Written by Dave

26 Jan 2012

I feel very lucky that my wife has for the last 4 years beem a prostitute. So many of the men on here want their wives/girlfriends fucked by someone else, why not let her get paid for it?

She's not walking the streets but works for an escort agancy. She started because we were desperate for money but now I don't think she would give it up although we now have quite a bit in the bank.

I love her to come home and tell me all about the guys she meets.

My favourite was when she met a black guy in his hotel. After a meal together they went to his room. She did say that he was quite well hung but not exceptionally so.

He did however have a really strong, muscular body and she actually came before he entered her when he got in between her legs and the contarst bewteen her white satin underwear and his black body made her come.

As with all her clients, she made him wear a condom.

When she got home she showed me it, full of spunk. She then undid it and put it over my cock.

I don't think I've ever been harder than when I had that condom on with his spunk all down my cock.

She lay on the bed just in her white stockings and suspenders. Here she made me give her £20 so she could feel like a whore (which of course she is) with me as a punter.

Shortly after fucking her with the condom on I emtied the contents over her cunt lips and unusually for me, I was ready to go again and gave her a good, hard fuck.

There are plenty of other stories to tell of her varied clientele.