Written by lovemewife

11 Sep 2017

Just got a phone call from my wife can i pick her up from the train station , off i went she had been to Nottingham for the weekend to stay with Nick her boyfriend , as she is going back to Russia for a couple of months to visit family and friends , boyfriends who she fucks . I arrived at the station and she got in the car , how was it I asked great was her reply he fucked me all weekend ,tell me all I asked , well he came to pick me up at the hotel I was just putting my hold ups on no underwear just my open fronted mini dress the black one that you like , we kissed for ages his fingers went straight for my cunt he brought me off just fingering me , we went to the club near by once inside we found a both in the corner he got the drinks he started to finger me again by now I had his cock out and was wanking him off I went down on him only for a moment just to taste his precum , we started to dance for a few dances then we went back to the bouth he was feeling my tits as we walked back after a few more drinks one of his mates from his work came over , his name was T he was quite hansom for a black guy and was very nice to talk too after a few more drinks Nick told me that he wanted to see me fuck T I said ok lets go back to the hotel as we walked back they both were feeling my tits and arse , no sooner had we got in the lift my dress was off i stood in the lift with just my stockings and high heels ,it was only a short ride to our floor we quickly got to the room with me walking down the corridor naked Nick carid my dress , the opened and they both took off there colthes I knew how big Nicks cock was he had it in my mouth many times but when I saw T's not much bigger in length but very thick ,they pushed me on the bed kissing my tits fingering my cunt then putting a finger or two up my arse I was wanking Nick and trying to get T's cock in my mouth it hurt my jaw so all I could do was lick it lick a lolly . I told them Nick fucks me first so as to make me loose read for the first black cock I have had ,Nick said that was ok as he wanted to watch anyway and seeing me getting fucked with a black cock was a great fantasy of his. T stood back playing with his cock as Nick took me doggy style ,fucking me hard pulling my blond hair asking me if Iwas going to tell my husband what a dirty bitch I am and that I have to come to him to get fucked RIGHT, I came twice before Nick pulled out and came all over my arse , all the time T was asking him to hurry up he was desperate to get between my legs , I must admit I was ready to have the fucking black cock inside me , T then turned me over pushed his cock hard into my waiting cunt I came within moments again and again , he fucked me for what seem to be ages Nick was wanking over my face and came again not so much but in my eyes T then shot his load deep inside me , he rolled over on the bed next to me feeling my tits Nick started to finger me again when he pulled his fingers out it brought a load of T's and my cum . I told them I needed a rest . part 2 to follow if you think this is any good .