14 Jul 2018

Seeing my wife suck my friend

My wife MrsC has always been perfect for me, she can be serious but she can also be naughty, we have a friend who we both went to school with many years ago, he still helps us out to this day, but one at home we were settling down for an early night when we heard a knock at the door, upon answering it to our surprise it was my mate, just passing he said (as if) I thought, anyway we let him in, offered him a coffee and all sat down to relax and enjoy the evening, MrsC was sitting to my side and for some reason was blowing in my ear, I turned to look at her and she whispered should I change? Change why I asked, into my nighty so he knows we are ready for bed soon, ok if you like but I was not in any rush to go to bed at that point.

MrsC returned but she was not wearing what I thought she would be wearing, she was in a very revealing teddie top and skimpy pants, we both sat there looking as she walked past us, sexy side boob showing and her arse cheeks lightly bouncing as she walked, she took her seat again and I turned to ask her what the hell? With a smile on her face she said I fancied treating you both to a little view of me, it's what you both talk about all the time so I wanted to know what it felt like to have you both gawping at me, well it worked I said you have our attention, what are you expecting now I asked, and with that she sat back revealing that she was in fact rubbing her clit whilst we were chatting and I have not even noticed, your turn she whispered slipping her hand away to allow me access, my mate had not noticed but I could tell he thought he was going to be seeing a bit of action, my attention turned back to her and that pussy she asked me to pleasure, quietly and slowly I slipped my hand into her pants with her quietly moving to allow me easier access, wow she felt superb, her warm moist pussy was so inviting I started to gently touch her clit with her letting out a little gasp, my mate looked over and had a WTF type for look on his face, she was so wet the little noises both her and her pussy were making was such a turn on I was loving it, within a few minutes she said in a shaky whisper for me to stop she was starting to move too much, I took my hand away and it was soaking she was perfectly ready for cock, but what did she want? Our friend was sitting so close to us on the next seat smirking and catching sly looks over at her, she slipped her hand in my pants to stroke my already erect and raging cock seconds passed and then she slowly manovered her head down onto my cock, god she was good instantly deep throating me concentrating expertly with her eyes closed, allowing me and my friend to look at each other and fist bump our excitement, she sucked and licked perfectly and with some pace I was soon close to popping, she was aware and with a smile on her face she slowed down turning to look at me and teased my cock with the tip of her tongue, what now I asked her and without even saying a thing she lifted herself up and over me to mount my cock, in one go I was all the way in her and she began to ride in the perfect way that she does, my friends attention was fully on her now with a look of total admiration on his face, she was riding me within a few feet of him and looking right into his eyes as she did, amazing I was in heaven totally amazing utter pleasure my wife enjoying my cock with my mate looking into her eyes wishing he could get a turn.

My mate finally spoke up saying wow she rides so good and he likes the way her arse moves to get as much in as she can, I said to her this is brilliant but what about him? She stopped me from saying any more with a deep passionate kiss but she had stopped riding, her hand moved from my face and the kiss slowed as if she was looking for something, I was correct but the thing she was feeling around for was his cock, he was only too happy to guide her to his penis, and she began to stroke him as she kissed me, he moved to help her out at the positioning was rather awkward but as he moved so did she, she gave me one last kiss looking straight into my eyes then lifted off me and headed straight into the blowjob with my mate, she did not say a word and within a second she was pleasuring him, oo heck lass he said with a surprised tone to his voice but that soon stopped as he shut straight up knowing she sucked well from watching minutes ago, his head went back and let her do her thing, wow I thought as I looked at my wife rapidly making my mate cum I was in heaven, her head bobbing away with noises if pleasure coming from both of them, I watched it a couple of minutes taking in the situation and the enjoying every second when her hand reached back searching for for me, she lifted off him turned to me and started to suck me again as she did she tapped out friend and made him shuffle closer so she could pleasure both of us at the same time, a cock in each hand and alternating her mouth skills between each of us, one after the other getting us both built up just then moving back to they other so we were continually throbbing, with us exchanging smiles and her bobbing away we were both ready to pop, he asked her if he could feel her pussy but a shake of her head told us she was not going to allow that so he continued to enjoy what he was lucky to be getting.

With the double barrelled bj going very well she lifted up and stopped and looked at us both and said look at you two grinning away it looks to me like you two have not had a bj before, with that she let go of our cocks and lifted her top off showing us her huge tits, she then stood up and slowly turned as she pulled her pants down showing us her lovely arse and perfect view of her muff as she bent over, good god he said with that she turned to face us again and started to suck his cock again this time she concentrated on his only, what about me I asked? He reply was a hand moving and slapping her arse, I didn't need asking twice I was on my way, I must admit seeing her in the doggy position pleasing my mate flipped me over the edge I knew I would not last long so I slipped into her slowly and pumped just as slow so I timed my finish with the noises of his pleasure, I did not want to risk filling her up if he had not finished just in case she stopped pleasureing him knowing her job was done and I was happy, so I took my time but she was having none of it she took over and thrust herself back into me at a pace she wanted so I had to go as she wanted, luckily he was near to popping looking at his face, he looked at me and asked where? Where I asked? In her mouth or what he asked lol I understand yes I said but again she made her own mind up and lifted off of him and slipped me out and flipped up off the floor and layed flat on the sofa, pointing at her tits she said she cum on these and you two wank over me I'm not swollowing two loads no way, so with that my mate stood up and with cock in hand started to wank over her fantastic tits, as he did I could not get near so I went back to enjoy her soaking pussy again and continued fucking her, my mate looked so happy stroking his cock above her massive tits, she was grinning back at him because she loves men wanking over her and her was our friend tugging like a trooper wanting to give her a huge load to impress, well he did not let her down he blasted cum all over her he was so excited there was so much, just as he started to pop she also started with the O-face and tried not to close her eyes as the orgasm took over so she did not miss the cumshot just for her, her orgasm felt superb from my position she became to tight and pulsed continually which in turn set me over the top, the sight of her wriggling around in full pleasure mode and his cum all over her chest I popped and filled her right up, what a mess we were all in we all just stopped where we were until we recovered, all full of smiles and sweating my mate stepped back to admire her some more and took a look at her creampie, she layed there with her arms covering her face enjoying the final pleasure pulses, I gestured to him to come closer and whispered into his ear that he should slip his cock in to have a feel how good she was inside and how well her pussy pulsed, he was there in a second and in one line up and thrust he was fully inside, she let out a gasp and looked up at both of us with a not too impressed look in her face but tilted her head back down and let him have his naughty play, god she feels so good he said so do you she replied before I could but with that she got up and kissed us both on the lips and say she was shattered and was off to bed, you two chat about the fun you had as lads do and went to bed holding her pussy as she went because of the dripping creampie, my mate stopped over that night and in the morning he left early but not without having a wank into her panties, he sent me a photo to show her with the caption I want to cum inside her if I am lucky enough to get the chance, she still has those pants but they are in the drawer they only go on when she is super horny she uses them as bait to get me in the mood.