Written by Stevie30Gee

21 Jan 2015

Following on from my previous story, I went to work that day and after thinking of what I had seen what my Wife Liz had been up to the past few days, I left for home that night as soon as it got dark . I made my way to my usual spot in the field behind my house climbing over the fence standing in the dark shadow at the bottom of our garden.

I looked in through our lounge window to see Greg our neighbour sat at the table eating a meal with my wife, I watched as they finished and saw Greg put his hand on Liz,s knee, Liz leaned over to kiss Greg on the mouth . They got up cleared the table, Liz washing up as Greg dried up , in between kissing her neck and feeling her boobs as Liz had her hands in the sink, a couple of times I saw Liz twist and smile at Greg as I guessed he was putting his hand up her skirt as well.

When they had finished I saw them walk in to the lounge Greg sat in my usual spot, pulling Liz onto his lap , she rested her head against his neck as he ran his hand under her skirt. As I watched I was thinking if I was a stranger you would think I was looking in on a loving Wife and her Husband. I watched Liz move from his lap next to Greg on the sofa as she casually undid his zip as Greg lifted his bum to allow Liz to pull his trousers an briefs down his legs an off.

Then Liz knelt up on the sofa and dipped her head down to lick the length of his cock as she held the head between her fingers, as Greg put his arm down Liz's back an pull her skirt up over her bum. I looked on as Greg slipped his fingers between her legs parting her pussy lips and dipping a couple of fingers inside my wife's lovely pussy, I knew how good that moment was feeling her pussy soaking your fingers as she wriggled to encourage you to do more.

As I looked on I could see his thumb rubbing over her tight bum hole and knowing the effect it has on Liz , her pussy sucking on his fingers as she would be sucking his cock even harder now as well. I watched Liz pump her head up an down on Greg's cock now as his fingers plunged in an out of her pussy, Greg now had his hand on the back of Liz's head as she took more of his cock into her mouth and throat.

I saw the look on Greg's face change as I knew he was now cumming down Liz's throat, her mouth now sucking and swallowing every last drop of his cum , Liz's pussy was also sucking on Greg's fingers and knew his fingers would be soaking up Liz's cum juice as it would leak over them. They lay back on the sofa now cuddling each other as after a time Greg's cock began to rise once again , Liz ran her fingers over the length gripping it , before standing up taking her top off with her skirt an pulling some cushions off the sofa onto the carpet.

As Liz now got on all fours, Greg knelt behind her taking off his shirt, as again I looked on to see that huge cock of his standing out in front of him as he crept closer , I wondered for a moment if Liz would still enjoy me fucking her after having had Greg's monster inside her. Greg put his hands on her bum pulled her cheeks apart and I saw him slide his cock all the way in my Wife's wet pussy, knowing she would be loving every inch he gave her as he filled her up , as I knew how much Liz liked having a hard cock inside her.

Her eyes were closed, her mouth open as he finally stopped pressing forward as he withdrew there was a look of ecstasy on Liz's face and a look of determination on Greg's face as if he needed to fuck this woman, even as he now knew he had put a baby in her belly and would always have the Ace card over me and had beaten me to it. I knew I had set the thing up to start with , not quite the result I had in mind but knew Liz could also have stopped it by him using a condom.

I watched them work in unison her bum meeting Greg's hard thrusts till several minutes later, as I admired his staying power, Greg was once again flooding my Wife's womb with his cum. I stood there as Greg smiled an pulled out his cock wet an glistening with their combined juices, knowing I would be watching them over the next few months till the baby was born enjoying each others bodies and Greg feeling his baby grow, stretch and fill Liz's gorgeous body.

I was getting even busier at work now and I was only getting to watch them both maybe once or twice a week now, Liz and Greg still went off horse riding now and again and a few months later Greg's mate Addy came to stay again for a long weekend . I watched as each month passed Liz's belly growing bigger, Greg was worshipping her body and bump as it grew like the expectant father that he was, mind you it didn't stop Liz enjoying the attention of Greg and Addy when he came to stay as I watched them spit roast Liz between them .

It was also good for me and Liz to still see my Wife turning Greg and Addy on and wanting to fuck her gorgeous growing body, as she sometimes worried that no one would fancy her after having a baby. So I would reassure her telling her how much I loved her and every now an again when she allowed me too by adding my cum to her well used pussy. I was still loving watching Liz let Addy fuck her and her suck him as I loved to see his dark chocolate pole penetrate my wife's pale coloured body and see her lipstick coated lips wrap around it to suck out his cum from his cock which was also much bigger than my own .

I began to realise how much I enjoyed seeing my Wife being used by these men to be able to empty their balls inside her as I looked on with no idea if or how things might change over the next few months. I would love to hear your comments on this story if you have any , thanks, S