Written by Kinkybaby

19 Dec 2008

I have been trying to pesuade my wife to spice up our sex life for years now, she is 31 and I am 33. She is 5ft 3 and has a perfect body and an ass you would could not stop biting...We have an amazing sex life and have a whole host of toys including handcuffs gags and her favorite the two glass butt plugs which she loves deep in her ass as i fuck her doggy style. It was her works night out and I have been bugging her to fuck another guy and phone me when she is getting fucked so I can listen to her cumming. i put a condom in her purse and sent her on her way and she said ok but only if she really fancied the guy.

I sat in all saturday night getting occasional texts saying there were no hot guys so she was coming home. i managed to persuade her to go to the local disco withher pal and see what happened. 2am came and went no texts or calls so I fell asleep on the couch when at 4am I was awoken with a call on my mobile, thinking it would just be let me in I have forgot my key, I answered with a non enthusiastic hello, i was shocked to just hear my wife shouting "fuck me come on baby fuck me harder" as i could hear some guys balls slapping off my wifes ass... this went on for 5 minutes as I sat in our bedroom wanking to the sound of her getting fucked by some guy some where in glasgow, listening to her cum and then hearing him bang her and cum..... then the phone went dead... twenty minutes later she appeared at the door with a huge grin on her face. i just picked her up lifted up her skirt pulled her tights down ans slid inside her... she was still soaking from the prevoious fucking she just had.... as i fuked her she told me how she was on the way up the road she bumped into an old mate of mine who had always fancied her... he joked fancy a quickie and he was shocked when she didnt say NO.. they both walked round the back of flats he took him in his mouth and blew him until he was rock solid, he got rough with her spun her round bent her over pulled her tights down and was ready to go right in, as she gave him the condom she phoned me and i listened to her getting fucked.. As she told me we both came together and have had amazing sex talking about it ever since. we are now desperate to do it again but she is so fussy who she will fuck. She is desperate for me to tie her up and let two guys fuck her allways infront of me, but we are struggling to find two guys who are experinced enough to do this without cumming in seconds!!!!