Written by oxonsteve

15 Nov 2008

Whilst serving in Germany 17 years ago, we had become good friends with Tony a work colleague who would often pop around for a beer and stay the night. He was 21. Many a night we would have had a few beers and would result in Sandra my wife of 9 years, putting on some sexy lingerie and showing it off to both of us giving us a few glimpses of nipple through her thin clothing and wisps of pubic hair below. Often her tits were just being kept in by the bra or camisole. We would always try and egg her on to do a full strip to no avail until one particular evening.

It was a real turn on just watching my wife show off her body in sexy lingerie to a mate. She had kept her shape over the years we had been married. I particularly enjoyed watching her go topless on a local beach and often there would be mates about who would see what I enjoyed every day!

I was aware that Sandra, who at the time was 28 fancied Tony and had heard of his reputation as a lover. Yes he was a good looking bloke and had a reputation with the ladies. Previously we would always discuss our relationships we had before we met and she would tell me of the guys she had slept with before. More often and not they were Squaddies from the Kirkham area. These discussions had led me to wanting Sandra to have sex with another man whilst I watched. Her reply was always lets see if the situation arises.

This particular evening we were all at home having a drink and got quite merry when it was suggested that Sandra give Tony a massage. I was surprised when she said no problem, and decided to get changed into some more appropriate clothing. She came back in the room in a silky underwear set, you know the Camisole and knickers, there was no Bra so her magnificent nipples were poking through the material nicely. Tony had taken off his shirt and I suggested that she massage him topless. I was enjoying the show as Sandra took her top off and revealed her 36C breasts to him and started to massage him. Gradually she massaged him on his back and then his front with her breasts on display. Under my direction they both removed the remainder of their clothes. By the look on her face, Sandra was very pleased to see that Tony was very well endowed. She decided it was her turn to have some massage oil rubbed into her. Tony had no problems and Sandra wanted the oil rubbed into her chest. I was getting harder watching as my mate was rubbing oil into her breasts, her nipples becoming harder and her breathing had started to change as she was getting turned on. After a while I decided I wanted to see how far my wife would go and suggested they should have some fun together. Sandra looked at me and said that if I was happy for it to happen she was willing. However, ground rules were set that we all agreed to so we felt comfortable with the situation. I said to her enjoy the moment. Tony was obviously keen to sample her delights. Initially Sandra layed on the floor as Tony got on top of her and penetrated her bareback for a few minutes with a cock larger than mine of approx 8 – 9 inches, putting my 6 inches to shame. Her breathing and looks changed to deep breaths as he penetrated her and a warm flush showing that she enjoyed what she was feeling. During this momentary display of lust my wife said that we should all go upstairs to our bedroom as it was more comfortable. Once in the bedroom we were all naked and Tony was displaying this magnificent cock in its full glory. Sandra went down on him taking his cock in her mouth giving him an expert BJ that was usually only reserved for me. I was hard as hell watching my wife put on this show. After a few minutes Tony got on top of her and entered her wet pussy, she started gasping as this cock touched depths that she had’nt had with me. They were really getting it on together and my wife looked fantastic as she let this young stud screw her. Her legs wide open and wrapped around him, letting him grind deeper and faster. She took me in her mouth and sucked me off whilst her young lover was pounding her pussy for all its worth. She came a few times during this session and Tonys breathing changed as he shot his semen deep in to my wifes unprotected womb for the first time. I came over her breasts and massaged the cum into her body. The session continued well into the early hours with Sandra getting taken in all holes. At one point she received her first DP with me fucking her ass whilst Tony was in her pussy. By the end of the session she had had cum from the two of us in her pussy ass and over her body.

After our first experience of swinging we sat down and talked the following day about the experience. There was no regrets and havent been any since. We often speak about it and I have asked my wife if she would like to be screwed again by another guy, but she has decide that although she thoroughly enjoyed the experience, she is happy with what she gets from me.