Written by Stevie30Gee

8 Dec 2014

This story continues from me watching my Wife Liz through the lounge window of my Neighbour Greg's house with Liz having just sucked Greg off while his Uni mate Addy had just cum in her wet an warm pussy. I went back to work after seeing that , came in late as usual after ringing Liz to tell her would leave my workplace in the next 30 mins.

I arrived home my wife greeted me a big smile on her face wearing my bath robe she opened it up to show me she was naked underneath, I looked at her gave her a kiss running a hand over her baby bump. I held her asked her how she had managed to bruise her right boob where there was dark mark , Liz said oh that I walked into the cupboard door, I knew too well it had happened in one of the sessions she had with Greg an Addy and was obviously a bite mark.

We went to bed lay in the spoons position my hard cock between her legs, Liz was soon asleep , I could feel my cock getting wetter from the juices leaking from Liz's pussy and I too feeling exhausted fell asleep. The next morning I got up early made my way into work leaving Liz a note to say leave me some dinner for me to have when I came in at 10 pm that night.

Just before I left I had gone into our spare room and saw Liz had put out my Squash racquet her very short Tennis skirt and a white polo shirt, as I knew Greg an Addy played Squash I guessed they all intended on playing today. My mind was thinking of Liz in that skirt and decided to go home mid afternoon and sneak along to my viewing point at the bottom of our garden.

As I peered into my back garden Greg an Addy were sat in the sun in our outdoor seats as Liz came out carrying a tray with a couple of beers and a glass of juice for her. I was pleased to see Liz was still in her Tennis skirt and just a white bra her boobs trying to escape from it. Liz sat on the grass cross legged as she faced me I could see no sign of her wearing a G-string, Addy said you are quite good at Squash Liz, as Greg agreed.

Then Addy said it was a lovely sight you in that skirt Liz, have you worn it before ,she said Yes ! Hubs bought it for me, Addy said he has good taste it shows your peachy arse off, Liz told them that's why he bought it and laughed. Then Liz stood up Greg grabbed her wrist pulling her down onto his lap, kissing her and undoing her bra , Addy said you have great boobs Liz, she stretched out a hand onto Addy's thigh, as Greg ran his hand upto her pussy.

I expected them to go indoors now but Greg told Liz to stand an drop her skirt she did as she was told, as Addy stripped sat in his chair as Greg whispered to Liz, she knelt between Addy's outstretched legs an kissed her way up to an onto his dark brown balls and standing cock. Greg went to his house an came back with his camera, he was soon taking photos of my sexy wife on her knees licking an sucking Addy's big hard cock ,then Addy told Liz to sit on his cock now but with her back to him as he tilted the seat back a little way.

Liz hovered over that brown cock ,Addy held her waist as he helped her down till she was pressing on the head of his cock, Greg was taking photos still not wanting to miss anything. Then Addy pulled her down and the first couple of inches was inside my Wifes pussy, the camera clicking away, I saw Liz wriggling as a few more inches disappeared from view leaving just Addy's brown balls showing now.

Liz had her mouth open before saying you two both have such lovely big dick's I could quite get used to this, Addy said well I am here for the week!, His dark hands moulding Liz's boobs as the camera went mad for a few shots of them. I was loving watching this a big brown cock in my wife, knowing Greg wouldn't want to be left out. I watched Liz holding the arm rests and bouncing on Addy's cock she had a cum a moment later , i knew she would have more.

Addy was twisting her nipples as she came again, an held her up so just the head was inside her ,he looked at her arse, saying what a sight my cock in your pussy you creaming my cock here and I am just going to add some of my cream Babe! He pushed his hips up as he pulled Liz down she gave a scream as Addy groaned , Liz wriggling on his cock as he was pumping his cream inside my Wifes warm pussy. While Greg was still taking photos of the happy couple , he too had removed his shorts and revealed his hard cock.

I saw Liz get up wipe herself with her skirt, go to Greg who gave Addy the camera they kissed as Liz told Greg, Thank you !for asking Addy down and letting him fuck me, Greg smiled , turned Liz around bent her forwards so she an Addy could kiss each other. Then holding her waist he pushed his cock deep inside the warm an wet pussy that belonged to him for now as my cock had seemed to have been excluded from going there.

Addy was playing with Liz's boobs an nipples again as Greg was sliding in an out in long strokes of my Wife's pussy, her eyes closed loving every second of being used by these two men. I was enjoying seeing my Wife between these two Men, as well her gorgeous body being grabbed an held, her pretty face an mouth some minutes earlier being stretched by that dark cock of Addy's and Greg an Addy touching parts of her I would never touch with there long thick cocks.

Greg was getting near to exploding inside my wife who had already had a couple of shuddering cum,s as he fucked her so well, I also looked up to see Liz was busy rubbing Addy's cock now as well as dribbling over it to lubricate it. I watched as Greg lifted Liz off the ground for a moment as his arse clenched as he filled my Wife's pussy full once again with his cum. This was enough to send Addy's cock spurting his cum all over Liz's face, boobs an hair with her catching some of it in her open mouth.

Liz stood up looked at them both and said look what you have done to me full an covered with your cum , I am looking like a slut now , not the good wife my husband married, but Boy! am I enjoying it an laughed. The 3 of them went inside to clean up I guessed as I made my escape and went back to work, deciding whether I would make a return visit later or leave it till the next day as I had made my mind up to watch them each day while Addy was down staying with Greg, TBC, I hope you enjoy love to hear your comments as I can still picture this as clear the day I watched them , great memories