Written by John

6 Jun 2011

I was entranced by the image of my petite wife jogging away from our home, towards the woods. She is a skinny little thing, except for the roundness of her pert bottom and bosoms. I knew her 32c breasts would be jiggling up and down invitingly inside the black lacy bra that I had persuaded her to wear under her top, instead of the usual white sports bra. Best of all was the sight of her little bottom tightly clad inside her navy blue school gym knickers. They were rather brief and left little to the imagination. In them, her bald pussy was very poorly defended from the sight of seedy men waiting along her way.

She ran in that delightfully girly way, thin arms and tiny hands flailing about and doing nothing to aid her speed or balance. In her skimpy outfit, she looked exquisitely vulnerable. I knew I would have time to hop on my mountain bike and take a short cut by road to the glade in the woods where it was all going to happen. I raced up the track used by the loggers. This was Sunday, there would be no loggers working today.

I was panting a bit when I arrived to take up my hiding place. Seeing so many men there alarmed and excited me. I had contacted only four, choosing them because I wanted someone black and Pakistani, and two seedy older men to enjoy and embarrass Jane. I had not expected to see around twenty men there Taking the gathering in at a glance, I guessed there were around twenty of them. I saw six blacks and four Pakistanis. Three of them looked really old, the rest were thirty to forty, white labouring types and bald headed. My hard on overwhelmed any sense of danger.

I traced my planned path through the bushes, moving up close to them. I was close enough to hear them talking in a mixture of rough accents. They were laughing and joking, expressing wish that my wife was as pretty and sexy as they had been told.

Then Jane came into view, her jogging barely more than a quick walking speed. She looked utterly defenceless against the waiting horde. The tight navy blue vee of her knickers outlined the helpless invitation of her sex. Her breasts bounced at every impact of her girly pink trainers on the rough path beneath her tiny feet. So many ugly lust filled faces watched her approach and mumbled their approval in very dirty language.

As one they moved to block her passage. ‘Hello little girlie’ said a big middle aged black man, standing rudely in front of her, as the others circled around her. ‘You go down in de woods today, an look at your big surprise.’ There was a look of horror on Jane’s well made up face as he came to a halt in amongst them. My prick grew hard, though I knew they might force her to do more than I had wanted.