Written by Julian18

13 Jun 2016

My wife and I have been married for 10 faithful (not me) years and as far as I no she never looked at any one else . Sex wasn't boring between us as we loved outdoor sex and she now loves me fucking her arse although it took 5yrs to break her in . As I said she had been faithful to me til last month which turned her into sex crazy women. She was a supervisor at a o a p home which is where this episode happen . On this day she was working on a early so had to go in and wake residents up . On this morning she was working with Carl who was a 45yr widower. As my wife was wakening a old lady up she thought she could here what sound like someone having a sex next door but she knew that Jane was a 80yr old single lady . As she opened Jane room she could make out Jane lying on her bed with Carl fucking her fanny . Em stood there watching through the cracks of the door as Carl rampant cock sliding in and out of Jane quim . Em slowly pulled her skirt up and played with her fanny as Carl fucked Jane hard and fast . Em brought herself to a climax as Carl shot his load into Jane very wet snatch. Em quitely shut the door and went back to the previous lady slammed the door and March into Jane room .Carl was a helping Jane into her chair and Em asked if every thing ok answer came back yes. Em kept thinking about what she had seen and decide to speak to Carl about it as he and she could get into lot of trouble if it came out about Carl fucking the residents. Carl was called into the office and Em carried on telling him what she had seen . As she was talking to him she was walking around the office putting paperwork away as she didn't want to make eye contact with him. What happen next took her by surprise as she lent overthe fileing cabenet she felt his presence behind her and he said to her did u enjoy watching as he lifted her skirt up and rubbed his fingers over her knickers . Before she could do anything he slipped a finger into her pussy and said how wet she was. As she tried to get free she fell back on the desk with Carl fingers still trying to find her clit . Within seconds she was leaning being pushed on the desk and her knickers forced over her big arse. I should say that Em is a size 24 with 42gg tits which are starting to sag a bit. As Carl tried to climb on top of her Em finally got in force in arms to push Carl of . Carl wasn't finished with Em and as she bent over to pull her knickers up knowing full well that her very wet pussy was on full show,he tryed again to push his fingers into her. This time he hit the jackpot and within seconds Em was coming all over his fingers. She hadn't notice but Carl had manged to release his cock and as Em was swaying and holding on to the desk with her hands she felt his nob against her fanny lips with one push he pushed his hard cock past his fingers into her snatch. Em couldn't believe that this bloke was forcing himself on to her . She never felt her tunic opening and within secs he had his fingers rolling around her now stiff nippes. Em called him a wanker as she came again this time soaking his balls which were slapping hard against her arse. She told him he couldn't come in her as she wasn't on the pill but he was taking no prisoners as he fucked harder and harder. Em told me later that she couldn't remember how many times she came but after about 5 min she felt him tighten and as she tryed to move she felt him explode inside her . He laughed at her as he got off her and told there b more to come as he left the office. Em looked in the mirror and saw that she was a mess tit's hanging over her bra and she could c that spunk was running down her leg . She put her tits away picked up her skirt but couldn't find her knickers . She thought he must have them as she left to go to the toilets to tidy up Carl was laughing with some of the male residents.

Over the next couple of weeks Em was fucked several times by Carl in the office and once in the ladies as staff were using it. Every time he fucked her he nicked her nickers ,she told me later that she enjoyed walking around with his seed in her and running down her legs and knowing that only a skirt or a pair of slacks was hiding a very wet fanny. 3 weeks later when she was on another early without Carl being on duty ,she had gone into Eddie room to get him up as he rose out of bed there around his waist was a pair of her nickers. She said what the fucking are u doing with those . He said that Carl had given them to him. She asked for them back . He said only if u wank me off he stood there and slowly removed Em knickers showing a semi hard dick . He picked up the nice and said here u r ,as she grab her nickers he pushed forward and ran his cock over her hand . She thought what the hell and grabbed hold an slowly started to wank him off , he was playing with her tits over her tunic. His breathing got heavier as he was starting to come over her hand. She grabbed hold of her nickers and wiped the spunk of her hand. He said thanks as his cock subside . He put on pj's and went to make a cup of tea. Em left him with a smile on his face . The same thing happened in the next room for dave but he wanted a blow job for ems panties . She said no but as he refused to hand back her pants so she sank to her knees slowly pushed her own lips down over his small dick . She liked the tip and liked his shaft she sucked him for only a couple of minutes til she felt him tense as he pumped seed into her mouth. She splat it out on to the pair that Eddie had. She said enjoy as this won't happen again . Nex room belonged to Jack he wanted to fucking Em for his nickers . She had seen Jack naked b4 and new he was well endowed. She refused but told that she Wod pull her trousers down and show Jack her wet pussy . He agreed to this so slowly she pulled her trouser and nics down showing Jack her wet pussy. He took them off and chucked them to her and said thanks. Em wondered if the others had the other 5 pairs of missing nics. Later that morning tea was being served in the canteen,she went to get Eddie down to the canteen there was no sign of him . She could hear male voices coming from Jacks room. As she entered the room she saw Jack Eddie and Dave sitting on three chairs in the middle of the room with a commode in between them . She told them tea was being poured . Jack in formed her that they weren't going . She told them to behave and come on. Dave then said that b4 they wood go they wanted to watch her pissing into the commode . She said no way and to get down stairs . Jack rose out of his chair pushed past Em to the door and she heard him lock the door. U not going anywhere still u piss in that Jack told her. She tried to talk her way out of it but there was no moving them . As she knew that she was facing up to theofact that she was going have to give as she started to pull her trousers down , Dave said all your clothes . Soon she was unzipping her tunic showing her bra . Within minutes she stood in front of these 3 men stark naked ,she could feel her pussy lips expanding as she wet . She called them every name she could think as she start to couch overy the commode. She felt a trickle of pee coming out as the 3 men started to laugh and pulling their semi hard cock. Soon she was in full flow as the men looked on as Jack got of his chair walked to wards and pushed his cock into her face. Dave and Eddie were groping her breasts . As she rose she was pushed on to the bed and these 3 men then joined her on the bed. For the next half hr she was abused ,every hole was used at least 3 times and after the 3 men had finished with her , her lying on the for with spunk coming out of arse , fanny and a load over her tits . The three men stood over her and slowly darted to piss over her . Jack through her a towel,they then dressed opened the door and left the room as Em tryed to dry herself she was feeling very abused and as she started to dress herself she found her bra and nics were missing. As she left the room she got one of the girls to empty the and as she reached the canteen the 3 men were sitting in one of the corners . She marched up to them and demand her underwear back, Eddie rose leaned over and whisper in her ear no way as he groped her bottom in front of everyone. That evening she arrived home and broke down and informed me of her day. I had such a stiff dick that I fucked her over the sofa. She has promised to tell me everything war happens to her. To b con.