Written by John

7 Jun 2011

I heard my little wife’s squeals as the crowd of around twenty brutish men closed in around her, but I could not see what was happening as their great roaring bad manered bulk hid her from my sight. Their rough and raucous voices signalled a harsh desire. A runnel of tension curled excitingly in my stomach, but tinged with fear that matters were now outside of my control.

It was long few minutes before the huge black man appeared through the breaking circle with little Jane, held like a trophy, in his big bear like arms. The expression on his face was one of pure lust. There was no smile, only a look of crude determination on his big leathery features. It was at this point that I knew my wife was going to have sex here in the woods, probably without protection. My prick twitched inside my pants and I had to touch it. Of course, I should have been going to her rescue.

Held aloft in her tight little navy blue school gym knickers and little top, she looked so deliciously vulnerable. Her pink trainers and white ankle socks affirmed her vulnerability to the huge dirty pricks that were inevitably bulging under the mixture of baggy jeans, shell suits and workman’s dirty trousers.

I imagined what squalor these men had come from when they started on their journey to meet little Jane today. With her pretty big eyed made up face and page boy hair style, she was the girl they should never get. She was the ideal that they would want to impregnate with their otherwise hopeless working class and maybe criminal sperm.

The group of men eagerly followed their leader off the path and in amongst the trees. The big black man gently placed his prey in front of a large tree. Head bowed and panting, Jane’s slender perfect body relaxed against the bark. In those few seconds, I studied her beauty. Her slender thighs, though pressed tightly together, could not close tightly enough to close the womanly invitation of her sex mound that was bulging so provocatively against the tight and innocent material of her navy blue school gym knickers. Those pristine knickers defined her womanhood and were very much more than innocent.

This time there was no circle to block my view, the undergrowth would not permit such a formation.

Instead, the men formed a close packed and staggered line I studied their faces. They needed dirty minds, just like me, to enjoy the degradation of my pretty wife. Unlike me, they looked as dirty as their minds and were going to do the dirty things that I had so wanted to do, but dare not because of my position and who I thought I should be. These men were what they were and had no shame about it.

It seemed a very long moment as she stood helpless and looking even smaller backed against the big tree. Her proud 32c tits pressed hard against the tight white top. The group of lust fired men were also lost in contemplation of my wife’s exquisite sex. Then the man pulled up her virgin white top, exposing her pretty black silky lace trimmed bra. He fondled them, making grunting animal sounds. Seconds later the pretty bra was pulled up, making a shelf for her exposed firm bosom, the nipples large pink and ready to be sucked by hardened thugs.

His hands were soon on them, squeezing and pulling them hard, moulding them into shapes they were not meant to have and making her pretty facer grimace. Then his big right hand went down to her crotch, pushing her slender thighs apart, gripping her through those tight, innocent looking navy blue knickers and making her squeal so very loud that I fought hard to stop myself from cumming. It was then that I turned my attention back to the crowd of twenty men and saw that they all had their pricks out, already hard and knowing where they had to put them.