Written by Useless hubby

30 Jul 2019

Out of the bedroom I’m a success at work, well off and good looking. In the bedroom I’m sadly pretty useless. I have a fairly high sex drive but no where near as high as my wife Lisa. My cock is smaller than average, I’m often too tired due to work and I suffer from premature ejaculation.

Lisa is beautiful and what I am about to tell you about her finding another guy is totally my fault as I have failed to keep her pleasured as is my husbandly duty.

Quite a few times over the last couple of years she has complained about my lack of prowess in the bedroom and threatened to find a real man to satisfy her. I have agreed each time she has said it, that she deserves to be satisfied and given her permission to go and get laid. However each time she said she loves me and will just have to go without.

Then came another epic sexual failure on my part a couple of weeks ago. This time I was a bit drunk and when she threatened to find another man, I went further and told her it was my fantasy to watch her with a better man and to be humiliated in the process. This led to a lot of discussion as she just couldn’t understand why I would want to do this. I had to show her stories on here and other web stuff to show how common this was.

She read about cuckold couples and how husbands enjoy humiliation and even doing “clean up” duties. She asked if I’d do that and I had to agree.

I could tell she was moving from disgust to real interest but told me that she could never fuck another guy in front of me. To cut a long story short, she said that as I clearly didn’t have an issue with her fucking other men, and as she was so desperate to be pleasured, that she would actively look for a man and as I liked humiliation she would tell me about it.

This lead to her going out with a female friend a week ago and coming in late. She nervously told me that she had met a guy and had a bit of fun. With a lot of coaxing she said they had kissed lots in a club and he had shared a taxi back with her and her friend. After dropping her friend off he had his hand up her top feeling her tits and then he fingered her, and the taxi driver probably saw it all. She said she felt his cock through his jeans, but it didn’t go further as she was concerned how I’d react.

I was horny as hell as she told me and this made her feel better. I pushed her for more details and she became more confident telling me that even him fingering her was better than anything I’d done sexually to her. She also said that his cock felt far bigger than mine. She said she wished she had gone further and that next time she would as I was clearly horny as hell. She then made me lick her out which was heaven knowing another guy had his fingers up her an hour before. She teased me as I licked her out and really started to love humiliating me, which I loved also.

Lisa then said that she knew a guy who fancied her and who had regularly tried it on with her, and that she had always turned him down. She told me she fancied him and decided there and then that she would fuck him. She refused to tell me who it was, so I guessed I may know him.

She didn’t ask my permission, just told me that she would fuck him. She did however ask me if she should fuck him bareback and if I wanted to then lick her after. I eagerly agreed.

A couple of days ago she said she was meeting him in a hotel the following day. I was working an afternoon shift so we got ready at the same time. Lisa walked out the bathroom stark naked and for the first time ever with a completely bald pussy. I’d asked her countless times to shave completely and she had always refused. She was really getting into enjoying humiliating me and then told me to dress her in the red satin and lacy underwear I had bought her for Valentine’s Day. So I did. She put her sexy black dress on over the top and her high heals. She looked stunning with her perfect size 10 figure.

Fast forward about 8 hours and I walked through the door to see Lisa on our bed still fully dressed but totally disheveled and satisfied. She had just got in and made me strip naked and laughed as she told me her lover’s cock was literally twice the size of mine.

I was rock hard in seconds and she proceeded to tell me how she had just had the best fuck of her life. She described in details about the size of his cock, and how he expertly fingered, licked and fucked her. She described how she sucked him like a slut and that it felt so good sucking a much bigger cock that didn’t cum in seconds. She said she told him all about me and how tiny I was and useless in bed and that they laughed about me being a pathetic lover.

But most of all she described how satisfied it was fucking his massive cock for hours in every conceivable position.

She told me she fucked him bareback just for me and now it was time for my reward. She took off her dress and bra and laid back with just her red satin and lace panties on and parted her legs.

They were soaking wet and as I pulled them off they we soaked in her lovers cum. I had doubts about licking her used cum filled shaved pussy. The fantasy of it always really turned me on but suddenly the thought of tasting another man’s cum wasn’t so appealing.

However I had always fantasised about Lisa shaving herself so part of me was desperate to lick and suck her bald pussy. Lisa saw I was in two minds and just said, “are you not even man enough to lick out your wife?”

With that I had no choice and she had made the decision for me and I lowered my face into her cum filled pussy. She asked how she tasted and I told her it was good and she was happy.

She said she was coming round to the idea of letting me watch. I can’t wait and am begging her to let me.

I didn’t think she would tell me who her lover was, but asked anyway. I really wish I hadn’t as she admitted it was one of my work friends!!!!

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