Written by A Couple

12 Apr 2019

This writing is an attempt to explain my feelings of sharing my wife with other men. It is so powerful, rewarding and complete.

There really is no other feeling that matches what it's like to see your wife on her back, her arms flung over her head, spreading her thighs as another man moves into position to fuck her. His body taking the place of yours. I can't help revisiting the intense feelings that these moments generate. Seeing his hard throbbing cock next to my wife's pussy as she pulls her knees back to open herself to him. Watching as he settles his weight down onto her, seeing her hands embracing him.

Then seeing him push forward, the tip of his cock finding my wife's pussy lips. Both of their bodies now lined up to join. Watching as their hips shift slightly and his pushing down as her legs rise into the air. Then I hear my wife make a little cry and moan and even though part of my mind rebels at the thought, I know that the sounds she's making means that the head of his cock has entered her. I watch with great anticipation as he shoves the full length of his cock fully into her deepest parts.

Their bodies begin to move in rhythm, and I admire the curve of my wife's smooth thighs against his hips. I shift around to the side of the bed to watch them kiss, her eyes closed, her tongue searching for his. Then I go back to look closely between their legs to see the shaft of his cock spreading her pussy lips. Seeing his balls swinging as he pulls his cock partway out and then shoves it all the way in. With each thrust the clenching of his arse as he buries his stiff cock in her wonderful pussy.

I know exactly what he's feeling as my wife's pussy grips his hard cock. I know the pleasure his throbbing cock is giving her moist and dripping pussy. I know as she reaches her orgasm by the way she curls her toes and moans slightly.

As he rolls off of her I rush to fill her freshly fucked pussy with my throbbing cock. I slide in with ease as her warm pussy is full of his cum and her fluids. This is the pleasure I get from having my wife share her wonderful body with another man. I feel no jealousy as our love is very strong. We both receive immense pleasure from another man shoving his cock into her juicy pussy.

I love watching her in the throes of passion as I am very voyeuristic, and the feel of her freshly fucked pussy is beyond describing. I enjoy a pussy full of love wine. The combination of all our sex fluids combined is simply out of this world.

There are just no words that can describe the feelings that run through my body when watching another man doing many wonderful things to my wife's body to take her to higher and higher levels of pleasure. My body trembles with wave after wave of sexual pleasure that is almost as intense as a full blown ejaculation orgasm. At times I would barely be able to stand. My sexual arousal is to the very highest level. With every little sound she makes in her sexual pleasure and every little move she makes to impale that hard throbbing cock deeper into her moist warm pussy. Along with every thrust he makes. These things and many more bring so much more pleasure to me than just my cock filling her wonderful pussy.

In sharing my wife with other men, my wife and I can both be taken to sexual heights we can never achieve on our own. Having the right partner to join us is of prime importance. One who is sensitive to her needs is foremost, than mine and his. It is so important that he ejaculates inside her. That is the complete act. Anything else falls very short.

We have had to start with some one night stands and some that were stopped before going very far due to his attitude or actions. But when we find trusted and good ones then they get free access to her body. But only because we both want get supreme pleasure.

Yes, she fucks other men, NO she is not a gutter slut.

She shares her body to please both of us.