Written by amanda

21 Jul 2014

This is a true account of what happened to my wife and me during a recent holiday in the south of Spain. To fully appreciate the events you need to understand the character of my wife who is extremely shy and as a teacher a well respected member of the community.We are both in our late forties we have a normal life three grown up kids now left home - faithfull to each other in over 25 years of marriage.We have only ever slept with each other.In short we are a normal couple who have never done anything remotely considered kinky and have never even discussed doing anything controversial.

Amanda has short blond hair slightly overweight but with lovely big breasts and bum.

We were staying at a lovely villa with a pool and garden in a very quiet area near Puerto Banus and were booked for two weeks.The owners told us that the gardens and pool would be maintained twice a week during our stay.

The first two days we sunbathed by the pool ; Amanda doesn't like to expose too much so she would normally be in the shade in t shirt and shorts.On the third day we heard a car pull up and knew it must be the gardener so we went back into the villa to let him get on with it.

Once inside Amanda asked with a smile what we should do now and we went into the bedroom.I automatically closed the blinds just in case we were seen by the gardener and it was actually quite exciting taking our clothes off to the sound of a lawnmower going past just outside the window.

Amanda seemed more turned on than normal perhaps excited by the closeness of a stranger in a strange land.We made love frantically as the sounds of leaf blowers and hoses echoed outside.

Soon we were done and soon after we heard the car pull away.

We discussed how we both felt so erotic making love with someone so close by and I joked that maybe next time we should leave one of the blinds open.Amanda did not respond but just gave me a withering look but she didn't say no.

Two days passed then the pool man arrived but he didn't stay long.

About an hour later we heard another car pull up and it was the gardener back again.I said to Amanda we better go inside and she just smiled.We made our way to the bedroom and I closed all the blinds apart from one at the patio doors.Amanda asked what I was doing and I said it would be even more exciting if we could make love and watch the gardener as he worked.I was sure she was going to say no but to my utter disbelief she smiled and started to undress.I could hear the gardener digging but could not see him.Soon we were both naked on the bed.Amanda looking into my eyes as she licked underneath my swollen cock oblivious to the fact that we were in full view if the gardener stopped at the patio.

Slowly she moved up the bed still just looking in my eyes and not looking over her shoulder to the garden.This was so erotic and so unlike anything we had ever done previously.

I slipped into her soft warm opening ripe and juicy so hard I almost came with the excitement of it all.We were both into it now and I kept looking at the patio doors.Amanda whispered does this turn you on ? I noticed movement at the doors.The gardener walked passed carrying a hose but didn't look in.

''You want him to see me naked don't you'' she said 'You want him to watch us don't you?''

Amanda was becoming more and more.excited the sweat was dripping of us both in the warm bedroom.

We kissed and her mouth was watery and wet.I slipped.a.finger round to her bum and rubbed her anus.Then she whispered 'let.him see everything ' and I pulled her bum cheeks apart.All the while her moans grew louder as I thrust upwards into her.

Suddenly the gardener appeared at the patio doors - he may have heard us - I should have said something but couldn't.He cupped his hands over his eyes to get a clearer look.He was older about 60 with long greasy and grey hair ; his dirty hands move down and he began to rub himself as he watched.

Amanda sensed his presence but said nothing just kept looking in my eyes.

'He's watching isn't he?''

Yes I whispered frightened to break the erotic spell she was under.

He then began to unzip himself.This was beyond anything I had ever imagined could happen

to us.

He was enormous about 8 inches and thick.

'What's he doing?''

He's playing with himself

'How big is it?''

And still she was riding me up and down up and down.

'This is so hot I'm about to come ' she moaned.

I don't know what possessed me but in the heat of the moment I motioned for him to come in with my left hand.

The patio doors screeched open.Amanda froze.

'Oh my God ' she shrieked.

But she didn't get off.She didn't even turn around.

She looked at me and said ...' Do you want this ? Really?'

Before I could answer the gardeners massive dirty brown hands were mauling Amanda's breasts.

Amanda who had never even kissed another man in over 25 years of marriage.

Her eyes closed in ecstasy and I came inside her.

The gardener removed his trousers and moved further up the bed.He smelled of body odour and dirt.Amanda jumped when he pushed into her making her fall on to me - harder and harder he pushed in and out.

'Oh God yes oh my God he's so big God yes don't stop please don't stop '

I was becoming hard again as her breasts swayed in rhythm to the thrusts.

She turned to kiss his unshaven face their tongues entwined.

I shared her mouth with his ; his and her saliva.

He said something in Spanish I didn't understand.But soon understood..he came in torrents unprotected deep into her womb.

She came again too and they both collapsed exhausted on the bed.

The smell of sex and body odour filled the room.

He quickly left and went back to the garden.

Amanda cuddled me and asked me to lick her out.