Written by Gullible Husband

31 Oct 2007

Pam, my wife and I have been married for 10 years and have a good relationship. We love being naturist whenever possible in our home or garden.

An old footie friend of mine, Steve, who lives locally, popped around one sunny Saturday afternoon. We spent the afternoon lounging in the garden with a few tins of beer until tea time when Pam got home from her weekly window shopping outing.

Pam and Steve had always gotten along well, if a tinge too well at times with a bit of flirting and kissing on the odd occasion. Steve seemed content on staying longer than usual so we decided to order in a take-way and cracked open a couple of bottles of wine.

Over dinner I ask Steve whether he’d met anyone since his divorce from Justine over a year ago. He said he hadn’t tried since the split-up and told me that he was desperate for a good fuck. He asked me whether I know anyone that would oblige him while at the same time he glanced over at Pam. I smiled and said I’d give it some thought. All three of us got fairly tipsy chatting into the early hours before making our way to bed.

The next morning before Pam got out of bed we were talking and I told her what Steve had said. We had been thinking for I while about having a threesome with another guy but didn't really know who we trusted. I said think about having Steve join us. He’ll be off shortly to watch the footie! Pam said she would think about it as she always thought he was sexy, ever since glimpsing him wanking off while taking a shower several years back.

Steve decided to give the footie a missed and agreed to stay for lunch. As the afternoon passed Steve and I where sitting around having a beer and I ask him if he would like to see our nude picture collection. Pam and I had been taking naturist pictures of each other since we where married. He said sure if you don't mind. I said I don't Pam is showing her friends all the time. I got them and let him look at them. His eyes got big as he went through picture after picture. He said that Pam is a very sexy lady and has a wonderful toned body.

A little later I was helping Pam with the dishes and Steve was watching a match on TV. I ask her if she had thought about it and told her I had shown Steve her nude pictures. She said she had and was interested. I told her when we are done with the dishes she go to our bedroom and put on something sexy. I went into the lounge and told Steve that Pam and I a surprise for him.

At that point Pam walked into the living room. She had on her black teddy with a lace robe. It was all see through. Steve’s eyes just about popped out of his head. I said we thought you might like to join us tonight. He said sure. I turned the TV off and put some slow music on and asked Pam to do a stripteases for us. She danced around and slowly removes all her cloths. She then went over to us on the couch and took our shits and trousers off. I could see a bulge in Steve’s pants and I was also erect. I’m not small at 8 1/2" and fairly thick but when Pam removed Steve’s underwear she gasped. Steve was sporting a hard on that was at least 10".

Pam had never had anyone bigger then me. We had always talked about when we did this what she hoped for. She had always said she would like to try a huge cock up her cunt. Well her wish was about to come true.

We all went to our bedroom. Steve and I stated by kissing sucking on Pam’s tits. I went down and licked her pussy and nibbled her clit. It wasn't long and she arched back with her first orgasm. I told Steve to lay on his back and Pam to get on top facing his feet. She got on top and it took a little bit for her to work all his cock in her. I leaned her back and started licking and sucking on her clit while his massive cock was in her. Pam started to ride up and down on Steve’s cock as I sucked and licked.

She started moaning and letting out loud grunts of pleasure. All of a sudden she arched up and let out a scream and came down as hard as she could on his cock with an orgasm. She climbed off and said she needed to catch her breath. After that she sucking on Steve’s hard cock while I came in from behind and fucking her. She was sucking and moaning and really enjoying herself being spit roast. I felt her tighten up around my cock and knew the tell tail signs of an approaching orgasm. As she did I exploded with hot streams of spunk in her pussy and Steve also cum in her mouth. He said he hadn’t unloaded like that for over a year and by the amount dripping from Pam’s face it must have been true. We all collapsed laughing with cum running down Pam’s cheeks and oozing out her pussy.

Later Pam told me that with his cock and me sucking her clit that it was the most intense orgasm she ever had.

Needles to say we sent Steve home with a smile on his face.

Pam has since met Steve alone and also stayed over night at his place once without telling me. They also send each other text messages and e-mails so I think it may be becoming too serious – what should I do?