was desperate for his large cock and would have said anything he asked.

"I want you to fuck me with that big black cock."

I could see Cathy looking down as if in total disbelief that something so big could fit into something so small and tight. The first few inches went in easily and Cathy lay back on the bed with her eyes shut tight.

"My god, it's so big, go easy Dean please, I've never had a cock like yours before."

Dean probed “is it the first time you have had black cock.”

Cathy replied between groans “yes, yes.”

In fact Cathy was a virgin when we meet and to the best of my knowledge she had never been unfaithful, so she was holding back the fact that his cock was only the second one to penetrate her.

Dean withdrew a little way before pushing forward again, this time embedding about two thirds up her, which caused Cathy to let out a loud scream, "You like my cock up your pussy?"

Between puffs and pants she replied "Oh yes, surely you can see that I love it”

“Do you want the rest?"

"What, there's more?" she said with genuine surprise.

Dean held her hips tightly as he rolled over onto his back bringing Cathy with him.

Cathy was now sitting on top with 3-4 inches of cock still to go.

"OK my little married slut, you do it," Dean said, casually playing with her tits as they swung above him.

Very slowly and carefully, Cathy pushed down, taking about another inch into her pussy.

Then she rode up almost to the top puffing and panting before repeating the procedure again.

After several strokes she was fully embedded on his mighty tool and within seconds of it being fully inside her she was wailing like a banshee and rolling her head from side to side, as a massive orgasm hit her.

Dean continued to tweak her nipples until her orgasm subsided, then, holding her hips tightly he lifted her up and down, forcing her to ride his cock again.

During the next half hour they changed positions several times ending up in the doggy position with Dean absolutely ramming his cock up her from behind while caressing her swinging tits.

Watching the tape I surprised at the stamina of this 55 year old guy, he had given Cathy a fit 35 year old woman a serious fucking for some 30 minutes.

In fact it was such a fucking that Cathy was screaming, puffing, punting and moaning uncontrollably with lust, Dean was grunting really loudly, (it was so animal to watch) and with a final thrust, I could see Dean trembling as he filled my wife’s pussy with his spunk, causing her to scream out as yet another orgasm swept through her.

They collapsed and lay together afterwards, Cathy resting her head on Dean's chest.

"Well, how was your first taste of black cock?" he asked her.

"Hmmm,just fucking fantastic, I never knew my pussy and mouth could take so much cock."

Dean gently pulled her by the hair forcing her head level with his, making her look straight into his eyes.

"So do you like being fucked by another man, committing adultery?"

I could see she wasn't to keen on the term adultery and her silence confirmed my suspicion.

"Well now, if you don't tell me then I won't bother fucking you again."

"Oh no, please, I want you fuck me again tonight, I want to be your fuck slut."

Dean enquired “even when Paul’s back.”

The tape was full of shocks “yes, our sex life is really quite dull, that was just, just unbelievable I have never been fucked like that or responded like that before or had so many orgasms.”

"You really like my big cock?"

"Yes I love it."

"Better than your husband's?"

Cathy took her time to answer. "It's just so different I guess,"

I didn’t like the why Dean pressed the point no doubt trying to humiliate me "You mean bigger don't you, much bigger, I've seen his in the changing room, I bet I touched parts of your pussy, that Paul’s cock has never touched, come on tell me, do you prefer my big cock to his?"

My stomach churned. "Oh sorry Paul, yes, I loved the feel of your big cock up me, I have never cum as hard as that in my life."

"Do you want it again?"

"Yes, oh yes I do Dean."

"Do you know that there are so many guys down the gym that want to fuck you, I am going to tell them that I have fucked you?”

Cathy looked a bit anxious “please don’t Dean, I do not want Paul finding out that you have fucked me”, but then curiosity got the better of her and Cathy giggled “Who else wants to fuck me.”

“Well there’s Bill, Dave, Robin and Raj, they all think you are a really hot chick, would you like me to bring one of them round next week and we're both fuck you?"

Dean looked at the camera and winked as Cathy looked straight at him and in a quiet voice said "I am really not sure, my head is saying no but my body is screaming yes give it a try."

Cathy pulled Dean to him and said “Enough of the fantasying, I want to you to fuck me with that big black cock again”.

The tape went blank.

My cock exploded at Cathy’s porn star performance and pondering the ramifications of what I had started, especially when Dean called and gave me a blow by blow account of the events on the tape, what had happened before the tape (which is a story in itself) and after the tape had gone off.

Dean was also looking for my approval as Cathy was calling him constantly looking for a repeat of the weekend and according to Dean was looking to push her own sexual boundaries forward.

I dared to ask the question “how?”

There was a hesitation “look mate, as much as I enjoyed fucking Cathy I wouldn’t go behind your back”.

I found myself for some strange reason saying “Thanks Dean I appreciate that, well what does Cathy want to do”.

“She is looking to go away with me for the weekend, night one is just me and her, night two if she feels she can go through with, she wants me to invite Raj along”.

I paused thinking I just cannot believe what I am hearing and found myself saying “Dean, you are only guy the second guy to fuck Cathy, she may now think that she wants to explore and push her boundaries forward, I have no problem with that, but you must wear condoms (my lust for voyeurism got the better of me) and I want night two on tape”.