Written by Gerald

17 Feb 2018

.I was an engineer back in the seventies , eighties and ninties and my works sometimes took me abroad. Most times I was able to take my wife which was great. She really was cock, loved sex. We had had the occasional fuck on the side when we had been to parties but these were few and far between and we always told each other about them.

On this particular occasion when I was asked to sort out a problem on an oil centre in Libya she was not allowed to accompany me. The job was initially supposed to take up to six weeks but looked as though it would take up to twelve weeks. Colonel Gadaffi had taken over the country and the Americans had left along with their maintenance crews which meant that the oil centres were getting into disrepair.

I finally arrived at the oil centre where I was to work and try and get production flowing again. There were no mobile phones and radios were the the only means of communication as we miles down into the Sahara. The only telephone was at the nearest village which was about thirty miles away. I did manage to ring my wife and give he my address so she could write to me and she was unhappy that I would perhaps be away for up to twelve weeks. I did tell her before I left her that I didn't mind if she went out with someone if she got bored ettc. There was on airstrip and planes came back and fore daily bringing and taking personnel and mail etc.

After about five weeks I received a letter from her. I lay on my bed reading it. She told me that she was missing me so much, missed our lovemaking and my hard cock. She told me that she'd been out with a chap that called on her boss every week. When he called he always chatted her up and always asked her out, but she had always refused. Then the other day he asked her out again and she was so bored with me being away that she agreed. She had told him that I was away and that she could do with a night out as she was really at a loose end with me being away so long.

He arranged to pick her up that evening. At the duly arranged time he picked her up and took her to a nice country pub where a pianist played quietly away as they had a few drinks and a nice meal. She told me she thoroughly enjoyed herself, so pleased to get out and enjoy someone's company for a change as she was so fed up in being alone. She told me that she had used the vibrator but it was not the same as having a nice hard copy inside her and that's what she wanted that night. It was Friday so niether of the them had work in the morning. He was divorced so was able to spend the rest of the night with her. She said she could feel herself getting wet between her legs as the thought of perhaps getting fucked that night was on. He obviously fancied her and she fancied him. She wondered how big his cock was, hoping it was nice and thick.

I now had a hard on, getting more turned on the more I read. After work I too was bored although the British ex-pats were well organised brewing beer and wine. Totally illegal of course but the Libs tended to turn a blind eye.

He then asked her if they were going to his and hers and she said perhaps his would be nice and jokingly said as long as he planty of wine and he said ,of course, the wine rack was full.

When they arrived at his place it was a nice detached bungalow. Once inside he kissed her passionately and led her into the lounge which had a large sumptuous l-shaped settee. This she sat on as he poured two large glasses of red wine and placed the on the coffee table beside her. He told her that he had looked forward to taken her out as she was so lovely. She reminded him that it was only because her husband was away, but did say that she had enjoyed the evening so much. He kissed her again and lay her across the large settee. He carressed her breasts over her blouse, he had taken her jacket from her when they arrived. She moved her hand along his thigh and felt his cock which was all ready hard beneath his trousers. She unzipped his fly and he unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them and his boxer shorts down to his knees exposing his cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and found it to be very thick k, fatter than mine, her fingers not touching when she held it. She told me that she really wanted it, wanted it right up her cunt which was really wet now. He removed her blouse and her bra and squeezed her breasts and kissed them, rolling his tongue around her nipples making them stiffen and he gently bit them with his teeth which made her catch her breath. He then removed her skirt and panties, leaving her stockings and suspenders on. He removed his shirt and trousers and underpants leaving him naked beside her. She told me his body was well toned and obviously he worked out in the gym. His cock was very hard and erect, his knob end just below his naval. She said she really was gagging for it. She felt his hand move between her legs and onto her cunt. He slipped two fingers inside her and commented on how wet she was. He asked her if she wanted him to use a Durex and she told it was ok as the was on the pill and that she wanted every drop of his spunk inside her.

How I wish that I had been there watching them. He suggested that they go to his bedroom which was just off the lounge. He led her there and lowered her down onto his king-sized bed. She told me she was more than ready to fuck but first he asked her to suck his cock. She straddled him in the 69 position and she felt his tongue flicking across her sensitive clit and his thumbs open her cunt lips. She was really worked up now as she took his large knob in her mouth, her tongue caressing his sensitive knob as one hand gripped his hard cock whilst the gently cradled his heavy balls. He told her that she was so wet and that he wanted to fuck her. He asked her which way did she want him to fuck her and she told him any position as long as she takes his right up her wet cunt.

He moved her onto her back an positioned himself above her. She felt his knob at the entrance of her cunt and at last she was going to get fucked. Her cunt was at last going to get a hard prick inside it. She felt her cunt being stretched open by his thick cock and it made her catch her breath as he eased up inside her. She told me it felt so good, she wanted a cock inside her so much. I was wanting away, slowing down when I felt myself about to come.

He told her she was a good fuck and wanted her for so long, wanted her body naked against his. She said she told him to fuck her harder and he rammed every inch of his thick cock right up her cunt making her cry out and he groaned and said he was coming and gave one last hard thrust and she felt his body stiffen as he pumped his spunk inside her. She had hoped that he would have lasted longer but they had all night. He collapsed on top of her, her legs still wrapped around him. He apologized for coming so soon but said it had been sometime since he'd had sex. She told him it was ok as they had all night and that she had enjoyed it so far. She went to the toilet and cleaned the spunk from her cunt.

She lay quietly with him for awhile and she stroked his cock and got it hard again ready to fuck her. He told her that he didn't know if there was any spunk left in his balls and she told him not to worry about that as all she wanted was his cock. She sucked his cock again as he licked her clit and squeezed her tits. She told me she was really enjoying his tongue on her clit and his hands on her her tits. He told her what lovely firm tits she had and she told him she loved his thick cock. He told her he wanted to fuck her from behind doggie style and she knelt over with her head on the pillow, her bottom in the air and her knees spread apart. He knelt behind her and again she felt his knob at the entrance of cunt and he rubbed it over her clit before moving it back into her cunt. He pushed it up inside her and once inside her held her hips and began fucking her. He soon made her come again , his thick cock turning her on once more. He moved his hands from her hips and reached round and squeezed her swinging tits. She liked that. He really was fucking her good, a fucking that she really needed. Then she felt a finger stroke her arsehole, we had occasionally had anal sex but she didn't think she would experience it with him, and his cock was thicker than mine as she had already told me.

Her cunt was really wet she said ,so his cock would probably be lubricated enough to enable him to ease it inside her. He kept ramming his cock hard into her making her cry out and then slowly withdrew it and moved it up so his Bell end was at the entrance of her arsehole. He slipped two fingers inside her wet cunt than removed them and smeared my juices over his cock. Then he began to ease his thick prick up my arse, stretching it really wide. He was gentlr as he eased it slowly into my anus. It was so thick it hurt a bit at first but I soon got used to it.

She asked if I was having a good wank no chance

and if there were any women for me to fuck where I was. No chance of that. She went on to tell me that he came in her arse and then they fell asleep and fucked her again when they woke up in the morning. She said it had been really good and he was going to fuck her again the following weekend.